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Archer had Just awaken From His Deep beautiful Slumber that made him Reluctant To climb out of Bed to start His Day. Archer Slept In his condo yesterday instead of sleeping at The Mobb Deep Headquarters. Yesterday He Had An Epic party Full Of many Variates  of liquor  That would have you Intoxicated Beyond Imagination. Archer Was Very Drunk Yesterday, he had no control over his action, Surprisingly he did not get into nay conflicts with anyone, the party was actaully more fun then animosity. Everyone danced to Classic 90's house music and danced unit there was no tomorrow, it was the best party that Archer has been in for a very long time.

Archer sat up  for a moment to gain Full consciousness, his head throbbed a sharp pain, his mouth was dry and had the pungency Of feces. he rubbed his face lazily, he wiped the eye crust that were at the end of his eye corners, he gave out a big yawn as he rose from his bed. He began to Fix his bed neatly making sure that the sheets were tucked in tighly before he headed into the bathroom. He examined his Large room Cockily, The room was filled with all types of Decorations and antiques, archer had  a picture of  hi and his ex wife Daniela  hanging over his bed post warmingly,The room was a Light shade of green, matching the color of The Eucalyptus Plant that rested on his wood oak  Cylinder table that was beside His bed. Archer had A large dresser horizontally away from his bed, he then had a telescope that aimed upwards out the window Into the sky.

 Archer Opened his room door and headed down a narrow Corridor that was painted a Comfortable shade of brown, the walls of the corridor displayed many pictures of Archer, It showed all of the place he had visited in his past life. he then terminated in the middle of  The corridor to open a white wood door that lead into his Medium size bathroom. The bathroom was white tiled, filled with The aroma of fresh cut autumn flowers. He head towards the sink and stared at the horrific image of himself, his hair was Standing up as if he was shocked by and electrical device, his face was pale stained with dry saliva at the side of his lip. archer Began to tend to his general Hygienic deeds witch consisted of washing is face, brushing teeth, and showering.

After taking his Exhilarating shower acher headed to his small kitchen to get some food to eat, he checked hi fridge eagerly, there was nothing to eat, he began to feel a weary sensation that arose aggravation with in him. Archer knew he had to go to lexi's Coffeeshop, and he really did not want to go to that place ever again. Everytime he went into Lexi's shop some thing Bad happen to him.

Flasback 1

Archer was Heading to Lexicats Nine  Lives Coffee shop for breakfast  Before Leaving to work. In Archers real life he is Called Moses Xavier and  is a bank teller In emiigrant bank. He headed through The glass doors of the coffee shop Craving for a Boston Cream Doughnut, along with Hazelnut black coffee.The coffee shop was filled with people, it  as he mazed through people Impatiently ,the line grew longer and longer. he Finally reached the line, but it was extremely long, it was so long that it curved its way towards the entrance of the shop. Moses then heard loud yelling  way in the front of the line, a Man dressed in Purple attire Was yelling at The Coffee shop Clerk. the man Looked like a lad back person , a ladies man.

The argument went on becoming more intense, Moses finally decided to confront the guy because he was Delaying the line,m  he tapped his shoulder gently with a large Untroubled smile. The man  Quickly turned towards Archer in a Vehement matter, Archer had a feeling this wasnt going to go very well at all. The man punched archer in the face So hard That the impact of the punch jerked moses head back makng him crash into a lady behind him, the onslaught wasnt over just yet the man Charged at the recuperating moses and kicked him Vigorously in the abdomen, making moses drop to the floor hugging his stomach.

The man the darted Of out of the Coffee shop Cursing angerly into the air, A women came towards archer and helped him stand up,his stomach ached from the fierce on expected kick,  Archer did not know why this happend, all he wanted to do was resolve the situation that the man had with the clerk.

Flashback 2

The day was going Easy, There was Nothing troublesome Occurring In the Nin Lives Coffeshop shop this morning. Ga Had stopped over at the Nine Lives Coffee Shop daily Before Starting off to work, He enjoyed the Aroma of fresh Coffee Grinds And Warm Pasturies that Filled the air. The Essence of the Shop was Most comfortable also, as soon as you walk into the shop You get a warm welcome from The owner of the shop lexicat, she would direct you to a nice dining table if you planned to eat your Breakfast at the shop. Today she placed Moses by a glossy window to Observe the Spectacular view of the Live city, Lexi always placed me by a window, she knew he loved to stare at the Busy pedestrians.

