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This is a battle royal between members of the N.W.A please do not join in unless you are invited

It was the morning bright and early. Donald Sims was rustling getting out of bed. He whined an moaned, he really didn't feel like getting up for school today. "Ugh man after the night I had I really don't think I could deal with going to see those people and walk through those halls. Last night....... sometimes I wish it didn't happen and sometimes I did. It seemed so important, that I wish I could tell them and get a day off and just lie and my bed and..... I don't know just not go out the house for maybe a month or two, but I should keep this quiet they don't need to know."
Donald Sims struggled to get his cloths on and leave the house. First he eat some breakfast, he then brushed his teeth and flossed, and he finished up by dressing in his school uniform. " God this is all to trival. It has no purpose to me anymore." He ran down the stares. "I'm gone" and grabbed his car keys out of a dish. He had been using his moms old equinox every since he got his license. He was off to school, but couldn't get out his thought for one second of his fifteen minute drive.

"God why am I doing this. I don't get it. Do I even need to drive anymore. I'm mean come on this is pointless. I bet I could save a ton of money on gas now. So I probably shouldn't take the car unless people see me leave. Then questions may be asked that I really don't think I should answer yet. I don't think I should answer them at all in fact. The kind of stuff im in is the kind of stuff that gets everyone you know and love killed and I don't think I could risk anyones life like that. It would be just to selfish of me. To do that to people unless they want to really know then... no no telling. Its  a deep dark secret and all the better for it.

I mean for christ sakes last night" Before Donald Sims could think another word. Traffic stopped. The cars were parked and all he could do was look out the window and see what was happening. As he did. He soon saw an explosion and then out of the smoke a huge monster appeared. Screaming and shouting ready to make a mess of things. People ran from there cars and so he got out his. He ran, but soon ran away from the crowd. He found an alley and walked in. He then walked out finishing his thought in a new and strange body. "Last night was the night I became a super hero". Standing tall ready to face his first super heroic crisis. Little did he know this would also be the time he would go up against his first super Heroes as well.
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James Sheppard, also known as Light Patron, observed the city from the rooftops in a crouching position. The sun wasn't very high in the sky yet, and morning traffic zipped along with people on their way to school and work. The day seemed very quiet and peaceful... almost signalling with a huge neon sign that something bad was going to happen. Light Patron was ready to spring into action should anything happen. He cracked his neck and his knuckles. Today is going to be a loong day at this rate. Light Patron decided to sit on the edge of the building. He began to rub his eyes when he heard a large explosion somewhere east of his position. Why does the city wait until I'm not looking to have something happen. Whatever, I guess it's time to spring into action.

Light Patron stood up, feeling the slight breeze on his face and looked down at the city streets below him. Then he jumped. The air blew strongly against his face as he fell, and he closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling. Kinda like a rollercoaster. When he opened his eyes again he was nearing the ground, onlookers looked on as they thought he was suicidal freak in a costume. Before he could hit the ground however, he used his electricity powers to lift himself upwards and to fly towards the smoke left from the explosion. What the hell caused that explosion? He wondered, but as he got closer, it became obvious. A giant monster, most likely the cause of the explosion, roared and began to throw cars around. The screaming of people as they tried to escape quickly drew Light Patron's attention.

The monster threw a car towards a family of three, a father, mother and little girl. Light Patron quickly flew in and caught the car, then threw it back towards the monster. 
No time for thanking me. Get out of here! Run! He said urgently to the family, who quickly turned and ran away. Light Patron got into a fighting stance. Now it's go time...
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"Can I have your order , sir." said the waitress to the man. "Yes i would like a a double cheeseburger with two sides of french fries......Oh and a coke as my drink , please." The waitress nodded at the man before turning around to the kitchen. The man stared out the window into the open streets. It was raining so he had decided to come in and eat for abit. When he looked back the waitress had already come back. She dropped his food elegantly onto the table infront of him. The man always loved these human foods . They were so greasy and rich with flavor that he always came back for more. Looking at the young waitress he said"Thank you ,miss." The waitress then turned around with a half smile on her face , then she began  to help the next people entering the dinner. Looking back at his food the alien man grabbed the double cheeseburger.

He looked at it and wolfed it down morsel by morsel savoring every bit of the food. He hadn't had eaten since the early morning hours since he had been on watch for anything strange in the city since the alien was a protector of the people.  When the man was finished with the double cheeseburger he pushed it away. Rubbing his belly from the good food he had just eaten he grabbed  the sides of fries. He knew they were missing something and he knew what it was. Looking at the end of the table towards the window he could see the ketchup. Grabbing it he dumped a load onto the plate. Then he dipped his first couple of fries in before slowly eating it. After that he moved to his plates and ate vigorously till he was done. When he was finally done about ten minutes later he gulped down the last of the fries. Pushing the plate away he grabbed the coke .

