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Deep in the the sleeping consciousness of Edward Windsor stured as a storm of images which rattled through his brain, pictures flying by like leaves on breeze . Flashes of faces and noises somehow alien to him yet seen through his eyes kept bombarding his mind. Each dream begining and ending with a blast of bright white light, like someone showing a a movie on a bad projector. Edward wakes and for a split second the white light is still vivid in his mind he looks around his room and for that second its like all the colours where drained and he sat in a big white box. "Whats the matter with me , why cant i remember what iam seeing. " placing his feet on the floor the room lights up " Good morning Sir , the time is 5:45 am. Your alarm was set for 7 would you like to cancel?" , " Yes Jeeves cancel the alarm and call Dr Swanson of MI6 imediately." Walking over to the kicthen table Eddy starts to pour himself a tea and stares at the wall till it lights up with the face of his trusted friend Eric Swanson.

"Eric, what do you know on repressed memories/ schizophrenina and recurring nightmares" ," Thats quite a varied subject my friend your gonna have to be more specific otherwise i will be boring you till your as old as iam." a sudden angered compulsion sprang form the champion " Fine , i will fix it myself. END CALL!" Looking at himself in the mirror the champion knew he needed help he had no idea what was wrong and that these lashings out where not his normal self. Disgusted with himself the Champion started to put his armour on hoping that some time on the street and doing his job would help sooth his consciousness and clear his head of the the clogged up feeling that weighed so heavily on his mind. Walking slowly out of the apartment his figure cut a lonely sight as the sun rose casting his shadow towards the center of Champions City.

Reaching the outskirt of the main city blocks the champions communicator begain to beep " Prioirty call, any active champions please attend an armed robbery at the first national bank." Running across the blocks on the near empty streets meant Edward arrived in mere seconds. Looking through the window Edward spotted 3 armed targets at the cashiers desk with only one facing the door roughly 20 yards from it. This was a simple one he thought to himself i can close that 20 yards down before they could even blink. Dashing through the door Edward grabs and then slams the first robber down, the force of which knocks him clean out. Grabbing the other two in the blink of an eye he knocked them down also with a pair of rapid strikes to the back of the head. Suddenly alarms rang and Edward looked around himself seeing only terrified bank employees and at his feet a pile of three unconscious security guards. Looking over to his belt for his communicator he saw only the floor. Edward just stood and starred at the scene around him. Then a voice came to him "What are you little friends gonna think"

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---Champions Tower, approximately 10:00 A.M. standard time---
The tower echoed with a strange and foreboding sound. As it resonated throughout hangar bay, it became obvious what had caused the uproar. High atop the building, Kaligar grunted as the transmission feed cut off. He uncorked his flask of Ferravian Black ale, which he downed immediately. He tried to sit down and meditate on the news. He inhaled and exhaled slowly, the wounds on his abdomen still healing from the attack on Ferravius a few days earlier. 
"This news is troubling. I have known Edward for only a little while and yet he is like a brother to me." 
The red-maned giant found it impossible to keep still and stood back up. What made Edward break the code of the Champions and attack the innocent? The flotsam and jetsam of society, the criminals, that the British superhero claimed to have seen and heard - felt, even - never existed. Ever since that day, Edward was kept under a harsh and near-constant vigilance. For Kaligar, this was not enough. He wanted to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that Edward had not the slightest indication of the malignant energies he suspected. After all, Kaligar had just managed to suppress the uprising of a Black Crusade. He wanted to secure that Edward did not somehow indirectly absorb some of the radiation from the Eye of Terror expanding. If he did, there was no telling what was growing in the young man's mind, body, and soul. The influence of Chaos was a tumor that had to be cut out and treated before it took root. Kaligar wanted to convince himself that the Warp could not reach out all the way to Earth.  
Yet, the possibility existed in the most disturbing of ways. 
---Valor General Hospital--- 
After committing the near-tyrannical actions at the bank, Edward had reserved a device in the hospital designed to keep superhumans from breaking out during surgery. Since no amount of anesthesia could logically put someone of Edward's caliber under, this seemed to be the only logical conclusion. Edward merely used it as a containment in case one of his outbreaks returned again. Kaligar respected this, but he consulted one of the psychic doctors in the ward just to be sure. She could not have been more than thirty years old with raven-black hair and thick glasses. She looked at Kaligar, everything from his canine-yellow eyes to the animal pelts he wore over his power armor and the enormous sword sheathed at his side. Needless to say, she seemed uneasy. He felt her gaze and reassured her.  
"Runesworn's bite is reserved for my enemies. I'm only here to see just what Edward is up to," 
"What do you mean by that?"  
"Have you seen anything in him? Anything abnormal?" 
"Nothing, if you're referring to rogue psychic influence," 
"Good," Kaligar said as if to end the conversation. 
"But, at least for an instant, I can almost hear another voice in there. It's like he's talking to something. Or someone." 
Before Kaligar could say anything, there was a blinding flash of light from in front of him. He barely had time to shield the doctor with his body before the explosion took place, buffered by the insulated walls of the room but still causing enough trauma to blast away the ceiling above it and the lead door off its hinges. Eighteen inches of solid metal crashed through the medical ward and out into the parking lot, crushing an unoccupied Dodge Charger before stopping. Kaligar helped the doctor, coughing and sputtering, back to her feet and shook his head free of dust and debris. He sniffed the air, trying to pinpoint Edward's scent. He found none - not even his own or the doctor's. He reached up to his face and discovered that his nose was bleeding. It was only then that he realized the ringing in his ears. Though the explosion did not cause a sonic boom, there was a higher pitch in the air. Like a dog whistle. 
"Kaligar? What's wrong?" The doctor said, oblivious to the noise.  
Covering his ears as quickly as he could, Kaligar could still hear the piercing note high above human perception. He fell to one knee, feeling dizzy now. His eyesight blurred as blood from his nose formed red droplets on the floor. Whoever was doing this knew his weakness, knew that a subtle twinge in atmospheric energies could shut his equilibrium down with the exact note that haunted him. Whoever was doing this had to be close to him to know, like a family member, a battle-brother, or a... 
...a fellow Champion. 
Howling in anguish and primal, berserk anger, Kaligar shouted a name louder than anything around him. The doctor at his side plunged behind the remnants of a desk, seeking cover from the upcoming carnage. 


