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"Long ago when we still believed worlds to have more then resource value we worked on constructing artifical planets. Known as Asylum's they were are fall back if ever we needed to retreat. Entire ecosystem made by our uncanny minds rain snow plant life we made it all. Inside of these planets was a weapon meant to be the greatest possible without being moronicaly risky. Rumor has it out their are some people who have taken the means to create universe collapsers. A wise mind however would not promote a weapon that condones genocide of ones own people. Not to say we couldn't make such a weapon of course" the children giggled at that. "The Asylum's are lost relics from a time before the hive mind. Only a Deveyeant can use such a weapon thankfully that factor was in place. The last of these worlds however was lost before my time. While to maintain a functioning empire void of insurection is are goal we have always been on the hunt of these constructs. To my dismay I still don't know how it works, suspisions of course no sertainty however." Olair concluded her brief lesson with the children today. Each day she took a few minutes to teach them something of value. Now though it was time to go see what the buzz was about in the bridge.

Calmly the queen entered the deck to see a streak of gold light on the monitors. Holographic displays of glittering orange and blue light, The room had a mechanical earthy feeling to it, the walls seamed like bark of a tree and vines somewhat a kin to living organisms rather than plain steel. "This thing is moving faster then any meteor meaning self propelled. The field of repulsion given off suggests that its small not a ship, believe we have a meta human. We're tracking it now" the queen settled to just observe zooming in to try and make out what it was. Gold hair the only real observational fact that was sertain. "Hold up tracking predicted trajectory...."

A planet marked as Aselini Oga 2 in einglish thats translated into Mother Asylum apeared on the monitor. Of the artificial planets this was one of the largest ones roughly three times the size of Earth. History suggested this was the bio weapon favoring world. One idea to avoid conflicts planet side was to transfer minds to peacefull or horrific out looks. The first aproach was to sedate any emotions hinting at aggresive measures or lust or greed. Societies would disolve into a situation where they could have a nuclear warhead dropped onto them and feal no insintive to advance on the attacker. The second airborn drug and mental augmenting weapon turned those emotions the other shut down to a all time high. Minds exploded with antisocial thoughts in a way that would drive society to destroy itself. The chemicals also caused sporadic mutation. What ones mind was would be represented in the apearence of their body. This planet housed sevral alien species that had such weapons tested on them. Asylum Oga was split in to three segments the overly calm side which seamed more fairy tale then real. The other half a augmented world of chaotic violence that seamed forged of mayhem. The center of course the grizly grave yard of where the two sides met.

"I don't care about the species around this rock they've had their uses either way. Prep a small group of Elose though to with me towards the center of the world. That towering spire it what we want the rest is expendable. I want a group of twelve, General class durability and three Reyaki. Objective find the source that led us here, dispose if considered a threat. Capture the tower, at this time you can fire at will." The Mintaya vessel would be in the planets orbit in two minutes, ready to go planetside in five, planted on the earth in ten.

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The Ancient One sat on his throne, at the heart of the massive vessel, the Demon’s Fist, in a high orbit over a primitive and backwater planet known as Earth. An array of monitors displayed data on the very same object that the Deveyeant instruments had been tracking. The supreme ruler of the Abyssal Imperium’s face was an expressionless mask, betraying no sign of what thoughts might be transpiring behind his demonic visage.

As for the object his technology was tracking, it was giving off some very unique energy readings, and was heading for a massive planet that appeared to be of technological origins. Both of these were objects of interest, but in his countless aeons of existence, Nordok had learned the value of patience, and of taking no risk without calculation. This could be a trap, designed to lure others to this world, but even if it was not, it was highly unlikely that he was the only party to have taken notice of it.

So then, a degree of speed was called for, but it must be tempered by caution. One of his light cruisers could make the journey with relative ease, and carried enough firepower and military personnel to provide an adequate defense; he could always summon a greater force if the situation turned out to be unduly hostile.

His gaze shifted to General Xundar, the cybernetic demon that commanded all of his military forces, and nodded. “Make the preparations.” The General saluted and strode from the room, his mechanical hooves’ heavy footsteps echoing long after he departed. Nordok next turned to the communications officers that were bent over their workstations. “Send out the word,” he spoke in his deep, malevolent voice, “and let us see what responses we receive.” He was in the habit of augmenting his own forces with mercenaries and similar beings of common interest, for he found that they often possessed skills that were lacking in his rank-and-file servants.

The Ancient one sat back, reclining in the seat of his power, and awaited the inevitable arrivals.

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Deep within the bowls of his beautifully crafted inter-dimentional time & space ship the TARDINESS(Time And Relativity Demand Inventing Necessary Engines Successfully Synchronized) The escaped Alien criminal who had renamed himself in honor of his obsession to rule over all time, Tinkered like a man planning to enjoy some cruelty, at some one else's expense.

Hanging upside down alone over a complex set of quantum tunnel reality phasing couplers, integrated into the overall high end of the effect scanners. The Lord & master a rouge element if ever there was one plotted the coarse of the post-mundane creature that flew through space towards a most intriguing destination.

"Hmm where are you going & why should i in any way possibly care"picking up all the other traffic in the area even those alien individuals who decided that a cloaked approach was more prudent. Merely peeked his interest."I See you have admirers & where there is admirers there is something of value worth admiring"swinging back the right way up L&M swung over towards the gantry then activating a disc lift he rose towards the main control room passing through several hundred decks withing seconds.

Stepping off the floating disc through a sculpted archway of rotting fruit & plant-life, his every step knocking leaves from the cobbled stony path before him L&M walked towards The main console room. It was like walking across some massive archaic roof top, gardens of a vast & sky exposed Gothic cathedral the ceiling high above arched inwards toward a central counterpoint song that projected a three dimensional map of all time & space in fluidic motion that hurt the eyes to even focus on.

L&M touch the main console which appeared to be cut from solid granite gently, he caressed a the water in a jade bowl that held a telepathic liquid used to connect man to machine."Land inside the planet deep inside You insufferable machine LAND!"a wind blew through the TARDINESS sending leaves up into the air as the machine began to phase back into reality.

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Peregrine was orbiting another planet when it saw an interesting spectacle several space sectors away the auton flew in that general direction but it did not activate the FTL drive it wants to take things slowly, so far it sensed a comet trailing behind. With an ease of mind Peregrine decides to sit on the comet and use it as a dirigible as it steers the comet into the destination at hand. So far he has kept a list of things to compuform at a later date, now he simply wishes to enjoy the ride.

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A nameless golden shining figure sheds light on many worlds as he sails through the void of space. If he has a target destination, it is not indicated; not by the carefree smile on his face, or by the way he waves at every passing asteroid, star, and planet he passes by. If there is a method in his movements, it is only possibly indicated by the way he crashes into and through every object in his path, every asteroid, star, and even a few planets with incredible speed, all without ever flinching or diverting from his path in any way. Maybe it's just reckless flying.

He shines as brightly as the sun, illuminating the space all around wherever he goes, even lightyears away, where his path will not even be noticed until thousands, even billions of years later. Soon, his light shines on a particularly peculiar planet, not quite like the rest. Even approaching the lost Deveyeant planet Aselini Oga 2, he shows no signs of slowing. He continues on his path until finally, he lands...crashes. This one, he doesn't pass through. His crash lands him in a marsh. The impact is accompanied by an explosion and a radial shockwave throughout, burning and uprooting trees, and disrupting natural homes for the life that dwelt there. Water rushes into the crater left where he lay, quickly evaporating once it gets within even a meter of his being. The intense natural heat instantly burns off any leaves and other substances stuck to him, mud turns to glass then quickly melts away. He picks himself up off of his face, still smiling, but now also showing curiosity. Some time after his landing, his glow starts to simmer down slightly, allowing his full natural form to be seen more clearly and without damage to the eyes. A massive burst of energy is released directly upward, a biological imperative instilled in the man to keep his body from building up too much at once and overloading, also an inadvertent beacon to be seen from far away. Curious animals move in from all around to gaze upon whatever has disrupted their homes, fussing with him each in their own unique way. They were paid no mind. Small fires left in his footprints as he moved onward aimlessly.

