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You can look on a map and miss it all day,

Look with your eyes though and see it right away,

Come along the maddening bay.

You can venture to the bottom floor,

Each exploration of the depths though says theres more.

Gaze into the eyes of the wild hall,

With every sound an echoing call,

Demanding you not stall,

Your name whispered by every wall.

Within this room you will never sleep,

Day after day though you dream deep,

For freedom you will weep.

To break free of sanctuary you will claw,

Scratching in your mind till your fingers are raw,

Untill insanity is the word whispered from a friends jaw.

To the liberation of your mind I give you welcome,

Where structure is something seldom,

Come forth into your asylum.

~The ravings of Tera Zulua

History Lesson


Azylum Asylum used to be the famous institution Arklem Asylum. It was here that they did constant work on learning about the workings of the mind. They were learning how to cure insanity, to sedate the mind and make patients into hopeful citizens of the future. The vision was as quoted by Dr Arklem "the mind is a computer composed of glass, its very easy to fracture. Are goal is to repair those fractures for are family here and perhaps one day even the world." Indeed Arklem was praised for his vision and constant work. He was praised again and again for what he was doing. A patient by the name of Tera Zulua was his most promising, when she entered she had been a lunatic. She claimed to speak to the devil, to hear whispers from the ghosts. Every time she tried to run from the island she found her way back. Over time however Arklem calmed her down and they even became an item.

During labor Tera died, and as it was Arklem named his daughter Tera Zulua as well. It was during the coming years though that Dr. Arklem began to be closed off. The island started to become more closed off, taking patients but rarely any visitors. The island began to grow harder every year, atleast by map. It seamed one could look at a map for hours and rarely ever know where to go. And yet wanderers found the island more and more. Patients started to fall deeper and deeper into the depths of their mind. Rather then start to get better, to grow into a becon of a brighter world it started to grow darker. Then with no trace of a body, of blood, of leaving Dr. Arklem vanished. Gone and as such Tera became the warden, taking her fathers place.....


The asylum is now a somewhat erie and dark place a echo of what it once was. The ravings of the mad can be heard at any hour of the day. Within these halls can often also be found the passages of lunatics. Scratchy writing or even writing done in blood that tell of many things, and perhaps of nothings. The garden is a mix of vibrant and lethal. Almost all of the flowers and flora have changed to cary a potent toxin. A cut, an enhale, any entrance to the body and the victem tends to die instantly. The security does not restrict ability use rather they use darts filled with these toxins. The rounds made of a metal that can't be targeted by abilities or stopped by them. The patients can use their powers as they wish, so long as its not seen as putting the asylum or workers at risk it tends to be allowed. The island can't be found by satalite or any map and yet it seams that anyone can find it. Leaving many to believe its haunted and perhaps it is. Hard to dispute it when theres twelve floors, yet over half the inmates say theres a thirteenth.

Patient #Zero The Warden


Tera Zulua is in charge of everything on the island, the doctors and security know not to reveal what she has them do at times. Tera has them commit atrocities and experiments that haunt them all but they dare not speak of it. The other staff members just do their mundane jobs and avoid asking questions. Meanwhile the patients either love or loath the woman.. What all know though is that in this place Tera seams a goddess, to be without limitations. And they dare not cross her.


Guard #23 Leon Alastar. An expert fighter who Zulu figured would be enough to handle many of the rioters and such. With a cold heart its safe to assume he'll be as cold hearted as the Warden wants. No need for remorse or restraint against those damned to this island. A demon lerks in him and his supernatural and illusionist abilities make him fit in well. Perhaps he even further solidifies the belief that the place is ran by the same psychotic people who should be locked away. He came for a challenge, but he works arguably in a earth bound hell.

First floor, block C. Patient 2117.


The patient believes himself to be the avatar of an extra-dimensional being of Pride. He calls himself and the creature he claims exist to be one and calls himself Hubris. The clownish look is his real facial features and not a facial paint. How or why he looks in this state is unkown along with any information about his origin. Time to time his personality shows differencies and he had been seen silently waiting for weeks without feeding or sleeping. Even though subject possess no x-gene or any particular power possessing gene, the subject had been seen killing people without a touch and even making people kill each other. The people he killed died from happiness or killed by the clossest people to them. He finds people with big pride amusing and they attract his attention and he sees other people unworthy of his attention. The times he stays in the Asylum he usually doesn't show much signes of activity and stays in waiting stance but caution is advisable because of the patients unpredictability.