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Location: Valor General Hospital, minutes ago…

The front sliding doors opened as War Killer made his way in the front lobby of the hospital, just moments ago he had been alerted that Edward Windsor has attacked three security guards and was now being kept here for treatment. “Where can I find Edward Windsor’s room?” He asked the nurse running the front desk as he approached it. “How are the three he injured?” He asked the same nurse as lead him down the hall and into an elevator to the upper floors of the building. “Two have minor concussion but are expected to recover, while the other is still in a coma and we’re still waiting for his situation to change. All have a few broken bones here and there, but we won’t know for certain until we get the x-rays--” She was then abruptly cut-off as the entire building shook, smoke and dust filled the air as fire sprinklers went soaking everyone in water as they scurried to the emergency exits.

“You need to get out of here. Was there anyone else in Ed’s room?” Charles placed his hands on the nurse’s shoulders. “Uh…I think that large man from your team; um…Kaligar I believe had come to visit him. I think he may still be in there!” She said with hast as Charles pushed her away from him towards, shooing her to exit the building like everyone else. Turning opposite to her, he then began to make his way down the hall. Making his way through the smoke and dust, pushing past crowds of doctors and nurses before finding himself blinded by a bright flash of light. “EDWARD!!!” A thunderous voice bellowed out, which the young hero used to lead his way.

Finding Kaligar on the floor what must have been were Edward was being kept, he quickly knelt down next to his fellow Champion. “Kaligar, calm down, he’s gone. Ed’s gone.” Charles said, trying to calm his obviously enraged friend. Looking around, the room they were standing in had all but literally been destroyed, leaving a large chuck of that side of the building completely obliterated whole smoke and dust filled the air as thin beams of sunlight broke through. Standing to his feet, it was clear to War Killer that their time was running out and that if they were going to help Edward, they were going to have to act quickly. “Kaligar, if you’re injured then I suggest asking one of these nurses to tend to you. If not, then report back to Champions Tower ASAP…” He said as he exited the room and began making his way back down the hall he came, “We’ve got a Champion to find.”

Location: Champions Tower, 45 minutes later…

Upon leaving the hospital, War Killer had sent out an emergency message to all of the main Champion squad members to report to Champions Tower. Standing in the meeting room of the tower, a serious look could be seen on the young leader of C.O.P.’s as his team made their way into the room and took their seats. “Sorry for the quick assembly everyone, but we have a situation that needs to be dealt with right away. So if everyone is here, we shall begin.” He said as what appeared to be the last of the members made their way into the room.

Making his way around the large round table, Charles pulled out what appeared to be a type of laser pointer as he then activated a hologram that appeared in the center of the table for all to see “This is what we’re dealing with. While many of us where out helping in any way we could during the chaos that consumed not only this city but the whole island, during the wave we were faced with an unforeseen threat.” Clicking the pointer, an image of Edward Windsor appeared. “During the wave, we were faced with an unexpected outburst by our fellow Champion Edward, losing control his body and powers, he went on a short rampage through the city until myself and other members of the team were able to calm him down long enough for Ed to get control of himself once again.”

Stopping, Charles placed his hands on the back of the chair where Edward would normally be sitting, “Now many would suggest that the chaos we were faced with simply became too much for him and he just cracked under the pressure. Many would, that is, if they actually remembered the incident.” He paused as a short silence filled the room. “This whole time I’ve been talking most of you have been trying to remember all of this or are wondering what I am even talking about, and that’s where this situation becomes even more serious: No one remembers any of this happened.”

He paused once again as each member began to look around at each other in disbelief. Clicking the pointer again, a holographic model of the islands prison that was destroyed, “It was a week after the island had been rebuilt that I began my own investigation into this incident. But it wasn’t until after a few weeks into this investigation that I realized things were worse than I could have imagined. Everyone I came in contact with, even those present during Edward’s outburst, had no memories of the event. And it wasn’t until shortly later that I found myself having the same effects.” High lighting a certain area of the prison, Charles drew everyone’s attention there, “Apparently I began leaving myself messages or clues to remind myself as I too began to forget this incident even took place. Blue prints of this prison with this area circled, dossiers and flies I had written on Edward, anything I could think of I had left for me to find to keep myself from completely forgetting all of this.”

Clicking the pointer, the highlighted area of the prison expanded as it focused on one particular prison cell. “But among all of these messages and clues, one thing I started to notice began to appear more and more: ‘The Forgotten’. Something or someone was in this cell and escaped, and I believe that it’s somehow tied to this situation involving Ed; and somehow, it’s covering its tracks by someway causing anyone who knows too much about it, forget anything that is connecting with these things.” Turning the hologram off, the ceiling lights came back on brightening the darkened room. Pushing a button on the table, a small slot opened up in front of each member as a pair of what looked like black sunglasses appeared before each member. “To try and counter this, I had our tech-boys work up these,” Charles put on a pair of the same type of glasses, “these glasses are designed to awaken the any suppressed or ‘forgotten’ memories in the back of your mind from the last 24 hours. Where did you leave your car keys, did you forget to turn the oven off before you left home, all of those memories, whether important or not these things will bring them back. These are our way to counter whatever it is that is causing our memories to be erased, but before careful, they take a while to recharge after use so only use them when absolutely necess--”

Suddenly, part of the meeting room was violently destroyed as a bright light, like that had appeared at the hospital right before Edward vanished, filled the room blinding everyone. Picking himself up off the ground, as the blurriness began to fade, Charles found none other than Edward Windsor standing before the entire team with rage flowing all around him.