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A large cloister bell sounded off three times reverberating through the vast & mysterious well of tears ,inside the TARDINESS (Time And Relativity Demand Inventing Necessary Engines Successfully Synchronized) just as it groaned & ground to a halt deep beneath the planets upper crust. The Lord & Master upon hearing the bells toll, moved cautiously to stand glaring over a solemn stone carving of a death mask built into his ships consul. Then started fastidiously brushing away the cobwebs covering the death mask. "I have not heard a peep out of you for centuries, yet you have chosen to raise the alarm, i wonder what fresh hell has awoken one such as you ? (pause) SPEAK!! TO ME" The stone death mask of a tearful masculine face carved into the console did nothing. Turning around swiftly in disgust he walked to a full length mirror it's border a Gothic styled dragon eating it's own tail. Grabbing his black dinner jacket from a wooden coat hanger the L&M fixed his dark waist coat before putting it on, then stepped through the mirror & out through the main door of the TARDINESS.

"fresh hell" whispered the face out loud to no one

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A hierarchy fleet of massive saucers glode through the ethereal currents of hyperspace, passing through the multicoloured twists and turns in the transit dimension. At the bridge of the flag ship of the vast exploratory fleet was the infamous Kamal Re'x, the Abductor, Scourge of the Milky Way, he of limitless arrogance. Floating above the ground with his hoverpack, he crossed his arms as he watched the surreal currents whip through hyperspace. "Remind me what we have come all this way for." He impatiently asked of an aide standing next to him, the emaciated Zolkri pausing as it looked through it's files and then brought up the holographic computer program, it's three sucker tip fingered hands passing the holographic file to Kamal, who quickly

"Ah yes...glory! This shall be a most worthy trophy for me! Yes! This worldship shall belong to I, Kamal Re'x!" Kamal bombastically declared, his booming telepathic voice echoing upon itself, positively dripping with narcassistic fervour. "How much longer before the fleet arrives?" Kamal asked, his mind already spinning with possibilities as the emaciated, mouthless aide flipped through some data. "In a matter of minutes, Underseer." The grey skinned being responded, with a seemingly detatched nature. "Excellent! Prepare the soldiers, for we shall soon make landfall!" Kamal laughed as his fleet continued to barrel through hyperspace

"Realization in ten seconds." The aide responded in naught but a few minutes later. "Ah yes! My moment of glory is upon us! Let the galaxy tremble at the name of Kamal Re'x!" The underseer of the Hierarchy's operations in the milky way commanded, laughing as he did. As he spoke, real space was torn asunder by the sheer number of enormous rust red hierarchy saucers that had breached in from hyperspace. Enormous multicoloured tears in reality were created as a vast fleet of hundreds if not thousands of vessels began to exit from hyperspace, showing the Hierarchy's might in a completely unsubtle display.

"Sir, the realization process is complete." The aide responded, his enlarged cranium flashing as it discharged telepathic signals. "Excellent! Prepare the landers! The artefact shall belong to it's destined master!" Kamal psionically boomed, gesticulating wildly as his dreams of greater power began to flow through his head once again. "It shall be done sir." The aide responded as the crew of the lead vessel began to discharge commands across the ship, and soon the saucers of varying size began to unload various smaller saucers, transports, fighters, and bombers, while the cylinder shaped monoliths dropped out of their slots and began to explore the area, the unmanned craft flying through at enormous speeds to look for openings.

Finding no apparent orbital defence, the Hierarchy fleet began to settle into blockade positions to lay claim on their prize, the monoliths beginning their sweeps over the land as the Saucers unloaded the Hierarchy's ground forces. Soldiers and vehicles touched down on the planet while Glyph Carvers strode through, inscribing energized glyphs onto the ground for the fleets above to scan, from which they analyzed the glyphs to determine the requested orbital drop's specifications, the ships above firing buildings and massive walkers into the ground, which sped down to the surface of the world before slowing down and making touchdown with violent, but not world shattering force.

Kamal himself came down on one of the Saucers, looking over the surface of the world as the mining expedition began to martial outwards. "Excellent! Another glorious apocalypse begins! Bwahahahahahaa!" Kamal laughed maniacally before turning to his aide briefly as their forms floated above the earth. "Come on, laugh with me now! Bwahahahahhahaaa!!" Kamal chortled arrogantly while his Aide cautiously joined in the raucous laughter, a seeming throwback to villains of a simpler time. "And now, we shall pacify this world as we stake our claim! What other sapient life form readings can we detect?" The Hierarchy underseer asked as his form floated across the ground, surveying the rapid construction that the Hierarchy bases were undergoing, Walkers, Soldiers, Aircraft, and Vehicles marshalling out in exploration sweeps.

"Not many...but most of them are quite powerful...there is another capital ship near the planet however, not one of ours." The aide calmly responded as Kamal briefly glanced over to him. "Have them all exterminated. They shall not impede my march to glory! This world, this day shall belong to the Abductor! MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!" Kamal laughed, his voice rising with each sentence before it became a telepathic cacaphony of epic proportions, causing the aide and all others in telepathic hearing range to real back from the psionic overload.

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The corridor in which his Tardiness blended perfectly into was vast, it's circular curved ceiling disappearing into the micro manufactured particle clouds above. Scanning the wall revealed this enormous corridor to be nothing more then a power conduit. A main one granted but nonetheless the lord and master was standing inside a wire five miles in diameter. "What a pointless waste of space, still the potentials for amusement are endless"he said as he tried Making contact with the rudimentary biological computer. This was proving to be a stubborn annoyance, as the fleshy control points all along the WIRE kept dying on him, during creative investigations into their internal organ powered systems. "Sigh! i do hate the way bio clone flesh smells when it burns" Finally the L&M managed to coax some response out of the alien biotech which insisted on feeding him tons of useless data on power regulatory systems, that is until he saw the results of estimated defense system operating costs as the planets weapon systems all came on at once "Oh ho what do we have here An invasion in progress I think Not!"

L&M started Quadrupling the amount of energy sent to the planets defenses, this was easy enough as the great machines could handle it for a while at least! these giant weapons were never meant to run on this much power for lengthy periods of time. The defenses would eventually burn out overload & explode Dramatically ending the hopes & dreams of conquest. Of souls foolish enough to be caught in the cross hairs of guns powered by Wires, bigger then battleships .

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The planet was under attack allready an assault seamingly issued as things touched earth. One seamed to be a alien race seaking to consume all bio mass as it jump started troops what could easily break into a chaotic war. The possitive side of things was that the planet life was only surface deep. Get to the level ground watter should be and you were at layers upon layers of metal and steal of alien design. To fire a exterminatus on the planet would only fracture the interior. It was a design forged by a anchient alien race it was not so easy to claim. What even fewer knew was that it was Deveyeant origin meaning without DNA or blessing of DNA what one would have was a giant space rock. The security net of this was a fail safe to prevent a technological war against their own creations. This force consuming the life of this world however was at a worsend state just for what it was doing it was loud and attention getting.