Drinking it he finished the whole dinner. Getting up quickly he picked in his pocket and took out a twenty dollar bill. The meal was only ten dollars but the waitress had been really nice to him . Grabbing his dark brown coat he put it on and it drapped to his feet. Grabbing his also dark brown hat he put it over his head before walking to the door. Turning around he said loudly " Bye, this was the best meal ever." when he had justified his statement he turned back around and opened the door. The moment he did everyone said "good byes" and "see ya's " when he walked down a couple of steps.

Smiling abit he laughed. Definantly people on earth were mostly happy about there life. Turning left he walked up a couple of blocks before stopping in the center of the city. Looking up into the sun he knew his world was up there somewhere here he Lightning could have been if he had never gone to find a renegade Gardonian like himself . He couldn't care that it wasn't fair how is life was totally changed. He wasn't a winner but life on earth was alot easier than on the war like planet of Gardon. Dropping his gaze from the sun John Getz finally acknowledged his name . His Gardonian name and not this alias name Lightning on earth.

Grabbing his jacket as a cold blast of water splashed towards his suit he looked up again. It was sunny outside yet it was raining. John had asked a couple of humans what it was called and they told him it was called a SUN SHOWER and gave him a weird face as if he was a alien which he was. He had thanked them and aknowledged the fact that at least they told him what it was and didn't call him a freak like others did every once in a while. Looking up the shower faded alittle since John had been looking into his past . He smiled upon the outstanding sunshine.

Then out of no where came a explosion. It was massive, it rocked the foundation of the small three story building next to him. Simultainiously the building fell towards John. He didn't have time to react as the building crumbled on to him crushing him. He passed out for five minutes before returning to the real world. Finally coherent to things around him he pushed away a giant rock crushing his body. As he did his body started to heal quickly . When his body was done with healing he got back up. Looking around he saw a big monster where the building used to be.

It was at least fifty feet from him but it was big. Taking his hat off in a swift motion he threw it towards the left , as it hit the floor it popped up and down alittle before stopping from the wind. Then John pulled his left arm from the long coat. Taking his other arm out he watched as it flew away with the wind quickly. He knew he couldn't get it back because of the crisis and because of that there went three hundred dollars of good money that should of been spent on the intersting Earth food as John called it. He was already clad in his super suit so he just had to say manually "Turn on." As the suit turned on he could feel the cold from the winds subside as the air conditioning in the suit started to warm his body.

Grabbing his arms he looked at them. As the last of the suit turned on he let out a couple of volts of electricity into the sky. Hopefully that would get enough electricity into the air to last him alot of time. Even the energy in the place was off the charts . He loved to live in city's though. Live in America was busy and buzzing with all things life and that gave John a iminante amount of power to use. Then he started to let electricity subside in his arms as if they had taken it over. Looking sideways he saw a small boy huddled in a corner scared. John immediatly said straightly to him." Go Go Go you'll make it out ." As the boy took off John looked back at the monster infront of him. Getting into a defensive stance he whispered to himself." Why do I always get into the hardest fights."

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This was turning out be a hell of a week. The Kid Creation gains his super powers and one night and then the next morning is thrown into the mist of his first battle with a gigantic feral monster ready to cause mayham and destruction. Kid Creation was not liking this morning one bit. He knew having super powers was going to mean that he was going to be put in very dangerous situations and would probably nearly die just about everyday, but he really didn't expect it to be the very next day after he got super powers. To him the whole things seemed very very wrong.

He looked at the people running and made a big sigh and then he realized that he had some work to do. He focused and began to think of flying. He began to slowly lift of from the ground shaking and barely able to keep his balance in flight. He tried his hardest to fly towards the creature, but he found that every time he was almost close. He would crash into a building. It was pissing him off that he was wasting his tie falling while a huge freak was about to kill someone. He wiped away he confused face he had and decided this was going to be his baptism of fire. He jumped from the whole in a building he just made and landed on the back of the monster.

He grabbed onto some hairs on its back and then Kid Creation turned his fingers into long claws. He dug them into the beast as it twisted and turned trying to throw him off it back. He kept his hand in its skin and then put his feet on the things back and pushed off straight into the air. He charged his hand and as he came down he cracked on the head of the monster. It was dazed and as he got ready to fire an energy blast at it it back handed him into the air. He flew straight into another wall . "Man if I keep hitting these things I better learn to stick to them". He jumped out off another whole and landed on the ground.