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Destiny had three people who meant the most to her hear on this team. Charles or Warkiller was her leader and friend. He made her part of the team and together they had worked hard to establish some control as the island fell apart. She couldn't imagine a stronger leader. Then there was Andromeda the Future Champion Requiem recruited herself for the team. She was a brillant little cyborg Destiny put much faith in. Then finally was Edward a partner in an investigation to find Kurents killer. In that brief moment of working together she came to think of the hero as a dear friend, Arguably her closest of friends within the team. So when she flipped the news on after her shower it was obvious she was in a state of hysteria.

Edward Widsor was being held at a hospital was the first anouncment. Her heart skipped a beat worried one of her friends, the closest of them had been harmed. Then it anounced it was following an attack he made on civilians. Her eyes seamed to spark with electricity as she heard this. What the hell was that so called prince doing. This was not his nature she didn't understand. Then they anounced be broke free of where he was being held. By this point she had crushed the remote. Still new to human tech and her own concern had her acidently breaking the thing. If the team didn't intervein she was going to and that was a promise. This was an unethical unexceptable action.

Warkiller anounced they were to have a meeting he had been at the hospital with Kaligar when the events transpired. Destiny's hair was still wet when she first entered the room. The next thirty five minutes were spent pacing back and forth waiting . She was practically clawing out her brain trying to unravel what she overlooked. Naturally the angel placed blame on herself assuming she could of done more. Her pacing didn't stop till Charles Started. Then she was a statue taking in every word and not budging an inch till it was time to go track the hero down. She was troubled by the fact there was something in the prison how the hell did they miss it. Imari Warkiller herself and Andromeda had all been there. Yet they missed it was that even possible. She speant arguably the most time there she should of seen it.

Taking the glasses and puting on her bealt the cealing burst in a shower of debree. Blinking her eyes she shook off the groggy fealing that came from seeing such intense light. Then looking back at the opening past the now sketchy hologram she gazed upon a marred version of a face she trusted. He was one of their own such kindness normally in those eyes. Now though was simple rage and hate. The cause was unknown but the facts were clear as day. Edward had or had been turned against them. Forefather was unsheathed the blade crackling with lightning. Its blue electric light in contrast to the red of the distorted hologram.

Her crystalan eyes met his though she doubted it would do anything she had to try and contront the darkness first. Granted the way she went about it was far from the most gracefull. "Tell me Edward what the hell are you thinking? You little sh!t I thought you better than this." She steped onto the machine emiting the hologram bringing herself closer to the rogue hero. "Im giving you ten seconds to see your more before I kick sence into your thick skull."

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“Laura I don’t know why you have to be so difficult!” his voice was slightly raised as he brushed his hands through frazzled brown hair. His blushed red face was enough to show her that now wasn’t a good time but she didn’t care. “But if you would only just look…I promise you –“ suddenly then he cut her off “No! Laura please, things are stressful as it is I don’t need more paranoid suspicions!” She had endured countless tortures, and watched love ones die but this kind of pain, rejection was new to the emerald eyed assassin. Without any reply at the edge of her mouth spear forward she just stood there in slight shock at the ferocity of his resolve. Seeing the doe eyed expression in her eyes he calmed himself.

“I’m sorry Laura, its just…I’ve had so much on my plate with all that’s happened you can understand that.” A silence lingered between the two as she still couldn’t find a reply to give him. Her eyes were as cold as stone but beneath she was breaking down in tears, so close to simply crying and running away. “No…your right Charles.” She simply said in the tone that made it obvious things were not, but certainly meant to just drop the issue. “Laura I’m so-“ but now it was her turn to cut him off “Get back to your work, we’ll talk later!” Finishing her venomous reply she simply turned her heel and trolled calmly out the door and down the hall. Coincidently the door slammed behind her and claw marks could be seen down the hall way but it was irrelevant…she was fine.

Days Later

In the company of her covers Laura laid prostrate simply staring up at the looming white ceiling above her. Her eyes were heavy and a part of her just wanted to embrace the exhaustion that overcame her. Night after night she had stayed up, reciting the documents, her ideas reciting everything over and over not losing any of it. This young emerald eyes warrior had already endured enough mental tampering and she wouldn’t let it happen again. None of them remembered, but how could they? Their mental resolve was nothing like hers….they hadn’t endured half the horrors and brainwashing, and mental tapping she had to go through in her life. And in the end not even the man she loved was able to remember.

It knew this…it had to. It knew she was capable of fighting, of knowing and it took her out like a queen attacking a pawn, swiftly without a word. In the horrible surroundings of her already messed up room she slowly lifted her body off the bed. Pages and pages of information could be seen with her swift handwriting with the same message repeated over and over again. “Don’t go to sleep” She was different she knew that, she had watched loved ones die of age, friends die with a simple bullet wound while she was able to take explosions beyond compare. Sometimes she knew it benefited everyone and sometimes she just wished she could be like everyone.