Usually archer went to the nine lives alone, he was accompanied by one of his Closet Co-workers Elizabeth Anderson, her Refined beauty was Indescribable. She had Elegant Peach scented Blonde hair that ran down her semi arched back like A pony's tail,  Her face was fair and redden with beautiful almond shaped green eyes that would have you mesmerized, her hips were perfectly arched in like bottle. Her personality was one of a kind , she enjoyed Listening to Pantera and  Megadeth, Her favorite Movie was American Psycho, and she thought that Angelina Jolee Was Gorgeous. Archer Admired These things about her because he was quite similar to her.

Archer invited her to The Nine Lives  when he was preparing himself for work this morning, he liked her and urged to get to know her over some steaming hot cup of Hazelnut Supreme coffee. He always talked to her at work, but he never really paid any attention to her, he noticed that she flirts with him periodically,but he then take a shot at the opportunities to charm her with his sweet Luxurious words"as he might call it". The Night before When Archer  Laid in his bed staring into the wall in  Blankness, he began to contemplate about elizabeth, it resulted in him developing a sense Of Physical and Mental attraction to her. So he planned this breakfast as a date.

They sat at the table awaiting there orders patiently, At first archer felt akward because their was a sheer silence at the table, he did not know what to say. At the thought of feeling pathetic and shy his gut gnarled up into a knot causing him to feel nausea and weakness. the Silence was finally broken after 5 seconds of clueless conjured Giggles. The soft Congruous Tone of Elizabeth spoke to Archer making The ice that stiffened him melt immediately

So Moses? Do you have a Girlfriend or wife at home? She said with a curious Hopeful look on her face

A A frigid Sensation traveled down my Spine making the moisture in my mouth evaporate, My forehead began to perspire Light Cold sweat, His lips trembled in fear, its been long since archers been in a relationship with a woman, hes only been with one woman his whole life, and she didnt really treat him like an average woman would treat someone. Archer developed the sudden urge to get up and walk out of the Clear glass doors of lexi's shop, and he did with the Most Bs excuse that someone could state.

Ummm yeah Look at the time? i have to head back home i forgot my Arr''...i mean wallet! YEA WALLET!, on my dresser....well uh? SEE YA!!

Archer marched out of the coffeehouse bumping into an old woman who happened to have been carrying a hot cup of coffee, he shouldered her so hard that her coffee fell on the floor. The old woman sore in anger as she Darted to walk towards Archer angerly, the lady slipped on the hot coffee and  landed on her chin with her rear sticking up into the air. You could her the echoes Of elizabeths laughs as Archer walks out of the shop. The old lady tood up slowly and went over towards the table where elizabeth sat, She raised her hand and swung  a devastating slap towards Elizabeths  Cheek making her face jerk to the right forcefully.


Archer Reminiscence about his Embarrassing situations that had occurred In The coffeshop, he decided To go to a regular Neighborhood deli and get some food from there. he soon headed back into his room to Put some clothes on, since it wasn't a working day for him , he decied to Put on one of his Luxurious Outfits that he had Purchased from A custom store Called Zori Le Tankin. The outfit had cost him over 1600 Dollars, It consisted of a Refined Button down white Collar shirt Which had his Name crested in A soft gold On the back of his shirt,He had White Slacks with the Sticthings formed from Gold, And he and had a white Golf Style hat. He also Has White Gucci Shies That Had diamonds going aro.und the rim of his shoes. Archer Threw On his Clothes Angerily and left His home forgetting to lock His door and headed down stairs to get some breakfast before work.