When one treads on wildlife the wildlife of course knows this the world was however a half of peace and half of horror. One side beautiful but apsent of life forms to have landed there was to be a becon to the other side. On the other side one did not need be a becon for monsters were everywhere. The planet had injected the use of chemical and biological warfare turning life forms into abominations. From undead horrors to titan sized mutants and a large chunk of these life forms would assault soon in mass. They would be like the tyranids so reknown for plaguing the Symaarian forces. Some durable some not so much but terifying in the sheer quantity advancing forward. Meanwhile the technological side of this seamingly living and sentient planet turned to the one who had intruded. Something had tried to breach their computers hacking it and overpowering it.

This planet was powered by something that was hard to overide without a more manual force thankfully. It however was also not created to be intruded in such a manner, that energy sent into it from massive coils needed to be channeled and released however. They intruded and the efforts to target other attackers was permitted then massive fuel cells storaged up the energy. A massive generator rotating from the earth a small tremor as a aparent earth quake marked the opening of the ground a large engine shaped device sprouting out. It looked metalic yet life like as if the roots of some metal tree. The make shift canon large and easily looking like it would punch a whole through even the largest vessels. Its battery hummed, a bright white light in the barrel like looking into the sun. Then the large beam fired with five times the heat of the sun. Metal bubbled as it fired the overabundance of energy causing it to overheat.

Bare Confrontations

The location had been pin pointed this glowing individual had made his landing in one of the many marshes of the planet. Water rose up in clouds of steam, a good sized crater in the earth where it had landed earth a molten and glassed mess. A few life forms likely a appaling mush of a cassaulty by simple circumstance. The Mintaya zoomed in so Olair could look to see what it was. The queen slightly apalled this man wore nothing. Scientifical quadrant of the mind told her that it was a understanable situation analyzing how he had broken entry into the orbit of Asylum. Readings told her of the potential power beneath the surface of this mighty star child. A recruitment seamed in order and so mobilizing began the troops venturing forward looking to cross paths with the individual. Before confronting the glowing being however comunications of the hardlight Elose of the queen reached out to link into Nordok's mighty ship of choice.

"It would seam that my rock is trying to be claimed by some glory seaking insects. Feal free to interject as you see fit. If you cant tell this happens to be Mintaya Olair im heading for the source of this worlds discovery. Nordok Aselini is a Deveyeant world with secrets I refuse to let slip out of my grasp the knowledge was not added to hive mind before it was lost. Its power source alone however could spark the technological age of my people. And of course I don't mind sharing with the proper chanels." She gave a moment to Nordok to allow a comply before switching it off.

Glass cracked as large wormish centipede machines crossed the grounds moving into a triangle formation. Each Reyaki a weapon of mass destruction weighing a good thirty tons easy and standing at atleast thirty feet tall without stretching out in any special way. Large weapons and sharp limps poised for a attack if needed. Twelve Elose geting in formation four perfectly inbetween each opening of the triangle. Olair stepping forward non threatening and formal in her electrical blue form. "I am Queen Olair of the Deveyeant people. This world belongs to me, efforts to harm my people myself or take what is rightfully mine will result in eradication. If you can avoid that however I have no quarrel with you. I would like to know how you came to this world and what you know of it as well if you can provide such." The queen hoping it was a humanoid capable of speach. What none of those on this world knew though was somebody had gotten here first. And at the core of the world things were taking place that just may place all figures at a risk.

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"DAMN YOU! YOU! INFERNAL BEAST OF A MACHINE!" thumping the screen with a fist, Deep within the planets crust the lord and master furiously plied his trade against the colossus workings of the planet. It seemed the situation was more complex then he had first summarized. "OH you sneaky dead engineers" such was the design of the tech he faced that his attempts to further control the environment of the great machine were blocked by simple yet gigantic control gates more physical in nature, that protected the inner sanctums of the planets secrets. "I would like to meet your maker so i could shoot him in the face for making life complicated" Picking up the rudimentary equipment he had fashioned as a primitive inter face the lord & Master connected directly into the storage batteries & rerouted the primal charge. So that the WIRE could carry back to the surface generating heat in ever increasing amounts. In order to create a feedback loop that would eventually explode the massive supercooling rods that fed the weapons this side of the continent above. Thus insuring the storage units had no where to dump all that extra heat. "The ensuing explosion should be quite beautiful,,,from space that is if you not blinded first"

L&M cursing at everything & nothing made his way down wards into the heart of the planet only to be confronted by a large mechanical beast that bore resemblance to a centipede made of fluid mercury. "God Damn it" ducking into an alcove just as a projectile particle cannon protruding from the mechanical centipedes mouth vaporized a large chunk of the wall cutting him off from escape. (I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE) screamed the voice of self preservation in L&Ms head as the count down to oblivion continued on relentlessly.

Searching through his equipment he brought up the info feeds on his pad, of the strange being who first brought this world to his attention, The glowing man. "let us hope you're open to negotiation" piggy backing his signals off the machine code that permeates the planets biosphere the lord and master sought out an ally.

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Deep in the heart of Aselini was a beautiful yet mesmerizing construction of complex ingenearing. Ilaina Oteya was sent to planet Heliux by acident a stow away but it was beneficial she became more, something else. Upon this moment however she became also doomed for failure the world was easy to ravage from the inside out. It was not however easy to destroy in such fashion. Oteya was driven off sent to explore the depths of space. Knowing what was done she took a lass moment to search for something tied to the Deveyeant cultuure. Thus she came to Aselini and through some careful work made her way to the dark center of the world. The metal glowed a furious white hot a glass like formation was around the cylinder that was around the planets core. This was infact a star, the Asylum worlds were not powered by massive generators or conduits but rather a dwarf star. A testament to Deveyeant will and enginering. These elaborate machines were working to build up a new form for Oteya.

She had claimed a red lantern ring belonging to the Roxom clan. Tey managed to take it back but not before she was able to analyse it. Calculated work managed to reconstruct something equivalent to such. From here the machines transfered mind and soul into the new body. Star based energy sapped from the core as a way to give life making the heart beet and empowering the woman with special abilities. She was forged of mechanical made flesh and mutated bone. Though she may seam feminine in body in every way she had progressed beyond that. She was an it when best described. Not belonging to anything but the calamity she had wished to show. So much of the world had worked to bestow her the symbol of mutation and enginering. She was to be the anti life, the anti peace, the symbol of pure unadultrated violence.

From her mind was psionic abilities powered by a star a terrifying mixture of psychic force was made. The past trials of the prison world made her body deformed and it transfered into the thing that was being born at the core of this artificial world. She was able to augment her body into armor and weaponry a blessing of evolution bestowed by science and not what nature permitted. In that glowing core that was a heart she held a resentment for everyone involved in the Infestation of Dark Hammer's world. It wished to kill, Kovak, Salem, Syrus, Kayle, Naamah, Nordok and Olair. On this planet was two, though now might not be time to strike. Regardless she needed to confront a few people on this rock. The thing within the confinds of the planet made way for the soul foolish enough to try and tunnel himself into the heart of Asylm.

Short red hair bounced as the woman walked forward through the tunnel. She seamed human but her eyes glowed a red bright as a star. Suggesting something was off about her. A black vest and white shirt covered her bust the black jeans matched nicely and suggested her as nothing overly threatening. Energy rewrote itself to direct into the heart to aid from not strugling or breaking apart. Some fisures of light shot into the sky but the attack was not as devious as LM wished and now the beautiful anti being stood before him in the tunnels.