  1. All are welcome though speak to me(614Azrael is better acount to pm) if looking for employment or a room.
  2. I give you warning now, I expect you to be you and them to be them. We're not stoping a fight unless it jepordizes the island or to many people(sell the guards and inmates and dont level the place)
  3. The toxin is not for sell, and the punishment will be most unwelcome(steal it and a bunch of psychos are after you
  4. Don't snoop where snoopers are not allowed, else you'll never speak(lets make this place have secrets galore, but feal free to protect your secrets.
  5. Do Not Ask About Dr Arklem Ever!(Arklem and Floor 13 are secrets to Zulu. You actualy can ask about them, just don't tamper with them without permision)

Scream your whispers(have fun, its an open crazy place. Got a question just ask)

Inspired some what by Silent Hill

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(Perhaps with the boost in lunatics I can play Silent Hill and other asylum welcoming games finally. If not oh well, lol)

Her hair was so long that it seamed like Rapunzel was an inspiration for the Warden. And if the insane length wasn't enough it was also violet. So vibrant that it almost shimmered beneath the surgical lighting of the asylum. What was odder still though was what the woman was doing, a sombraro on her head making it all the stranger. The large fiesta hat shadowing patient zero's face as she sat in a room with a tricycle. The three wheels motionless stilled by the earie atmosphere of it all. From the white handles of the bike were streamers, they reached down like tears. What the source of the sorrow was though however was a mystery in itself. On the floor was three cupcakes, if you find yourself questioning three then likely you've allready failed to truelly slip into the maddness of this world yet. Never the less three there were and in a moment of commpassion the sombraro wearing violet haired psychopath lifted the plate to the tricycle.

"Is Tera really in there with a tricycle? What the f*ck kind of place is this is nobody sane here?" His name was Jacobs Forbed the newest security guard.

"His name is Robbert...and nobody is sane. Sanity is a ruse to make the insane feal comfortable." Micky Micael Michalson one of the more senior guards remarked.

"Bull sh*t dude there had to be someone sane to label others insane." Commented Jacobs.

"Your right there HAD to be, past tense. Now we are all just scratching at the walls of our mind for freedom." Answered Micky.

"I think I will go back to working for whoever it was I worked for before." The confused Jacobs responded.

"Yet you don't remember who you worked for do you? You don't remember how you got here. You don't know when it was you ate one of the cupcakes do you?"

Jacobs turned to see that the plate Tera heald was now empty. Frosting smearing the violet lips of the warden, and crumbs on the seat of Robbert. His eyes unsure of what he was seeing, the bike crept forward slowly. Jacobs began to run, he ran and ran and ran rounding corner after corner. He looked behind him all there was was flickering lights he was clear. Stoping he looked back ahead to see Azylum Robbert and Micky Michael Michalson standing there. He turned to run, only to find he was backed against a wall in a dead end. Robbert sped up the sombraro now resting on its handlebars. Faster and faster the bike sped up, the doorless poorly lit hall seaming to stretch just so more momentum could be built more. Untill a wet clank was heard the entire bottom half of Jacobs turned into grinded meat splattered around the walls. A fiesta hat was burried beneath the jaw line of the guard.

There was the honk of a childish horn and a childish giggle. "The world exists of no reason." The phrase coming from Azylum as the other two laughed....


(This was in part inspired by Rubber and the tire reincarnated as a tricycle Robbert. Just for fun and the marvel of No Reason lol)

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This is seriously impressive!

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*Gets locked up for speaking to angels*

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@azylumsjoker: Dude this looks awesome, look forward to RPing here.

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@pyrogram: Of course, I try and make almost any location or rp I do open. All you got to do is come to the island

@tiferet: you just want an excuse to be around Zulu :P

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@azylumsjoker: Do you mind if I post now, I was thinking of something like two kids screw around in the Asylum at night and one of them gets messed up, the other goes back to the police station where Angel is assaulting some jerk and he agrees to go back with the kid to save his friend. Something like that if it would work.

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(Mattersuit entering CVnU in T-minus 5...4...3...)

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@amazingangel: go for it, though Angel would either needa be on the island around its security or the kid have to travel by boat as its an island lol

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@azylumsjoker: Trust me Angel don't need no boat to get to an island, he only needs his bike.

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leon lands on a boat that floated through the sky and landed in the water, as he stepped off it vanished and he walks into the asylum,.

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Leon walks past the cells watching the inmates....


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(every once and a while I just need to slip out of it. To let music and thoughts drive the hands. It results in posts like this. I wont lie, I did this just for me)

They say “One day when your big and strong”

No strength ever came. Left in the sheltered melody of mediocrity.