Tears started building in her eyes as they dropped to a crumbled picture that laid upon her desk. Slowly picking it up she glanced at it with a slight smile and hit of happiness because that was suddenly snuffed away. The image started to slowly fade as she continued staring at it until finally it was a blank page. Dropping to her knees she crumpled it in her hands as she broke down in tears. She had suffered weeks….cold, icy, lonely weeks of isolation, no one noticing, no one considering her even existence no one worrying. Right now she would give the world for Charles’ adorable tone whenever she returned from one of her unnamed missions. How he’d fuss over her not telling him and how she’d constantly have to reassure him she was fine.

She had, had enough! Suddenly her eyes flashed open but not their savoury emerald that everyone knew, it was a deep sun setting fire contained within her darkened orbs. Slowly she got to her feet got dressed cladding herself in a jeans, and leather jacket and marched out of her apartment room. Walking down the hall she couldn’t help but notice how quiet everything was, and that made her worry. She could detect the War killer’s scent and decided she might as well follow it. “Not even those glasses made him remember!” she muttered to herself as her teeth slowly grew to a point as a feral growl could be heard bubbling in her throat.

It didn’t matter anymore, they were all blind so she’d make them see, she’d make them see who the really culprit was. Tightening her fists her twin vibranium blades slowly slid out from them as they seemed much more deadly than before. Her passive, non caring attitude was suddenly ripped off as the wolf awoken. Tears stained her cheeks as she tried to suppress the memories but had no choice to let them run over and over in her mind like a broken take. And Every time they would resurface she’d have to witness that painful memory.

Weeks ago

“I’m sorry who are you again?” She stood there in total astonishment. Her jade eyes were seemingly bulging out of her face. Her breathing was low and quiet but her heart raced faster than any engine. “Charles its me…Laura!” she almost said screaming. It had already taken so much work to just get to his office. She had been stopped by security, members of the team and she literally had to fight her way to get into his very room. “Sorry I don’t know any Laura….how do you know me?” almost gasping she quickly swallowed and breathed in and out before she answered. “Vine City, I saved your life…” she could see a deep thoughtful look in his eyes but still that ignorant dullness of not having a clue what she was explaining. “I can’t seem to recall…which isn’t a big surprise the amounts of times I’ve been saved, gosh I’ve lost count.” He said chuckling trying to stem the awkwardness.

Finding herself completely dumbfounded she slowly stepped forward. “Allen…” suddenly and look of shock flashed across his deep sea green eyes as he stared in curiosity. “Wait..how do you know-“ “ its me Charles!” Laura Chabot…your…I’m…” He looked at her his eyes nodding for her to finish. “I’m your…well.” Suddenly his face slowly reddened as he awaited what she would say. A long silence dragged but her eyes never wavered from his, she wasn’t going to leave him drowning in his own ignorance. “I…I’m your girl-" Just when she was about to reply CPG burst through the door mentioning some issue, which she really didn’t pay much attention to either for not even her own roommate remembered her, she had already tried….no one remembered her.


She hadn’t dreamed up this fantasy, her life as a Champion wasn’t some make believe fairy tale she had thought up over night, it was real. “I know it.” She said barely able to hold the tears that were flooding from her reddened eyes. Yet as her pace quickened she almost forgot where she was going. Suddenly stopping herself she noticed that her walking had brought her near the meeting room, in the Champions Tower. His scent was so strong and is voice so calm she wanted to break through the doors but didn’t she couldn’t he didn’t remember her. To him to all of them they didn’t know she existed, not even those glasses could make them recall her presence. Was her moments with each of them so irrelevant that they couldn’t have the vaguest recall of anything, not even the man she loved.

Suddenly she felt a stinging pain course through her as she knew something was wrong. A bright light could be seen emanating from behind the door, she could smell Edwards scent it was back. She fought the pain staggering to the door finally grasping the handle and pushing it forward as hard as possibly could. The doors parted and as she caught of glimpse of Edward standing before the group the pain got worse and worse until she was holding onto the door for dear life, and for the ability to stand. She could feel it, already that quickly she had forgotten something, she searched her mind recited the sentences but she couldn’t find it….

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Planets and stars passed by Paragon in the blink of an eye, each one varying in life, size, and colour. A planet of lush green forests, or a frozen inhospitable wastelands. Colourful, stormy gas giants, or ancient white dwarf stars; They all didn't matter to him at the moment. He was going home.

A lot of time had passed since the speedster had left earth to head to Oa to help train new recruits to the Green Lantern Corps. It was part of his deal with the Guardians to keep his ring: Once a year, he was required to return to the Lantern's home world to help with the training of newer ring-slingers. They would go over basic training, he'd knock around a few of the more headstrong newbies, and in the end, the universe would have another bunch of Lanterns ready to save their sector, and he'd get to keep his ring for another year. It was the same thing every year, ever since he was recruited after the Ring War. The only part of the deal he hated was the time he was forced to spend away from his daughter, Brooklyn.

His COP communicator chirped to life as he passed closer to the solar system he called home, leaving another one well behind him. "I wish my cell phone had reception this good." he thought to himself as the familiar voice of War Killer echoed through his comm's headset. It was an emergency message that required all main team personnel to report to the meeting room. Paragon estimated himself to still be twenty minutes away from earth. "I hate being late..." he mumbled to himself, as he tried to squeeze a bit more speed out his already maxed out ring.