Natural adaptation kicked in working to continue to iconalize her name sake. Alice didn't know what this man could do she only fealt the change in her body to counterbalance it. Abilities to target the mind led to a halo of silver seaming to glow from her head. It glowed a briliant red like the eyes of Alice, a means to block out attempts to enter her mind. It stopped this for her as well never the less it managed to block out attempts at effecting her mind. Her veins glowed of the same light, a means to counter act things that might target alterior dimensions to bring out obscure effects. It didn't mean complete imunity it did however block it on some level. "Silly little rabit your date your late for isn't this way....Allow me to deliver you though." From her hand shot a beam of scarlet light of brutal heat, walls became glass as the beam passed. Heading for the mans chest, mercy was a dead ideal as was a subtle kill force and brutality was all that was true.

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The Lord and master felt a presence approaching a simple mind trying to grow itself beyond it's limited dimensions, in order to match his own species vast intellectual capacity. It obviously failed miserably, as it failed to predict his next move. Readings suggested it was feeding off of a dying star. As power source's go he thought it's a bit of a dud "OF COURSE IT'S A DYING DYSON SPHERE how mundane the entire planet! I'm actually disappointed" waving his hand behind his back L&M using his gravity screwdriver unscrewed the final two clamps on the giant support beams keeping the roof of the WIRE up and dropped a few hundred thousand tons of rock & exotic matter on both the metallic center-pied & the twitchy looking female creature with the silly red eyes .

Looking back as he ran he shouted over the din "Next time you go to all the effort to look like harmless bait for a trap you might consider a simple non threatening brown for the eyes !" turning around he made a hasty retreat back up a side tunnel & took the first access shaft downwards toward the heart of the Planet . Creating a gravity funnel with his screw driver the L&M simply fell towards the center safely. His next course of action clear he decided there & then that he was going to complete this worlds Dwarf Stars Potential just because he new how. "Phase out & stand by for delivery of species 87654332468075 to my position you complete waste of time & space"

L&Ms disembodied voice reverberated through his TARDINESS's consul & started echoing around the cathedral arches above. It then traveled down the corridors opening doors before it as one by one systems awoke inside the craft from deep slumber. The Voice stopped waited patiently for the section of wall before it, to change into a large wooden room then entered loudly waking the sleeper withing. "I Obey my master" said the horrific beast stepping down from it's flesh hooks & chains. One of the last of it's species known to exist in the universe. Gorgalon used the hearts of stars as mating ground.

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Rocks fell like raindrops in the small space they crashed into her pinning her down. Pilled on top of her in a heaping mound enough to have crushed any being of flesh and bone. Indeed it would have been brutaly painful if she was infact human or humanoid of course that wasn't so. One whos life was born of a star was far from a life of common flesh. Psychic bursts were shot out forcing the inumerous pounds of rock to burst apart into powder and small stones in every direction. The being who labled himself Lord and master taking a shaft to depart from the things location. To try and tamper with the machine, arrogant Alice concluded. A giant mutated figure rushing toward the artificial being. Large ugly and snarling, if her research called it right it was a Gorgalon which were naturaly drawn to heat of stars.

The Antidoll only rolled her eyes as the towering creature stomped through the halls towards her. She was the idea of the antithesis the counter measure whatever came to confront her she became the opposite figure of. The Gorgalon was a titan of strength and so her flesh turned almost indistructable able to take the ugliests of blows and show no real sign of damage. Of course that was also the isue with fighting with her Alice did not take injuries so much as go down in capability as the enemy did, her life tied to the enemies state not her own. It roared at her walls shaking sound echoing and she giggled soft and sweet. "Cute" the chaos lover remarked coldly as the monster ripped a chunk of metal and stone from the wall. Then it was thrown crashing into her much smaller frame. She flew being slammed into a distant wall leaving a large crater. "That was stupid" she whispered as she moved from the hole.

In a grotesque display her arm shifted and changed growing into a six barrel turet. Flesh hardening even more into a deep black the make shift weapon glowing a furious red. The Gorgalon roared again charging as the fleshy weapon roaring as it began spraying marrow chunks which became psychic bullets. The giant pushed through regardless of the pain, Alice felt at eighty seven percent. Blood began to flow as distance closed, Alice fealt at about fifty percent. The two clash into eachother brutally the walls trembling from the force, twenty percent. Then came the blade, a crimson sword length weapon thrusted into the monsters throat. Mental damage schreming resulting in the body harming itself and pooring blood despite no actual cut of flesh. Counter of her conditioning restarted as the blow was made Alice heading for her friend trying to play with the planets core. Her glowing eyes settling to a slightly less intense glow as a somewhat mockery of his previous statment.

"You sure your as bright as you claim? You ultimantly need Deveyeant flesh to tap into things. Your not that alien race and as such you cant acess it get a clue genius. And its not a Dyson or dying. This planet despite being artificial makes life, its all metal and steel down here and yet its giving life thats not mundane. And its not dying even as something above tries to leach everything from it. Still it redirects your attacks and stays intact as the race assaults it. Stop insulting and think you seam like someone I should work with not kill....your pushing my paitience."

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The fabric of space on the world was calm for a moment after the mass Hierarchy hyperspace jump. Even as the Hierarchy retaliated with seething orbital barrages against the world's defenses that dared to deny the egomaniacal Kamal Re'x, the world was relatively calm while the inhuman Zolkri continued to spread out, their massive walkers strutting across the world while they set up their bases in record time. This would be one of the few worlds that the Zolkri would not be out to destroy for it's resources, one of the few worlds that they would spare and add to their empire rather than leave as nothing more than a bunch of materials spread across their empire as raw materials for their industrial machine.

Kamal Re'x when faced with the Deveyants laughed. "You would make demands of me? I am Kamal Re'x! Underseer of Zolkri Hierarchy mining operations in this backwater galaxy. Civilizations are ground into dust beneath my heel! Worlds burn at my command! I am the coming storm that will devour your pathetic galaxy!" He boasted, using a combination of psionics and his hoverpack to keep him from ever touching the ground with his frail looking limbs, his advanced mind already reaching around the world, trying to pry the secrets of those on it with his awe inspiring psionics. His mind was an awe inspiringly powerful thing, godlike in it's might, so intensely powerful that Kamal needed no weapons at all, for he could lay waste to armies and worlds with just the power of his thoughts.

Those on the world would have felt something attempting to probe into their minds, trying to reach into their thoughts as Kamal tried to learn more of the secrets of this world. "Our people control more galaxies than the Milky Way has stars! Other nations tremble at the very mention of our name. Do you think I'm impressed by your overt attempts at intimidation?" Kamal thundered telepathically, and even when he wasn't speaking, his voice absolutely dripped with intense megalomania, this was the mind of someone who honestly believed that he would rise to become the universe's absolute sovereign, someone who would do anything, go anywhere to further his own ego.

"Nufai!Explain to this woman what she wants to know, I have more important things to worry about." Kamal ordered as he hovered away, prompting the lanky skin walker to present itself, tentacles writing around it's mouth while it's armoured claws fidgeted. It seemed to size up the queen of the Deveyants, growling as it did so, a sick sort of gurgling emitting from it's throat. "We came to this world upon detecting it's strange energy signature. Suggested something, artificial...with very good technology...the Zolkri may not be able to use it, but I can reverse engineer some of it...and Kamal only cares for glory. It was not Nufai's idea to come here, but who am I to disagree with the underseer?" The treacherous thing gargled out.

"We will not harm your world if you allow us to study it. Learn it's secrets, try to impress the Overseers back in the hub of the Hierarchy. It's very hard to impress them, after all, they rule over hundreds of billions of galaxies. I do not think that Kamal will get very much of their attention, but I know that if I want to keep Nufai's mind intact, that I should avoid rousing his wrath. I remember what happened to the last lieutenant of Kamal's that angered him...Nufai's mind's eye still cannot remove that sight from Nufai's memories, very horrible." The alien stated, fidgeting all the while as it spoke. "You can understand of course...everyone must work to please their superiors." It continued, locking it's fingers together briefly.