They say “Sweet dreams are made of these”

But I have seen this world and it is no dream we sail on the tears and screams.

They say “believe me when I say”

But I have listened to the words the hollow verses of those of truth. But these truths are lies and the lies are decaying truths. None can be believed.

They say “believe in him for he is righteous”

I look to those skies however and there is no angel that comes for me. No glistening light that shines upon my skin.

These things say “I’ll love you for a thousand years”

But in a thousand seconds after they’ve had their fun they are gone. Vanished from ones embrace.

They say “your insane”

I say I am liberated by the imagination. Enraptured by the unshackled chains of my mentality.

They say “but listen to the screams”

But I don’t hear them only the whispers of what is fact. The song of the raven that says I am free.

I look to them and say “its all right”

And in that moment they fall into the darkness that is reality. Down and down they go down the rabbet hole. Soon they are welcomed by real dreams where fable and sin unfold into salvation. Where the drugs lessen the heart and you see the world as the slow decadence it is. And in that moment you understand what it truly meant to walk those streets. They say this place is a prison a place to shelter the maddening mind. But I look upon those lands outside and know

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"Time to show these crazy freak shows that the true hero is in town" Pyro blasted through the streets leaving a trail of green mist in his wake, exceeding speeds granting him power to move over water he needed no boat to reach the prison, the waters surface tension would do for that - acting like a tarmac flooring.

Upon coming to a standstill the bike skidded to a halt spraying dirt and mud everywhere, clenching his fist Pyro stepped off the bike as he walked towards the prison entrance, awaiting to be greeted...by a prison guard?..or.. .who?..He waited.

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@pyrogram: The sea was at a calm, the waves jumping and rippling with a mindless fury. Someone was coming, they wanted to visit the place where one does not visit. The kingdom of insanity the island of depravity the beacon of freedom. Inmates knew from the green light of the forest that approached the palace of prisonship that this was a special guest. Prisoners, family whatever one might call them they rejoiced in their special way. Some danced like those of a taboo nightclubs others stabbed at the walls. They carved greetings like "hey" "hello" "howdy amigo" "death to the pirate hippie" and of course "eskimoes are the devil." Other inmates were not happy at all they sang Katy Parry songs and did devious things to cell mates. Indeed the place was alive with life of the souless lifeless hoard that was the family of instability.

As the glowing emerald bike entered the confines a guard approached the man. He looked like he fit the bill, security of a insane institution that was run by someone insane. But what did that mean, was the guard just as psychotic as the mad ones he guarded. That was perhaps up to the voices and the voices said. 'You should make pudding from his spleen!' Jim the guard looked to the arrival and smiled from ear to ear his teeth pearly white, but his eyes lacked a soul. His head tilted like a cats as he spoke "good morning Madame Sir" his words ringing out in the night air.

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Standing upright with a correct hero-like posture Pyro looked towards the man, extending a hand "Good day Officer.." He looked at the man...clearly insane "You're not sane are you" Retracting his hand before the man got a chance to shake it Pyro simply folded his arms behind his back not wanting to be touched by the villainous filth. "let me speak to the leader of this establishment...let me go inside" Without waiting for a reply he walked towards the door, eager to look around the prison.

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@pyrogram: The guard followed the hero and his rude ways of knowing what the people here were. What with his better then though smugness who was he to think he understood that which had no understanding. "I swear tree man I am sane this place hasn't effected me." The doors opened and the symphony of the institution echoed through the halls with its distinctive noise. As Jim entered this place though the psychological perhaps psychic disembodiment influence of the twisted home entered the mind of the guard. His pace slowed a second and then he stopped, and like a puppet his arm raised a gun swaying in a counter clock wise pattern. A singular tear streamed down the cheek as if perhaps the man behind the gun didn't want to do this. But the voice the voice made him say "The bullet will PURE YOUR CEREBRUM!" As Jim pulled the trigger as fast as he could.

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Aw, I miss Dog a lil bit now.

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@westlife: Revive them find a way NECROMANCY FTW!

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"Thank you Sir" Entering the premises Pyro heard sadistic screams filled with a creepy sensation that nothing was safe, nothing could be trusted. Not even the shadows would leave you unharmed. Hearing the mans scream Pyro spun around, just in time he watched as the bullet tore through the air, activating his force-field the bullet forcefully collided with his nose breaking it instantly but doing no other noticeable damage as it bounced off harmlessly....Wincing at this, Pyro shouted "WHAT THE?" Rushing forwards, he attempted to simply perform a left hook and pulverize the man with superior strength.

