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Beary was sitting at his desk, an odd feeling of accomplishment running through him. He had just finished a long day of work, something that rarely ever happens, and for once he didn't know exactly what he would be doing from that point on. So, he did something he rarely got to do, he put on a old CD of his (Fugee's to be exact) and started to reminisce. He had just had a conversation with his grandfather recently, and when he thought about it, he had almost forgotten about all the good times he had with the man.

22 Years ago

Anyone looking at the scene from a distance would of thought it was two Grizzly bears fighting one another, one a papa bear, the other only a cub. Getting closer though, you would see an old black man wrestling with his young grand-son. Getting even closer, you would realize that this was a daily thing. The old man not getting tired at all, while the little child giving the man one hell of a fight. You would also realize that this had to be one of the funnest things to do on a Saturday for the Cook's. "Grandpa, you're going down today!" The voice of Beary Cook not yet acquiring the deep powerful wave that it now haves today, "I don't think so young cub. But that doesn't mean you're not going up!" Grandpa said throwing the 6 year old way into the sky, any other grandparent fearing for the child's life, but the Cook's were born with toughness, some say they stopped crying six months in. As Beary went high into the sky, he angled his body just right so he would slow the descent, then as he came down, he made sure to land on Grandpa's head.

"What do you think you're doing up there?" Grandpa said with a friendly growl, the only man Beary knew that could make a growl sound friendly, "About to take you down old man!" Beary said as he flipped over the head and grabbed onto his Grandpa's beard, making sure to tug hard, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Grandpa yelled as he went to his knee's, Beary never letting go. "I yield boy, I yield!" Beary let go, standing up with a victory pose, "Ha, what's that? 34 to 14?" Beary said as he turned to face his Grandpa, "The only reason you win is because you know my weak spot." Grandpa said in a hurt tone as he rubbed his beard, "Ha! That's pretty unlucky, because unlike you, i don't have a weak spot." Grandpa started to grin maliciously, "Oh Really?" Grandpa said as he tackled Beary, tickling him while the two fell to the ground. "Hahahahahaha! Stop it Grandpa, you know I'm still ticklish." "What happened to having no weak spot?"

As the two were playing in the backyard, Grandma Lina came out the back door and yelled for them to come inside, "Do we have to Lina?" Grandpa said in his charismic tone that could capture almost anyone, the one person invulnerable to it being Grandma Lina, "Yes Grandpa. It's about to be dark, and knowing you, there willl probably be a search group later tonight because you two somehow got lost in the backyard." "Ahhh man." Beary groaned. At the time, he never questioned it, but nowadays he wondered why Lina always called Grandpa, 'Grandpa'. Maybe that was just the aura he put off, or maybe that was really his name. But for Beary, it was because he was the perfect Grandpa.

After the group finished dinner, the two were up in the guest room, Grandpa just finishing a story told to Beary that he had made up on the spot, "Okay Beary, i think that's it for the night. Anymore and Lina would kill me." Grandpa said, that same cinnamon cigar in his mouth. Before he left, Beary said, "Hey Grandpa, can i ask you a question?" Grandpa sighed, yet somehow, the sigh was filled with happiness, "You do every night you stay over, and the answer is always yes." Beary giggled a bit, "Well, why do you and Dad always act so different. Wouldn't it be cool if he just acted like you?" Grandpa laughed, and Beary almost went to sleep to the music of it, "For such a smart cub, you sure do ask some silly questions sometimes." Grandpa said with a sincere smile, "Of course, some of your silliest questions are the hardest to answer.

"You see, when both your father and me were a lot younger, we were a lot different. For a dad, i was the roughest man to be around, your dad's friends would actually be scared to come over for fear i would force them to do homework, and then right afterwards, a long workout." Grandpa said laughing at the memory, "But he now knows it was good for him, for if i wasn't as rough, he would probably be like a sponge." "A sponge?" Beary asked confused. "Yep, a sponge. Easily pushed around to clean up others messes. Instead of being a sponge though, i made sure your father became a Lion, just like what your father is doing to you. Trust me on this one young Cub, if your father was more like me, you would probably grow up being zebra meat, instead of the Lion that eats it." Beary started to smile, "thanks Grandpa." "No problem young Cub, and make sure the Hyenas don't bite." He said as he got up and left the room, looking back to see Beary already sleeping.


As Beary opened his eyes, he looked at his watch to find out an entire day had passed. Meaning that while reminiscing, he had actually fallen asleep. Beary smiled as he grabbed his dagger, "I wish i could still ask you questions Grandpa.