Some distance away though, on the arctic pole of the planet, the fabric of space and time once again tore open as something of incredible power forced the fabric of reality to bend into a tunnel stretching across a vast distance, connecting two incredibly far away places to one another. But what emerged from that quantum tunnel was not the lovecraftian monstrosity most would expect, but a small girl in a blue, yellow, and red suit of powered armour, a hulking emerald reptillian brute with frilled ears, and an incredibly strangely built pseudo-insectoid with a carapace as smooth as ice riding on constantly melting and refreezing slide of frozen air, along with some other nondescript entities. They surveyed the frigid area for a brief while, trying to see what was in the snowy wasteland.

"So is this the place that the hierarchy is trying to invade?" Asked Ivan, the giant green creature in a thick Petrogradian accent. "Uh huh, sure does!" Jade responded as she set her green sun cannon to lethal settings, one could never know what to expect with the Zolkri. "Well...I have to say, this place looks chillin'." Punned Phrygus, to which everyone else briefly clutched their faces in the palms of their hands and let out a pained groan at the Vhozon's incredibly terrible pun. "Comrade...your jokes are still...absolutely wretched...urgh..." Ivan groaned as he pinched his brow, still trying to wrap his head around the absolute horrificness of the pun. "Please...stop with the ice jokes..." Jade begged as she dragged her hands down her helmeted face.

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The Gorgalon tore & ripped out the broken blade from it's throat, the flesh inside the wound caught fire when exposed glowing hot as a sun, before the whole creature expanded like grotesque balloon & exploded into thousands of wriggling pieces of mutating flesh. Organs fell to the metal floor burning into the ground only to rise up again in mere seconds as blossoming tentacled egg sacks. Everything the Gorgalons remains touched became infected with the growth of these disgusting putrid things that ate metal at incredible speeds.

Multiplying again and again they continued the cycle of birth and death blossoming & exploding, seeds everywhere sprouted grew & spread more seeds that became more exploding eggs. Breaking down the metal on a subatomic level to split & fuel their exponential growth. Within minuets the tunnel floor was covered in millions of them collapsing it. Freeing the process of hideous evolution to expand & dominate, now airborne they began to spread to throughout other systems. Doubling in number every new life cycle, the infection soon took over the complete length of the Giant Wire & spread outwards continually consuming more or the planets systems getting in every where. Falling into all the small nooks & crannies the pollen spread throughout the atmospheric filters feeding the living atmosphere of the planet.

It spread out from the crust to the surface like an nuclear explosion in slow motion, breathing in the pollen of the Gorgalon unfortunately made those of metal become the center of horrific eruption of loosely connected clumps of blossoming egg sacks & flailing biting tenticals burst forth from them consuming them & their environment in the process of feeding the last Stage of Osmosis for the Gorgalon nursery.

L&M knew that the enemy would attack the beast first & ask questions later, such simple predictable natures. No wonder all time & space, all that was or could of been, needed him to rule it like a Master . The Lord and master smiling at the data feeds he was getting on the progress of the nursery, he thought back to the time when he first came across them in the ancient library of a dead world floating lost alone in a dying universe side ways & down to the left of this one. Yes the Gorgalon as a species had succeeded them selves to death along with the rest of their universe. All it needed to doom this world would be a single tiny little insignificant pollen seed finding it's way through a gap in the wall or stone to soak up & eventually eat out the heart of the dwarf star within & then it would explode a trillion fully grown Gorgolans all capable of reaching the next inhabited planets. "ah such beauty... Kill them crush them burn them eat them atomize them drown them poison them nanobot them cold them, you can not stop The Gorgalon song" he sang in the style of a children's school rhyme as he drifted downwards

As he approached the last barrier landing gently on the giant gate beneath his feet .Standing there on the last giant lock that separated him from his goal. He smiled then a small laugh escaped his lips, as he waited for the eventual enemy to find him, but not before taking as many devious precaution as he could "Ah yes I see" a genetic lock of some kind protecting the dwarf star withing he thought " Oh i just had a real horrible idea ha ha HAHHAHAHAHAH! HAHAAAAHHHHHAAHAAAA HA OHHH HAAAA Ohh" stopping to breath L&M braced himself for either the inevitable destruction of possibly the universe or some one to bring him some respect & maybe a tuna fish sandwich with coffee preferably Colombian. "come on robot that's it come to papa lets have a look at you then" he stated arms folded behind him

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Asylum worlds were wonderful things a becon of technological achievment to a species founded on an ever rising growth of technology. It had eyes and ears everywhere observing the world as a whole. The Gorgalon fell dead the sionic blade disipating awhile after it was burried into its skull. Flesh burned but failed to slow the giant down. It erupted in a sea of tentacles and eggs the infection growing rapidly. It was a rapid growth of what could easily become a pandemic unchecked. Metal being broken down as the seeds attempted to devour all before them. Burrowing to allow future colonization in moments the entire wire was consumed by infestation taken over. Soon it reached the surface metal served as a nutrient it would seam.

A response was needed the solotuion bio warfare and radiation. Where the virus erupted on earth nanites quickly were sent to build a thick block to keep them bound. Then in the pockets where ever the disease was nuclear radiation of a frightening volume was despensed. It was a purge system ment to end anything that breathed and wasn't imune. The second weapon was a complex mixture of toxins and chemical agents. It was an evolved poison the planet made, see disease and poison is eventualy fought to extinction by medicine as such it has to evolve to play its course in nature. Imagine if this cycle was repeated five times, it would become a chemical agent that was toxic even to plague bringing gods. Even actual deities asociated with pestilence would feal some sting. These two counter measures kicked in against the Gorgalons no seed would go untargeted.

The door stood just beyond it the central room near the dwarf star of a core. Genetic locks blocked out access to the room something Antidoll sought to stay true. This planet belonged to her, Deveyeant's or as a black hole of total destruction. There was counter measures in this planet for anything and everything. It was a common belief that the Deveyeant's were one of the first races to develop advanced technology. And evidence showed this, there was weapons of the alien culture that seamed imposible to obtain and yet so they had. Alice believed this man unworthy of the might and so did the planet they thus sought his eradication. After all that was in the end all the thin redhead was made for, extinction of other things.

Dropping the Antidoll landed in the chamber unphased by the long fall she had. The shaft was a good thirty stories of drop to get back down to the outer tunnel of the core. Do to the complexity and psychic annomaly that was her construction she was not worried about any trap that was set. Her body didn't function like that of flesh or machine. "Sir drop the cliche laugh its unbecoming of someone of your mental status. And I am not a machine, its so much more complicated then that dont degrate me." No weapons were constructed no counter measures apparent. After all they weren't needed, he wasn't Deveyeant the planet would turn on him if he fired. Plasma weapons lined these walls ready to dispell a sea of energy fire in the room if he showed any melicious intent.

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Although not fully developed mostly as a result of not having to worry about such things, a danger sense was slowly developing inside, and on this world perhaps, it was more active than he'd previously experienced. Nevertheless, he still showed no outward signs of worry, as he was yet unaccustomed to what it meant. The closest he could recall was upon arrival on the world where the woman discharged some weapon upon his head, only a bit more. He'd been moving about mostly unabated until he noticed the large wormlike creature-weapons. Instinctively, half his mind went into defense mode, though most of him remained cheerful and open, even as the woman and her warriors stood poised for possible attack.