He got up and saw someone standing looking at the beast. He didn't know who it was, but he was about to make a very big mistake for the man standing was named Lighting and he was about to pick a fight. "So who are you supposed to be. Oh what let me guess since your the only person still standing here I guessin your this thing boss and your probably controlling it huh well I bet if I beat you up this thing will probably go away won't it." He raised his clawed hand to the man's neck. First day and I already beat a crazy guy and its monster and people say you don't learn things form comics. Batman would be so proud ha". He then pulled his hand back ready to swing.
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It’s bright and early in the morning. People were driving t work, kids walking to school. The Wanted man was scouring his plate clean. He was about the age of twenty-one. He was living on his own since he was seventeen. That was when he made a name for himself, Wanted. His attire is a white tank top with a dirty brown colored stain on the right shoulder; crisp denim jeans black as the night and skin-tight; and black Alien Workshop skater shoes. There’s a slight earthquake but nothing he thinks he should be worried about .He saunters sluggishly over to his tattered chesterfield couch in the diminutive living room. Hr observes the bill for the steeply priced apartment. He sighs in discontentment. He knows not how he will pay to live in it. He flips on his forty-four-inch LCD TV he stole from the electronics store across the street. It’s Heroes season three, second episode One of us, one of them. It then goes to a breaking news report. Sh!t he yells in irritation. Breaking news report, gigantic monster storms city. It goes into a close up of a man saving a family from the beast. He instantly seizes his camera and keys, jumps in his scruffy 1994 Toyota Camry and  speeds down the road hoping to catch a glimpse of the ogre.


He grasps the fact, he’s going to be in a long scuttle after he finds the fiend, when he hears the radio saying “There’s a man in a blue suit hanging on to the monster”! Wanted reaches the intersection where the monster is clashing with the man in the blue suit. He feels a little petrified, but gets back to feeling valiant. He scampers up to the monster with his video camera pointed at him like a sniper pointing his gun at his target. Civilians are screaming and dashing in all diverse directions. “Hey man you get out of here bro, it’ll kill you” a random pedestrian elucidates to Wanted. “Shut the F#CK up” he yells at the man. The man dashes away feeling sorry for Wanted thinking he is going to pass away. He focuses back on the monster but gets an instantaneous flashback to the time when he was almost eradicated on a school field trip to see a human being mutated.




“F#ck that doctor” he yells out loud. He is still observing the blue man clawing into the hairs at the back of the monster, then turned his head but not the camera to the sky where a couple of volts were let out. The he turned his eyes back to the monster. He was filming this hopefully to get some money from the press. The monster then backhanded the blue man into a wall. “You know what f#ck this”. Wanted shot out his claws and began climbing the beast. “This guy needs some help”. He climbed to the back of the monster and tried to make himself invisible to it. He ducks out at the side to see a man standing in front of the creature. The blue man pulled his hand back ready to swing. Wanted springs himself off of the monster and aims for the two men about to get in a fight. He points his hands down at them getting ready to slice them up.

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John looked at the monster. He watched as another slimer figure emerged from somewhere and started to attack it. The attacks seemed to be effortless against the hide of the body but still the figure had a certain style to himself. The man gave alittle eligance in every punch, kick , or blast which intruiged John. As the man dropped from his attack he looked at John for a minute. John could only smile as the man came over to him. Then the man started to talk about something and kept pointing towards him and the monster. When the little monolouging was done the man pulled a claw looking hand to the face of John. John knew what this meant . It meant a fight he could win. Watching as the man pulled his arm back John jumped backwards and stopped right infront of the crumbled building. He knew this man was naive but every once in awhile needed to be WRANGLED  in human terms.

Looking at the man John picked his arms up quickly . Then he rubbed them together vigoriously to make enough heat for a humongous blast. When he was done rubbing he looked up . He had been lucky he knew. Putting his hands up into the air he saw a man getting ready to slice John and his opponent. Then in one quick movement John let out one humongous blast towards the man in midair.

Looking back at the bluish boy John picked his arms up again. He didn't rub his hands to control electricity he was just going to let out one humongous bolt out that was 7 feet wide and long. Lettting the blast out finally he watched as it neared the boy. Looking away he walked off towards a emergency ladder. Grabbing it he pulled himself up with his super strength and made it up to the last floor of a building next to the beast.

Running at the beast John jumped from the building and onto the creatures head. Putting his hands onto the beasts head he muttered a sentence."For those who bring pain, pain shall be brought upon them." Then he let out one giant coordinated blast into the monsters head. After the deed was done John jumped off from the creature back onto the building he had previously been on.

Looking back down he could see the chaos of the fight but didn't know how to stop it. He knew the only way to stop it was to destroy everything causing it , that meant everyone else was going to fall even if it was the last thing he was ever going to do.