As he entered the earth's atmosphere, he fought the temptation to go see Brooke first, and flew off toward the Champion's island headquarters. He instead fired off a quick message to her telling her he had some quick COP business to take care of. As he came closer to the island, he could see the island was different from when he had left. Instead of one, there were now three separate islands, joined by intricate bridges, spanning the blue waters below. It took him a bit of flying around the new islands before he realized he had no idea where he was going. That is, until he was hit with the shockwave from a blast not far from where he was. "Seems like a good place to start..." he said, before flying off toward the epicentre, weaving between the towering structures of the sprawling city. When he arrived, he was confused by what he saw. A group of Champions surrounded another fellow Champion, Edward Windsor.

"I really hope this is some sort of intervention." Paragon yelled out, announcing his presence to the group. As everyone turned to look, he could see that Edward's rage seemed to flow through him uncontrolled. "I can see that this isn't a time for humour." The Lantern noted, as he quickly fired up his shield. The green energy of his willpower sparked and crackled off of him like electricity as he slowly raised his ring to the Englishman, in the same way a cop would raise his gun. "Eddie, it looks like we can go about this two ways right now: You can sit down, and tell us what's wrong, or we can make you sit. It's your choice."

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Richter's communicator chirped loudly. He raised it to his ear and heard War Killer's voice ordering all Champions to meet in the briefing room. He climbed to his feet and started walking.

James sat calmly at the table, and held the glasses for a moment. He started to raise them to his face when a blinding light shone throughout the room. Rolling off the chair, he attempted to throw up a rock shield, noticing too late the entire room was made of metal. "Damn." He commented, a moment too late, and looked at the Champion, Edward Windsor with a determined look in his eyes. "Eddie...Why?" He noticed something far away, out in the city. A gargoyle. It was small, lithe and winged. Currently it sat at the roof of a building, but it could come to his side with a simple mental command. "Eddie, we're your friends. We can help." This was Richter's first mission with the Main Squad of the Champions of Peace, and he didn't want it to be a major clusterf#ck.

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Valor Hospital

"White rooms , why are they always white" the prince of power mubbled to himself. The champion of England was sitting cross legged in the middle of a vast empty space , his head nodding ever so slightly as he was deep in thought. "What the hell is going on ?, what am i doing" as these questions crosed his mind he swore he could hear a laugh from somewhere within like an evil fractured piece of himself. The voice carried on laughing and soon the depths of the champions mind found its true voice " Eddy my boy, such power and yet so frail. You could rule yet you choose to serve. Your power is our power now, i will be your motivation , your mentor and your master if i must be." Edward knew the voice he had heard it before but he couldnt place it. " I am no mans servent , i do what i feel is right and out of my own free will. Aybody who tries to make me do otherwise will see how just how powerfull i can be" the voice broke into a much louder laugh " My dear boy , you have no choice. Do you feel that breeze on your skin? , ask yourself this do you see any windows or any possible drafts points?. Welcome to the white room our new home. Now please excuse me iam off to see some of this fabled Champions City. I hear its recebtly been updated."

With a sound like thunder Edwards body smashed through his cell room wall and charged towards freedom. the voice within spoke once more " Oh look Eddy a friend, hes one of the new ones. Remember when he mentioned his weaknesses when he registered? no ? oh yeah thast right you dont remember alot of thigs do you? . Well i do remember and now you get to watch as i exploit them." The champions body moved like a jetplane once again and he circled Kaligar over and over again creating an intense pulse of air pressure. the fellow champions begain to bleed and fell to one knee , letting out a scream as he fell "EDWARD!". leaving Kaligar on one knee he then burst free from the carpark knowing soo the fun would really begin since the cta was now out of the bag.

1 Hour Later

Sitting on top of a roof opposite Champions tower The body of edward windsor sat and waited. " Your frinds are so predicatbale mr Windsor lol, somebody shows up they have a little meeting, they plan then they go afetr their target. Today they wont have much time to plan." From the white room Edward screamed back " They will not hold back your know , i wouldnt and i cnat wait to see them put you on your ass. Once they are done withyou then you will have to deal with yourself." the voice again broke into laughter " Iam counting on it my boy , but sicne they dont know who iam they think iam you. I have the egde. Oh and who am i again ? you dont remember right?. Patience champion all will be revealed when i stand ontop of your friends, speaking of which its time now be a good boy nad maybe you will get to see what is going on."

The white space around Edward begain to twist and from the bright nothingness appear a small viewing screen like a televison. Edward stared at it fixated on the images. The familur skyline of Champions city and champions tower. Then came the sensation in his muscles, the trickle of warm blood running done his forearm. He could feel his body.

"Hello my felow champions, my i introduce myself. I'am Edward Windsor , Iam the forgotten, I'am the ever lingering shadow that dwells in all men of power. I am sure you will remember me from before, anybody? nope. Oh well " The champions stood alert yet perplexed and then the silence was broken "Eddie, it looks like we can go about this two ways right now: You can sit down, and tell us what's wrong, or we can make you sit. It's your choice." others followed with their own little statements each looking like coiled springs as they did so. Watching through his little screen the prince of power screamed out once more " come on guys dont give him time to think, get him." The screen then showed the unmistable movement of Edwards run.

The body of Edward windsor Charged towards the group of chairs nearets the window , that of Warkiller and Talon. Reaching out with both hands he grabbed at the two Champions with both great speed and precision and channeled his momentum into a great swing. His focus was clear, grab his two fellow champions and use his own momentum and fast strenght to fling his targets back out through the now gapping whole in the edge of the building towards the ground.