Just at the time as he was about to address her, though, a voice came through to his ears, but it had no directly visible source. Coming through on a special, distinct frequency naturally picked up by the man's own brain, which was exceptionally receptive to radio waves all by itself. "Huh? Hey, who's there?" he asked at first, suspecting it to be something, a kind of play or trick by the woman. Only afterward had he noticed a trail, sensible in some wavelength that he saw without even knowing how, which led away from that place. He had no chance to acknowledge it, though, as the woman had already started.

There was something mesmerizing about her; probably the bright shade of blue shone off her form. He paid little mind to the others around, acknowledging them, but barely much else, due to their relatively unimpressive appearances. That, and the fact that she spoke. He had only just begun to grasp the language she spoke, mostly from the Animated Batman cartoon which he had come to love. Being still new to it, and language in general, words like eradication and quarrel didn't register with him. The one word did throw him off a little. Somehow, he recognized it, and recalling, it didn't carry a positive connotation. Deviant. This, he understood typically to mean some form of troublemakers. He prepared himself in case they needed to be dealt with. He narrowed his eyes like Batman would, puffed his chest a little, broadened his shoulders, and took two steps forward. "Hi! I'm...Well, I people call me different things. Like, 'Hey!' And 'You!' And 'Guy!' So I guess you can call me whatever you want." His excited, informal tone and vocabulary a stark contrast with her own, conveying exactly what a lack of understanding he had for the current situation and good-natured overtones. Then his hand he threw up for a greetings high five, but as he did so, an orange flare discharged from the hand. A side effect of not being fully aware of the energies naturally building and coursing through him, and the biological imperative it served to keep him from generating too much energy at once and going supernova. Of course, it only passed through her non corporeal form, a small-sized explosion ringing out from directly behind her.
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She landed gracefully on the lock to the inner heart of the planet dwarf star and stared at him like a petulant child "I am not a machine I am so much more" she said sounding exactly like an advert for the latest trend in female cosmetics . L&M wiping the tears of laughter from his eyes then replied "My you are a insecure Toaster oven aren't you, What did mommy & daddy Toaster not hug you enough when they opened your box!" then with a mischievous grin he dropped his arms to put his hands in his pants pockets & looked her in the eyes with absolutely no warmth at all "Look I know we got off on the wrong foot you and me, You fired at me I dropped a mountain on you it all happened in the discovered country of the past" Stopping to walk around a post he continued to talk once clear of the energy feed cables his voice much clearer now & without distortion "What I'm saying is theres no reason that you and me can't be friends after all, I only came here to kill you your world & whats left of you child like makers"

Passing past the energy feed cables again his image flickered through a series of wave distortions "ahh look comprehension how sweet" said the hologram of the master. With that the image of the ancient mysterious being dissipated to reveal a floating bomb counting down " 3 . 2. 1 " said the bomb


The following explosion tore through the plasma guns & chamber disintegrating them by instantly melting the metal turning that liquid into gass vapor that fed the explosion as it continued to expand outward & upward destroying what was left of the underground chambers annihilating every support block every beam or wall that held the last gate lock from falling into the Dwarf Stars Gravity. The great circular door still unopened fell tumbling into the heart of the little Dying Star inside the planet glowing from all the heat, in it's original place was one great big hole the size of Belgium. That now thanks to the weakening of the pathways to the surface by the Gorgalon infestation eating everything solid all the way up to the surface. The Planet itself helped as well drawing resources from the area to contain the spread of the Gogalon.

The Planets defensive's built harder & harder barriers to block the spread of the Gorgalon as it made it's way directly up to the surface & atmosphere. Unfortunately it had also built the Barrel of a giant gun for the Lord & master without even noticing. The resulting explosion would naturally be prevented from obliterating the planet by the barriers built to hold back the Gorgalon. The L&M had don the Math withing the space of a nano second he was confident the Planet killer bomb would be stopped It's destructive energy propelled upward in a plume of concentrated death that would vaporize some one . After all it's why his chose this position in the first place directly below the invading fleets the lord and master wanted them to be hit by the blast from the planet the size of Belgium so they would think they were under attack & secondly fire back on the weapon that shot at them a lovely great big opening all the way clear to the Planets core.

"why do all the heavy lifting when some one else can do it for you I say, I mean that,s why they invented pawns" Said the master as he sipped the last of his tea in the Deveyeant's control tower on the other side of the planet. Finishing his study of their technology he pored out his cup on the floor & took his key from his pocket then stepped into His TARDINESS (Time And Relativity Demand Inventing Necessary Engines Successfully Synchronized) parked within the control Tower itself walking up to the great granite consul beneath and ever changing map of future past & present displayed at it's peak the lord & master bid his ship to disappear from this universe altogether there was a whole creation out their waiting for him to take another bite of it.

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"Nufai, what is the status report on the base construction?" Kamal growled angrily, his form floating above the ground, housed in the hoverpack. "Still very much underway Underseer. It also seems that one of the Novians...the boy...has appeared, part of the witch's adventuring troupe." The skinwalker hissed in response as it walked back to rejoin the Zolkri. Nufai looked into Kamal's eyes as he seemed to freeze for a bit, and then backed off when he sensed massive amounts of rage. "Them!?!" He shouted both physically and telepathically at a deafening voice, prompting Nufai to sulk away and hide. "THEY!?! ARE!?! HERE?!?" He continued balling his hands up into fists and bringing them up to head level before pumping them in the air.


He shouted in an incredibly deafening voice across both audio and psionic channels. Miles away Zolkri troopers flinched and shuddered at the sensation, like a thousand meteors crashing into the world all at once. A psychic wave of fury exuded from Kamal, massive telekinetic waves flattening everything around him, knocking over and sending flying trees, buildings, animals, vehicles, people, rocks, anything that was caught by his psychic wave of anger. He wasn't going all out, not even close to it in fact, he still had enough restraint to prevent himself from using his mind to try and rip the planet apart with his thoughts, but he was definitely furious, and a deafened, concussed, and stunned Nufai wearily brought itself out of the wreckage. "FIND!!! THEM!!! KILL!!! THEM!!!! AAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!" Kamal roared with incandescent fury.

Nufai and Kamal's other chief lieutenant, a heavily upgraded Deathless known as Jorvigar the Undying, equipped with much heavier armour additions and more weaponry, who was once a decorated Zolkri general before his body was fatally injured, prompting the Zolkri to upload his consciousness into one of the Undying shells, meant to be colossaly strong and tough, being made out of Hierarchy Divine Steel, quickly split off, terrified of the rage of their master. They didn't even dare speak a word, so fearful they were that Kamal would use the awe inspiring power of his mind to permanently crush their psyches into mental pulp. Kamal looked around at the devastation he caused and the cowed Hierarchy soldiers who had managed to survive the unleashing of his wrath. "What are you all looking at!?! GET!!! BACK!!! TO!!! WORK!!!" He roared, prompting the soldiers to spring back to their duties while he floated towards the site of the construction of one of the Hierarchy's purifier walkers, meant to cleanse planets of foreign life.

In the meantime, Dave and Jade sat on the branch of a tree, Ormag looking out into the distance to keep watch while the rest of the team set up a camp. "So Dave...think that we can catch that blowhard here?" She asked, tilting her head, kicking her feet a little while the red clad Novian boy flipped through some stuff on his shades. "Dunno, Kamal's a slippery eel." He answered, shrugging his shoulders before a telepathic wave of yelly rage washed over them. Pretty much the entire camp, even those who were highly resistant to psionics, doubled over as an incredibly loud telepathic voice screamed out it's rage all over the planet. "Gnnhhh...gotta be egoman..." Dave grunted, trying to maintain his composure while Jade shook her head. "Ugh...yeah...sounds like it...super yelly." She responded with a frown, her buck teeth protruding a bit from her lips.