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The man was not effected by the bullet it failed to end the life to free the mind. And so it was that Jim took a powerful right hook slamming the guard into the wall with crippling force. The audience in cells screamed in yays and fears. A ominous giggle echoed the halls like that of a child laughing. Which was followed by a scream like nails to the chalk board. It didn't seem to originate from anywhere only everywhere. Thats when Jim looked up at the hero with hopeful eyes. "It's all a game sir, your like a rat in a maze with no cheese. Do what you please and thank you for shackling me back to my knees." The gun was raised the hammer clicked and the audience screamed in blasphemy. Then the trigger was squeezed as a bullet was swallowed. The remains leaving a scar on the wall, yet looking like the painting of a child. Was death here innocence or just apart of the abysmal sanctuary of the land? Perhaps only time would tell.

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"No!!" Failing to stop the man killing himself, Pyro instantly felt responsible. Walking towards the dead body he looked on with sadness, hearing the cries and manic screams all around created a strange atmosphere. One which hardly any would ever have to face, Pyro spun around looking towards the crowd with despair "Who is in charge of this place?" Stepping towards the crows, his finger protruding outwards almost poking them in the eyes individually as he pointed at them while speaking, "This is sick, this is not an asylum this is an insanity institute" The Hero shook his head, this was wrong.

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The crowd in their cells looked on in demented glee up until fingers were pointed rudely. And questions were questioned that didn’t seem like they needed questioning. The place was known as Azylums Asylum which suggests its somebodies asylum. Azylum is not a common name given to a common man or woman and the very notion of the name there in suggests it belongs to someone who is easly identified. And yet a question was raised none the less. It was then that an inmate simply walked out of her cell, what good is a prison if that prison does not actually contain the prisoner? Well if your asking that in a place like this then you are probably still thinking in a logical fashion which is not so much the fashion in a place like this.

“She is the keeper of the keepless” so said the crow that landed on the head of the girl that walked up to the man.

“Are sister mother and child” echoed the crowd within there cells.

“The Warden who watches us” said the bird on the brow of the girl.

“And she is the first of us who we watch over” said the cellmates.

“To find her you must go to the highest tower and enter the closet that leads to the basement floors.” The grow seemed to laugh as it said the line before falling off the girls head.

It was then that the girl spoke “only when you fall up do you reach the bottom of the skies.” Her hand gesturing to the nearest stairway.

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@azylumsjoker: (This is a nice location.Might drop by anytime soon.)

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@azylumsjoker: (I may just wait for something to happen with my character.Can't spoil it =P)

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It took like forevs to get the pic thingy to be by the word stuffs ended up having to go big cuz it was the only way for the imagie thingie to not slice up the word stuffs. Neva de less a new persono has been added to de place. Please give em a warm welcome and do not cut off his toe! Seriously the cooks can't make good food out of it ye gota just stop. That and its not a very nice way to say hi

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Sakon boats out onto the island. He had heard of it but he wanted to see for himself. As he docked and went inside he ran across the warden.

My, you look as insane as you are beautiful.

He said to her. Incredibly attractive

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This is so cool! Gotta come up with something to RP here

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@shadowknight666: Tanks! And come by anytime! Just dont come with a tricycle Robbert will get jealous -_-

@thelostsoul65: will reply a bit later today :)

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@thelostsoul65: It had been sometime sense anyone visited the island, after all it really was a place made to keep the lunatics away from the usual people. Secretly Azylum may have been gathering insane metavillains to one day conquer the world! That however was a job best saved for something like the fourth tuesday of the year 2015. So today the violet haired violet clothed violet eyed psychopath simply lingered in the halls of a place that screamed of madness. Quite literally to, as most people did in fact scream something to some degree. The visitor made complements which while they made Zulu blush she sure as hell wouldn't admit to it. "Thanks Patches!" Her nickname coming from the sort of patch like look of his fleshy bits.(if its just a look and hes not really patched up lookn sorry lol)

@hubris: thankya el persono

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@azylumsjoker: Sakon grinned and is showed sadistic intentions behind them. So tell me, what is a insanely beautiful girl such as yourself doing on an island such as this? He noticed her blushing but didn't say anything about it. Something told him that she wouldn't admit it no matter what.

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@thelostsoul65: She grinned a mischievous grin. "I was born here. In truth of this particular asylum I am considered the first inmate, patient zero. Fact is this place is home to me. Why wouldn't I be on this island. Hell it's safer then out thither in the land of the self proclaimed sane peeps."

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@azylumsjoker: I do agree with that one. Much more controlled here. He said. So you stunningly gorgeous lonny, what's the island like? i have only heard rumors