Archer walked out aide rushngly and headed into the parking garage To get his balck Honda civic that he loved dearly. The garage was hollow echoing g the footsteps of anything that walked into it,The Cement blocks gave a boring look to he setting making Archer reluctant to get His car. Archer finally Reached his automobile, he withdrew his keys and stuck it into the key hole and unlocked his car, he entered his car with a large lazy sigh and ignited his car and slammed the car door forcefully. He drove off out of the garage and Stopped fro a moment because a old lady was walking pass in front of him, as the old walked pass, archer turned popped in  Soilworks Hit Figure Number Five and began to Play Departure Plan. He began to Bob his head gently to the melodic music that he enjoyed listening to everyday.The old lady cleared his path, archer began to pull out of the garage into the balck tar street, as he drove into the roda The Phophorus sun Beamed In His Face Brightly , it made his eyes ache a little because of the dark setting he rested in before.

Archer drove Down Franklin Street  singing the lyrics to his favorite song Departure plan" You  got  to Fight with me, Cause youre so Vulnerable(me), No Need For Sympathy Nowww, yet So Admirable"As he sang along with the song he felt a rush travel through his veins making Him Bob vevn Harder To the Amping music. He drove around the city for about an hour before Spotting a Local Deli, he Double parked In front Of 2 cars and hopped out of the car Excitedly, he ran towards the deli which was at the corner of The block. The store Was small and compact, he went To the store clerkand ordered A hazelnut Coffee with No decaf, and a Bacon egg and cheese sandwich. Finally archer felt  sense of satisfaction that nothing happend to him this morning so far.

Archer left the Store And darted off outside to head back into his car, as he ran outside, archer saw a beautiful woman with jet black hair that trailed behind her as she walked Throught the windy city, she had on a bakc skirt that revealed her beautiful Tanned leg, Her face was Refined with Black glossed Lipstick the developed a deep lust for her, her eyes were Oval shaped and dark brown filled with elegance, it was simply amazing. Archer Stared at the woman urging to say a few Attention Grabbing  phrases to her.

Hey Babes You Looking Mighty Fine In that Drees Of yours? may I Interest You In My Number? Or dinner

as soon as archer spoke to the woman a young man Came from around The Corner And Punched archer in the face at full forced making him fall to the floor bashing his headOn the solid Concrete below him. the Ononimous man came again With a hard Unforgievn Stomp to his face but archer was bale to evade thr attcak with A rool to the side. Archer Sprung up Quickly A Aimed A massive uppercut to The Mans jaw, The Punch Collide with the mans Chin with brute force Causing his head to jerk back sending his crashing into A red mercedes. The woman then Yelled.


The Lady Dashed at Archer with abnormal Speeds Attempting a Massive Left Roundhouse kick aiming for archers head. he evaded the attack By ducking under the kick skillfully, archer then  leg sweeped the woman's Right leg making her fall to the floor hard, afterward's he ran back towards The Man named florian, he was still trying to recover from Archers attack, archer began to Punch florian in the head Madly. The woman Ran At Archer again and jumped on his back Vulgarly, Archer flipped her over his shoulder Without hesitation and sent her crashing onto the side walk, afterwards he hammer punched in the face.  Archer then fled His Horrible Conflict and went into his car.He attempted to drive off But on of the people Popped his tire as he drove down the avenue, The car lost control and crashed into a parked Cadillac , the forced the The Crash caused  archer to hit His steering wheel. He tried to gain awareness of himself, but he was then interrupted By the shattering of glass through his car window, Florian had viced a Archers neck making him Gasp for air, archer Punched Florian in the face several times before he loosen his
Grip archer then yelled.


Archer backed his car up making florian Fly  off of the car window, archer then drove away with his License plate saying Mo88D3P
A large flash reflected off of Archers car mirror, he looked in the side Mirror to see The Woman Holding a Camera, it looks like They would be after archer for now it seems. He headed back to his condo In fear, he did not know what was going to happend to him, the name florian sound familar to Archer But he couldnt recall where he heard it from, he decided to call Kurrent and tell him about his situation, archer had found out that Floriain was The Son Jean Luc Lebeau Aka Gambler. Archer was then Terrified, he had gotten into trouble with a infamous crime bosses son. Archer decided to nest in his home and set a few traps around,  he knew that some one From Las would Come for His head.

Archer  stood in His Condo with his weapon's prepared for any Occurrences

Me and my lust for women would get me killed one day

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F#cking Gambler...