Dave looked over at Jade and smirked ever so faintly. "Babe, did I ever tell you that your teeth are pretty much the damn most adorable thing ever?" He said, his smirk growing a bit while his tone got a bit less stoic. "Heehee, thanks!" She said with a beaming grin, prompting Dave to pinch her left cheek a little and laugh. "Comrade Dave and Comrade Jade, I have spotted a hierarchy walker!" Ivan declared loudly, the giant green repto-amphibian Russian looking up at the two as the sound of thunderous foot falls echoed through the area, along with the strange cries of the Zolkri and the noise of countless machines whirring. Given the highly geometric shape of the Walker's upper body, it was definitely a habitat walker, filled with Infantry cloning bays and small arms and armour production facilities as well as possessing heavy weaponry and incredibly thick armour and shielding.

The four legged machine thundered to the west, saucers and monoliths flying around it like bees around a walking hive while each of the hundred meter machine's steps shook the earth. A booming fog horn like call thundered from the machine "UUUUUULLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" As it moved forward, spider like limbs carrying countless thousands of tons of metals, equipment, and composites forward, turrets on it's form sweeping around in search for enemies while it's colossal body simply pushed through the trees like they weren't there. "Should we attack brothers and sisters of the revolution? We can easily bring this tool of the bourgeoisie down!" Ivan declared, hammering a fist into his palm as his thick petrogradian accent gave his deep voice something of a comedic quality. "Nah man, lets follow this turkey out and see what kinda chillin' business Kamal's homeboys are up to." Phrygus countered in his cool, crystalline voice. The others nodded and tried to trail the walker, hoping it would lead them to some sort of Hierarchy rendevous point while keeping out of it's sight.

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Alice was growing to really hate this guy cackling like a rabid beast, no respect for a symbol of technologies best. "My you are a insecure Toaster oven aren't you, What did mommy & daddy Toaster not hug you enough when they opened your box!" Toaster? Who was he to call her this low piece of technology. His annoying higher then though voice continued to carry through the coridor belittling anything that wasn't himself. Following his casual walk as his ego continued to shine in all its arogance she watched as his look changed radicaly for a brief moment. Hologram how sweet, the psychic abilities altered from trying to be ready to fight the being before her. They swapped for a concussion absorbing layer in the body. A bomb now being what was before her not an individual.

Plasma guns were reduced to molten shards the energy just a soothing blue vapor flooding the room. The explosion augmented by the vapor to inflict even more damage. The A.I of the planet didn't mind about the labrynth of the world being harmed. Asylum wasn't however going to allow the planets core be harmed. Walls droped of impossibly hard and thick metal. These walls filled the room that was around the dwarf star. Shielding it in a tomb capable of baring almost any attack to be made. The door once blocking entrance was gone but replaced by atleast a dozen walls sevral yards thick each.

The systemized attack however was very clever releasing a frightening attack on the ships of Kamal. Aiming to level his ship with a weapon made of the Lord & Masters massive bomb made of technology that was impossibly advanced, further boosted by the artificial planets weapon capabilities. Capabilities mixing weaponry that could slay gods, with solar energies. The combination was likely to eradicate anything it hit. Kamal's ship would likely avoid the damage the rest of the fleet however probably not so likely. None of this mattered however to Alice the woman who was trapped in the center of this violent explosion. Sevral minutes clocked by Alice locked in a huricane of plasma explosives and fire. Nocked about with force that could crush a deities bones, the onslought made for a taxing moment. When it ended however the Antidoll crawled from the wreckage of a makeshift barrel. Metal underlayers of skin showed some and smoke blossomed from her body. Yet Alice herself looked no worse for ware, her body didn't take damage like most after all.

It would seem the Lord & Master had fled the planet. Alice smiled as at the same time a psychic barage assailed her. Being a powerful psychic herself it didn't phase her much. It did however confirm there was more to do on this planet, seeing as the anoying master of time had vanished she'd wait for an excuse to assault this new threat next.

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Massive creatures stomped about the earth walking mammoths of machinery leaving craters in their wake. Orbital strikes littered the skies some but the planet didn't bother to fire back to much. Plasma would burn out holes in the earth, deep craters going to the metal below then doing almost nothing. Let them fire all they want the energy would just be spred out to a point it took a fraction of a centimeter from the surface area. Bases were set up to consume the life portion of the metalic world. Agrevating to deal with potentially in the wrong but nothing major at the moment. All the information the vessel above took in and relayed it to the queen on board which registered in her retinas. Soon enough Kamal responded to the Deveyeant species, his psionics wouldn't tell much. Deveyeant's here were holographic soldiers nothing effected by psychic probing, the species rotting animalistic minds of little value. The best source of information was what the Antidoll on this world saw.

"You would make demands of me? I am Kamal Re'x! Underseer of Zolkri Hierarchy mining operations in this backwater galaxy. Civilizations are ground into dust beneath my heel! Worlds burn at my command! I am the coming storm that will devour your pathetic galaxy! Our people control more galaxies than the Milky Way has stars! Other nations tremble at the very mention of our name. Do you think I'm impressed by your overt attempts at intimidation?" The electric blue figure rolled her eyes. Her species world she could make demands, name boring to her. The Deveyeant's were a species that lived as a massive fleet, scale likely only rivaled by the number of soldiers of the Symaarian Empire or Ships in the Electric Protectorate they once fought. They also didn't mind the galaxy threats or suggestion of mass control. A queen didn't care about another aliens egotistic reign. "Nufai! Explain to this woman what she wants to know, I have more important things to worry about."

"We came to this world upon detecting it's strange energy signature. Suggested something, artificial...with very good technology...the Zolkri may not be able to use it, but I can reverse engineer some of it...and Kamal only cares for glory. It was not Nufai's idea to come here, but who am I to disagree with the underseer?" The other alien being spoke with a much more intelectual aproach. "We will not harm your world if you allow us to study it. Learn it's secrets, try to impress the Overseers back in the hub of the Hierarchy. It's very hard to impress them, after all, they rule over hundreds of billions of galaxies. I do not think that Kamal will get very much of their attention, but I know that if I want to keep Nufai's mind intact, that I should avoid rousing his wrath. I remember what happened to the last lieutenant of Kamal's that angered him...Nufai's mind's eye still cannot remove that sight from Nufai's memories, very horrible. You can understand of course...everyone must work to please their superiors."

At the same time as the individual spoke Olair dealt with things before her, the naked humanoid standing before her. Whoever he was there seamed no emediate suggestion of concern about things. "Hi! I'm...Well, I people call me different things. Like, 'Hey!' And 'You!' And 'Guy!' So I guess you can call me whatever you want." The being that served as a becon to locating this place had spoke. Olair resisted laughing at the smaller mentality it would of been rude. Explosive orb launching from his hand as he raised hand in a form of greeting. Logic broke down the facts informing her that no need to be overly effected by or concerned over the response.

The explosion went off behind her going through her form as she simply switched to 'soft light' so it passed through her. "Nufai I apologize for the situation your in, I can potentially work along side your people. Puting ourselves to use as a back up in combat we can even give a list of possible progressions from where you stand on the technological level. However I can't hand over this planet to your people. Its our property after all and a sacred relic of our progress." With that she rotated her focus switching to verbal comunication. That way she could converse with the lower intelect being with collosal energetic abilities. "I think I will call you Novis Chimin or Novis for short, in your language its translated as Star Child. We should work together, of course if you want thats fine." The various forces at the ready if the Novis chose to attack.