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A formation of military jet planes swarmed over the islands, followed by humming droves of the machines. Hundreds, possibly even thousands, encircled the trio of islands, screaming their dominance of the skies. Kaligar stood on the precipice of a cliff face, arms crossed, his focus not on the skies but on the sea. An armada of battleships returned his cold glare, the largest of them carrying the coordinator of this movement: General Sebastian "Havoc" Cross. The fleet remained stationary and silent until Cross put his message to broadcast over an intercom system. 
"Attention, denizens of Champions Island and its subsequent sister colonies! This is General Sebastian Cross speaking. I want you all to realize that this occupation is temporary. Our business here is top secret, but it will only be for a few days until we are finished with the task at hand. It is for the betterment of the planet that we are here. Do not be alarmed,"  
It did not take a rocket scientist to understand Cross and his attack dogs were here to suppress any and all media of Edward leaving the islands. Judging by the caliber of firepower they brought, they meant to kill Edward for that to happen. One of the battleships pulled out of formation and turned, broad side facing the island. Every cannon on its surface swiveled towards Kaligar and the crowd slowly growing behind him. Then, they arced skyward, aiming to bombard Edward at his current location based on the trajectories given to them by the scouting planes. Instead, it waited. At least they were thorough. Hundreds of troop carriers departed from the ship's interior, swimming towards the shoreline with the intent to storm the beaches.  
"We are here for you as well as for manki-" 
Cross never finished his sentence. Kaligar's hard stare saw to that, as it froze the hardened general's blood faster than any battle he had participated in. Cross lost himself in the void of hatred radiating from Kaligar's eyes, the eyes of a man incapable of compassion at this point. It had to be a few seconds before Cross noticed what Kaligar held in his hands as he floated mere yards away from the bridge of his flagship, the Olympiad. In each hand was a troop carrier, still dripping wet with saltwater. Cross left Kaligar's image for a split second to glance at the waters near Champions Island. To his shock, they were empty - the rest of the vessels carrying his invasion force were scattered among the planes still dormant on the runways of the Olympiad. He looked back at where Kaligar was, finding that he had disappeared. 
"Cross," a voice he had never heard before beckoned from behind him.  
When two wolves vie for dominance in their pack, they fight to the death. Certainly, Cross, in the common arrogance of humanity, had estimated his own military prowess to leave him leverage in the escalating conflict to retain or destroy Edward Windsor. Now, Cross, the leader of his pack of wild dogs, faced the wrath of a grizzly bear invading his circle of influence. Kaligar spoke again, never breaking his stare into Cross's soul.  
Cross turned off the intercom system with a casual flick of his thumb.  
"You have no right to speak to me after what you did. You are f*cking scum. I had family in Lebanon, you *sshole. Every single man, woman, and child on this planet knows what you did and they all hate you for it. You think defending this little cadre of misfit freaks is going to help you? Retribution comes to those who deserve it. You deserve to die. I'm here to imprison or kill Edward Windsor. Preferably, I get to wipe one of these monsters off the face of the planet. What help are they if they fight themselves as much as global threats? They're just stupid teenagers with superpowers lacking the common decency to control their hormones." 
Kaligar replied, at first, with a swift headbutt. He controlled his strength to the point of merely breaking Cross's nose rather than knocking his head through the window. Cross fell to the ground, clutching his face and on the brink of unconsciousness. Kaligar gripped him by the throat, pulling him back to the realm of reality through pain, and made for the skies by punching through the reinforced armor of the bridge with merely his scalp. They were on the edge of the atmosphere, the last few breaths a man could take before the void of space. Cross gasped for air between the cautious amount of breathable gases and Kaligar's hand on his neck. Blood oozed onto Kaligar's hand.  
"Listen to me and listen well, you imp. What happened in Lebanon is nothing compared to what I will do to the rest of this backwater planet if you destroy the last shred of decency it has. These 'teenagers' as you call them are better at being humans than most humans are. They are kind, gentle, and strong, three qualities you lack and you fear and hate them. Jealousy is a deadly vice, general. I could kill you like I have killed countless others. Like I killed the men, women, and children in Lebanon. I do not regret my decisions, general. If you are to kill for a purpose, then you should not have any regrets. It is when you kill for emotion that you face damnation. I will leave you to your own devices, but choose the ending to this story wisely. The humans are not the first nor will they be the last civilization ended because of a poorly-conceived idea that they could piss me off and get away with it."  
As Cross began to drift once more into unconsciousness, he felt solid ground at his back. He would sleep with Kaligar's words bouncing around in his head. When he woke up, he would be even more determined to not only destroy Edward, but to sink Champions Island once more and this time for good. 

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Things were escalating fast, and by that she meant like lightning to the rod. Roof exploding so dust is coating the air, hard to see. Something about simply being around Edward makes it hard to think. Then a emerald eyed woman breaks into the room she seams strong her beauty is enchanting. Yet as the woman stands beside her Destiny feals confused more and more. Who is she, why do her eyes stand out so boldly calling back memories that don't seam to exist? Yet all the while she seams like a completly new face unknown to her. Requiem had good memory it didn't seem possible to look at a familiar unfamiliar face. That was an oxy moron not to be. So how was it possibly happening in the hear and now. The verbal assaults of many seamed to do nothing to the man before them as well. Edward was not like the man she was looking at, none of this added up to her.

Near by floated Paragon, that was atleast a bit of relief. She knew of him but he had been gone some time. The fallen angel didn't have enough time to introduce herself, this breif freedom of turmoil though also came to an erupt end. The previously blue enchating sky began to grow dark from large opague shadows. Large warships seamed to begin to fill the skies, the COP was being labeled a risk and so of course someone came to interveen. This was a problem all on its own. So now they were having crap memory, she could tell because some members looked at the emerald eyed assassin the same way she did. There was Ed gone psychotic, which being as he was one of the fastest on the team if not the fastest, made things hard. Then some group of Kaligar wana bees had to join the mix. A nice helping of garanteed hard labor lovely.