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Light Patron watched as three other people appeared and began to fight the monster, and arguing amognst themselves. He stopped and scratched his head. What is up with these guys? Why are they arguing? I guess I should just ignore them and focus on this monster. Light Patron began to absorb electricity around him, and charged at the monster, but the monster had taken one large blast to the head by one of the other heroes. Not wanting to take any chances, he hit the monster with a large bolt of electricity, then takes off into the air. Flying above the area, he notices that the other heroes here were about to fight each other. "This will not end up well... better make sure these people stay safe."

Light Patron swoops back down and moves people out of the area to keep them from harm from both the monster and the other heroes. After he cleared out as much people as possible, he turned to face the other heroes. "If you guys want a fight, you just got one!" He sent a lightning bolt at each of the other heroes here, and then flew towards the one in a robotic like suit, attempting to tackle him into a building.
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Brandon was still airborne. He scrutinized the people down on the ground beginning to brawl. One man was rubbing his hands together. He shoved his hands in the air and let out on gargantuan blast. Brandon Alexander flew through the air till he collided with the brute. He observed the man letting out another blast, this time at the blue man. Brandon had landed at the ogres shoulder. He then began climbing the monster till he was on its front side of its face. He began clawing and grazing the mammals face with his claws ferociously. Brandon had let out the beast inside of himself. He was as fast and a powerful as god himself.


He leaped atop the monster’s head with great vigor. The monster had a touch of gray hair. Brandon recognizes the beast is old and with one big fall he could send him straight to hell. “Time to send you to the devil”. He turned his head in all directions looking for the blue man to see if he was still alive. “He’s alive. He’s alive. He can’t be dead. I need him”. He noticed the lightning man was mounting the building via an emergency ladder. “The devils going to have two people today” he says out loud. He turns his attention to another man trying to gather up as many people as he can. “This is it now or never. He’s vigorous. I know that. Got to give it my all”.


He detects the monster is aghast, so he lets himself fall like a feather, till he reaches its back. He flips himself like a coin and digs his claws deep into the monstrous animal’s neck. The lightning man soars through the air till he reaches the animal. Brandon heeds the words from the lighting man, “For those who bring pain, pain shall be brought upon them”. Brandon springs him self up back to the monsters head. He perceives the man is going to let out another blast so he jabs his claws into the monsters skull. By now, Brandon’s white tank top is torn off. He is now shirtless.


As he digs into the monsters cranium he slices a part open, but the beast is still not dead yet. “Take this!” He jumps off and thrust his claws into the monsters right temple and pulls down. He hears someone say, “If you guys want a fight, you just got one” but is too preoccupied with the monster. The other man who was saving people is now flying in the other direction but not before sending a lightning bolt at each hero. Brandon heaves the beast down hoping it will hit the lighting man. Brandon ends up dodging the bolt while it ends up hitting thee monstrosity in front of his face. The monster and Brandon is heading straight for the lightning man. He knows he could live or breathe his last breath. He took in a massive breath. For he knew it was going to Brandon Alexander’s last one. He knew either the fiend was going to kill Brandon or the lightning man was. “Whichever one it is Brandon Alexander is dead”.
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Kid Creation was an impetiant rookie super hero and his actions were going to be rewarded with more pain and discomfort. Before he could strike the man he thought was the reason behind all the trouble that was recently happening his opponent focused an electrical energy charge and blasted Kid Creation into another building. "Oh come on if someone sends me through a wall one more time......" He could not finish his sentence at that moment because he had fanted from the shear force of the impact. He was still unuse to his new power and body and didn't take the time to properly defend himself when needed.

As he lie on the rubble he began to dream and remember his origin. He could not get what happened out of his mind while awake and now it would get even worse. He dreamt about how a humanoid alien like creature flew through the air. The creature although wearing the powerful armor Donald Sims now wheres was still badly hurt. Donald was to curious for his own good and walked ever closer to the armor clad being. Soon the humanoid died due to its grave injuries. The AI systems in its suit could not heal him in time and once it established his death changed into a glob of liquid metal. This liquid metal chased after Donald as he had begun to run after it left it previous host. However the suit was able to make contact with him.

It quickly ignored his screams as it slithered around his body and once it fully covered him it took on a shape based on his own subconscious. The suit then began to speak with him in english explaining that it needed an organic host to maintain its power levels. It chose him because he DNA was similar in design to its former host and the armor was genetically linked to the user. Soon he and the sit returned to his home and fell asleep as though this was some dream he wanted never to be true, but that was the past this is now.

In the present he gains his footing from his quick TV like flash back and is upset over the beating he has been receiving. He thinks of a weapon he would like to use on his attacker and does so. His armored body leaps from the roof of the battle scared building and in his hand carrying a giant mass he made from the piece of armor ready to crush his enemy. "Take this you son of a b!tch"