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The emerald soviet closely trailed behind the thundering Habitat walker as it's gunners boredly shot a roiling ball of plasma at some nearby animals to pass the time, the entire section of the forest disintegrating in the green inferno that consumed it as the walker continued to thunder forward. One of the saucers that escorted the colossal Titan equivalent seemed to briefly stop, as if it had spotted the group trailing it, but in reality it just received a new set of orders, and soon sped off elsewhere while the group breathed out a sigh of relief. They could have easily trashed this Hierarchy force but they wanted it to lead them to whatever base it was attached to.

But above, a thunderous and blinding flash of light split the heavens asunder as a colossal amount of energy was dumped into space at the Zolkri fleet above. But with a sort of practiced ease, most of the fleet activated their phase shifters, turning intangilable and letting the energy pass harmlessly through their incorporeal forms. A few of the vessels, however were too slow in their action, and were still caught in the blast and vaporized, but given that the Zolkri Hierarchy had hundreds of thousands of times more galaxies than the Symaarian Imperium had planets, these losses were deemed acceptable.

In the mean time, more Hierarchy patrols began to stomp around the planet as the construction of the Zolkri colony began to continue a pace. Already, Ivan could spot at least three more walker groups in the distance, thundering forward as each and every step they took shook the ground. Already, the Hierarchy was starting to make it's presence known in full force. "Whatever's on here...must be pretty damn important to get all this from Kamal." Dave said, briefly adjusting his shades while Jade briefly nibbled on her lower lip. "Yeah...I could tell there was a ton of weird energy from here...but Kamal must really want it..." She muttered breathlessly as more hierarchy ships began exiting from Hyperspace to bring the colonists forward and turn this world into an addition to the incalculably vast dominion of the Zolkri.

It almost seemed as if the Zolkri were daring any rival powers in the depths of space to try and dislodge them from their new prize, the ships keeping a wary amount of distance from Nordok's vessel as they still had not fully determined it's threat level. Kamal himself was overseeing the construction of more machines designed by Nufai to try and further their studies of the planet while Zolkri scientists and engineers began to be dropped off from Orbit. "If the fascist Hierarchy wants this world this badly, then we cannot let them have it! In the name of Lenin's glorious revolution we must act!" Ivan declared, slamming his fist into an open palm as another saucer patrol zipped through the sky.

"Chillax man, Kamal's got some serious mind mojo, we can't go rushin' at 'im, 'cause that dude's mind bullets can rip apart a solar system without tryin', and dog it just wouldn't be cool of me to go 'round and get my head all blown up." Phrygus responded, reminding Ivan why even Jade wouldn't risk a direct encounter with kamal. Kamal's body may be relatively frail, but his mind was godlike to say the least. Even as they spoke, Kamal looked at the plans for the machines drawn up by Nufai and with a single thought, he brought together the materials for them with a flurry of telekinesis and outright creation of matter before assembling them with another exertion of his mental might, putting together a series of arcane devices with nothing but the power of his thoughts.

"Soon, this galaxy, no, the entire UNIVERSE! Shall learn to bow before me." Kamal haughtily declared as he lowered himself closer to the ground, his mind still brimming with inconceivable amounts of psionic power. "And then at last I shall gain the glory I deserve." Kamal growled in a much lower and more sinister tone, the assembled masses of Hierarchy troops gathered before him looking to him as he prepared a speech for them while advancing towards a podium. This would be one of his great victories, a glorious trophy to his awe inspiring might and intellect, he thought as he went forward, arms folded while his hoverpack brought him to the podium, flanked by Nufai and Jorvigar.

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Deveyeants have for countless years over a few million cycles been building and growing. Where many cultures butcher eachother in war and oppression this alien race never gave way to such barbarity. And so they evolved, a planet grew to be a world of advanced technology. As that planet neared its dying day the species grew to reach out to space where they would grow farther still. The universe however is a cold and derelect place and so that race expanded further still adopting vessels and artificial constructs as their home. They learned how to create life without a physical means and through this they created working plant life and agriculture. This process would then allow for the natural advance to neutralizing sickness and imparments almost entirely. No longer was the species victem to a member being infertile, lacking inteligence, or crippled. The miracle of technology had grown to be beyond magestic, it had grown to rival god like aspects and even then it grew further.

Time passed on and weapons began to be needed and so where as many cultures practicaly started with a stick and a rock. Deveyeants they started with steel and fire. Where many races would come to pick up guns the alien species would grow to pick up enegy weapons. And as timed passed and machines of war were made the Deveyeants began to play with slipspace and or flatspace allowing an almost limitless supply of storage and ammo among other things. And eventually they even came to adopt holograms over flesh especially when it came to soldiers. No matter the species one sends machines, they break and need replacing. Or more likely they send a regular sapient being which inebitably will die most likely in combat. Soldiers serve a cause but tend to die for it. The Deveyeants made holographic avatars known as an Elose. This construct didn't break and rarely did the user die. Mortality rates of war had become miniscule compared to most if not all other races amongst the stars.

They made bases some the size of nations, some bigger then moons and some even still were as large or larger then a planet. And in the vast amount of their existance so much has been constructed that its unfathomable to imagine just how much of the empire their is. Of course every species have some form of god and as such the Deveyeants gave birth to something very special. The Melashin is the singular god or goddess of the alien race. Its life is as long as that of the curent Mintaya and bares a resemblance to them. As such the current one looks much like Mintaya Olair. The Melashin is born as a embodiement ultimantly of the Deveyeant people. The life does not yield until the death of the current Mintaya. Their power growing as the number of Deveyeants and vessels grow in number. This includes the fallen, no ship or Deveyeant go to a heaven or hell but rather into the sun like heart of a mighty dragon. The dragon looking creature being the true form of the Melashin. This mighty goddess holds power over the entire Deveyeant empire as a collective hive mind that can over rule any Mintaya though the use of such power has never been required. For the Mintaya is often seen as the embodiment of the future and as such the Melashin simply helps bring that about.

In all actuality the Melashin has never needed to surface, that is untill the events that took place on one of the Asylum Instalations. An alien force so vast in scale that it rivaled any suposebly ever founded came to this planet. Threatend all in some egotistic maniacle act of believed superiority. And so the river near a small band of beings began to glisten. A light of galactic divinity so rich in color it looked more like a universe portrayed in the Northern Lights then anything else. Awakening from it was a single woman, her features enchanting build aluring. Hair a profound red with eyes as blue as the galaxies most lavish sea. The young teenager looked to be the leader and the deity smiled warmly at Jade. "The Mintaya is trying to reason with these people but your pressense here tells me that this psychic being is not a reasonable sort. What does Melony need to do to help you drive this force away?" Melony serving as a good casual name the Melashin thought.

Waving her hand metalic soldiers began to apear in massive number before fading into nothingness. They seemed completely gone from natural and psychic sight in but a moment. These armored figures clearly a back up to aid against the enemy if needed. Melony didn't like what was being pressented on her planet. She would preffer to stick in the humanesque look if it was required though there was no limit to how far she would go to dispose of this threat. Olair thought of her people first and Melony as predicted did the same.

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Her face and overall self looked inviting enough, and as she might have suspected, he hadn't really gotten to the mental point where he could recognize a possible threat just from being surrounded. The men were of no big concern, as far as he could tell. Just watchers. Her leader status had already gotten her position within his childlike brain which had been exposed to many hours of Batman. That, and the fact that she spoke of alliances brought him great joy. "Okay, whatever you say, commissioner!" He said with a squint, though still smiling, before himself approaching in a hugging gesture. "I'll help however I can." Though, help with what, the Star Child could only imagine.