Ed was one of her best friends, she couldn't find it in herself to harm him. Atleast not here where she could be better help somewhere else. Or atleast she had a reason to go somewhere else. so believing Charlie and the emerald eyed woman could handle herself she made ready to help elsewhere. Forefather was unsheathed and in a mist of crystal blue light her wings unfolded from her back. With a flick of her wrist the glistening blade shot lightning towards the hero gone rogue. She figured it would either hurt n stun him or fail to hurt but speed him up even more and ruin his shot at the two. And with that she leapt out the window her large wings carrying her through the air.

Gradually she made her way to Kaligar to lend a hand. The city was being more or less taken hostage and placed under seige. Armed troops flooded streets and it seamed more like a pending warzone than arrest attempt. Requiem didn't ever observe events hapening outside Earth. She knew of other races but never met them face to face. Well outside of Symarian culture she had to correct herself. It pained her to know her first encounter with these people would be of violence What was an angel whos home was being invaded by aliens to do though. Landing in a storm of snow colored feathers she landed beside the much larger hero Kaligar. How he could do such good and have that wife of his she never knew. Pleased to simply be away from having to hurt one of her closest friends her crystal eyes looked to his. "So what's the plan?"

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In a flash of bright white light, Charles’ body was went crashing through a wall and out into the hallways outside of the meeting room. Slamming violently into the wall, his suit absorbing most of the impact, his body fell to the floor. Lifting his head, his brain was rattling and his vision was a blurred mess. Seeing a figure move towards him, he tried to focus on the black headed girl as she helped him up. Though his vision still blurred as he stared at her, for some odd reason he could have sworn he knew her. “L-Laur--?” he began to mumble as the blurriness started to fade. But as the girl’s face came into focus, whatever the feeling of familiarity vanished as all he saw now was her bright emerald eyes gazing into his.

Turning his head to find the meeting room and almost the whole part of the building completely gone as now standing before the whole team was none other than Edward himself. But in the blink of an eye, Charles suddenly felt a tight grip around his neck as Edward, with his super-speed, was now holding both him and the emerald eyed girl by the throat. Looking down below, they were now hovering over the edge of the building. “Let her go!” Charles demanded. A chuckle slithered from Edwards’s mouth as he heard this, “You don’t even have the slighted clue of who she is, do you?” A dark voice spoke from Ed’s lips that was not his own. “This girl is more of a threat to me than you or any of your little comrades.” Charles didn’t understand what he meant, but as he looked over at the young emerald eyed girl, as the monster’s hand tightly clutched around her throat, an unknown anger began to boil from within Charles. “I said: LET. HER. GO.” An evil grin grew across Edward’s cheeks, “As you wish.”

Slinging both of their bodies into the air, Edward released his grasp of them as they began their decent towards the ground stories below. As their bodies began to descend from the top of floors of the building, Charles glided his body over towards the emerald eyed girl as they continued to fall down the side of the building. Grabbing her by her waist, holding her tight, he fired his grappling-hook towards the building allowing its claw to cling to the side of the tower. Stopping the decent, their bodies swung in towards the building as Charles twisted their bodies allowing his side to crash through one of the windows. Shattered glass filled the empty office room as their bodies rolled across the floor. “Are you okay?” He asked the emerald eyed girl as he helped her up off the ground; to his amazement she had had received no harm, not even a cut, almost like Tal--

"Attention, denizens of Champions Island and its subsequent sister colonies! This is General Sebastian Cross speaking. I want you all to realize that this occupation is temporary. Our business here is top secret, but it will only be for a few days until we are finished with the task at hand. It is for the betterment of the planet that we are here…”

A voice suddenly thundered over the whole island as jets rocketed overhead. Moving towards the shattered window, down in the streets below hundreds of soldiers could be seen as they began mobilizing around the tower. “There early.” Charles said randomly out loud. After word got out of Edward’s assault on the security guards the British Prime Minister and the United Nations had ordered for Edward to be sent back to Britain where he would be dealt with legally. Charles had asked from 24 hours in which he could deal with the situation himself, but going by Cross’s abrupt entrance, Charles had only been given three hours.

Looking above Charles saw Requiem as her body appeared forth from the tower and her wings unraveling as she made her way towards the coming army. Pulling out his communicator, Charles began to speak, “Kaligar. I need you and Angel to hold off Cross’ forces as long as possible, we’re not about to turn over one of our own just yet. As for the rest of you, Richter I need you and Paragon to force Ed out into the front of the building, after that, Paragon I need you to block the building and the area around it off; no one in or out. I have a plan, but it’s going to take a minute to set up so I need everyone to hold Edward off as long as you can. War Killer out!”

Putting his communicator back into his belt, he turned around only to find the same emerald eyed girl eyes glaring straight into his own. “Um…” He mumbled as he found her face just inches from his own, “Look, I don’t know who you are but you need to get to somewhere safe.” He said pushing her towards the hall. He was lying of course, because deep down there was something about this girl that was driving the young hero insane, but for the life of him couldn’t put his finger on it. Leaving the girl standing there, he rushed towards one of the stairwells of the building, looking down he could see that they were still a good few stories up. Pulling out his grappling-hook once again, he fired it up causing it to latch onto the ceiling before then leaping over the edge as his body zip-lined down the many levels of the building before finally coming to a stop on the sub-levels of the tower. Looking back up, he wasn’t sure why, but he began to hope that the emerald eyed girl would follow him…for some reason; he got the feeling she already would.

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James blew a strand of hair out of his face. "Gotcha Charlie."Easier said than done, he though silently. "Eddy, you are so lucky you're so tough. It means I don't have to hold back." His vision locked onto the golem once more, and it seemed to fall forwards, tumbling through the air toward the ground. About twenty feet lower, it extended its legs from the crouching position and its large stone wings started to flap. Logically, it wouldn't do anything and the animated statue shoud smash against the ground and end up in a number of fragments. However, it ascended towards the Champions Tower, its face blank. It flew straight at Edward, attempting to grapple him around the waist. It would probably be little more than an inconvenience, so Richter jumped and kicked at Windsor. He didn't know Edward as well as some of the other Champions, and so that wish not to hurt him as much was minimal. "Paragon! Hit him!" He yelled as he attacked.

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A sudden breeze and a approaching shadow appeared over the shoulder of the prince of power. Spining on the spot to greet his incoming attacker head on, he spots a stone griffin... "Richter." The flying stone monster smashes down onto the champion who at once grappled with it, hulting its momentum. The stone lion clawed and roared as it struggled to escape the prince of powers grasp. Focused on the stone animal the young champion seized his change and kicked out at Edward. The kick was well placed but lakced enough venom in this case to cause anything more than a slight wince. Still wrestling with the stone lion the prince of power rotates his hips and swings the giant stone animal like a club back at his young agressor. "Nice try junior, have your toy back" a smile filling his face as the struggling lion swings with ferrious force towards his opponent.

Edwards mind reaches out towards another of the champions standing in the room. Paragon " Can you even remember what abilties you have? or what drives your ring?, do you know what day it is? or who these other people in this room even are?. People always forget something. My question to you is what have you forgotten?. I'am the the forgotten and i remember all, your daughter perhaps?. Do you even have a daughter or am i just messing with you?. Well here's a present for you daddy. Is it real? maybe is it fake? who knows?, i do but do you? and can you take a chance that your daughter maybe in trouble?" Edward gestures and a small piece of fabric torn from what appears to be blanket floats towards the speedy lantern. Landing in his open hands he spots a note " 25 degrees north" now you can stand here and fight with me and what apears to be a large armada of ships out there on the horizion or you can rescue your daughter or is it random citizen?. Turning his back on the two champions left in the room Edward runs and dives out the window and heads into the street.

" next stop flying ships" the prince of power mubbles, his hands at his sides as he slows his decent wit hsome well places telkentic barriers before he hits the ground running.

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The skies were nearly blacked out by glitering metal a massive formation of military jets in the air flying in tightly executed patterns. The ocean all around the islands was coated in ships an armada lead by General Sebasitian "Havoc" Cross. A broadcast playing roughly every fifteen minutes or so. "Attention, denizens of Champions Island and its subsequent sister colonies! This is General Sebastian Cross speaking. I want you all to realize that this occupation is temporary. Our business here is top secret, but it will only be for a few days until we are finished with the task at hand. It is for the betterment of the planet that we are here. Do not be alarmed," 

Requiem flew over head breaking down what was going on as much as she could. This group of militaristic force was likely to kill Edward given the chance. Ed was one of her closest friends here and a good person. She didn't know what was going on in his head but he certainly wasn't worth killing. A wave of soldiers aproached the shores from troop carriers ready to storm the island ready to put down any of the COP to get the hero they were after. All just to stop the British hero or atleast so it seamed there may have been something in secret planing. That didn't really matter to Destiny though it was black and white to her, Ed was still good at heart he was not being taken down by a bunch of pushy military. From what she could gather Kaligar had outmatched him in the first fight and Cross was taken away.
As the angel took flight her leader spoke anouncing his orders to the squad.  “Kaligar. I need you and Angel to hold off Cross’ forces as long as possible, we’re not about to turn over one of our own just yet. As for the rest of you, Richter I need you and Paragon to force Ed out into the front of the building, after that, Paragon I need you to block the building and the area around it off; no one in or out. I have a plan, but it’s going to take a minute to set up so I need everyone to hold Edward off as long as you can. War Killer out!” She hoped they could tackle one of these fights soon both was to much to be tackled most likely. Traveling through the skies Forefather shot arcs of lightning at various jets. The ships would land on roof tops doing minimal damage and the pilots jetosned from their seat. The hope being that when they landed the opposition if nothing else would be less than a dreadfull air assault.  Landing she stood before the group of soldiers aproaching the shore closest to the Future Champions. It was just a natural response for her. The younger students coming first and formost to the angel.

Lightning leaped across her blade and into the waters a constant stream made to work as another emp like burst. The ships stoping on that side of the beach. A brief opening for her to try and take hold of the situation. The sound of footsteps made way across the sand softly most muffled by the clang of metal and gear as the soldiers made way towards her. A flutter of snow white wings and she had cleared the distance her foot striking one of the guards in the skull. A swift drop of one but atleast a dozen more stood in her way. A flick of her wrist and lightning from her blade shot out at another group dropping another four. Stunned from an electric burst. Another artful flutter of her blade as the broad side droped another two. A bullet fired and jolt of pain lanced from her back. Wincing in pain she lashed out striking the next soldier in the chest Heal knocking the wind from the man. Grabing his rifle she hurled it at another knocking him unconcious before stabing her blade in the gut of  the tenth. The wound painful enough to stop him but not enough to be critical. Leaping out of the way she avoided most the bullets granted one sunk into her wing again. A jolt of lightning dropping the remainders.

Her hand went to heal the wounds as she looked out to the ships on the harbor. This was impossible. She was one angel against over a hundred soldiers atleast. This day was total crap. "Any chance I can get Overkill as back up to or some sh*t" the angel spoke into the comm link. "I really don't want to be at this for seven hours."