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@amazingangel and @reefermadness

This is a training fight for AngelAlliance between the two. OoC can be done in here ( in brackets )


Zaniel stood above the Arena, He put his arms on the balcony and spoke to the two "Welcome to the Alliance HQ Fight Arena! The Enchantment in-place means you can kill-each-other and go all out, the loser will be teleported to safety just outside the Arena and the winner will be completely healed" He thought it was a shame such an enchantment could only be done here, It had been done by Ares himself, and he was never seeing Ares again for sometime.

He clapped his hands together "FIGHT!" He wanted to see who would do the first attack, this would be fun to watch.

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Angel stands in front of his foe, he was pleased to here about, the enchantment of Ares, he trusted Zaniel and this gave him a chance to really let loose, he moulded his staff into the shape of a sharp blade, the kind that could cut through man like....... uh not a knife through butter thats overdone..... uh, well like that, he swung his indestructible blade at his side in a stylised display, while still keeping his eyes firmly on his opponent.

"ORDER UP! Who ordered sushi." A smile crossed his face.

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@amazingangel: Pleased to hear of what Zaniel has spoken, Reef gets into full preparation and stands eye-to-eye with Angel, his new teammate, to fight in a friendly combat which will help improve on each other's skill set. Noticing that Angel wields a transforming staff, Reef also equips himself with his trident, inherited from the greatest warriors of Atlantis. Angel throws the first blow, swinging his blade towards the side of Reef. Seeing this attack coming from his peripheral vision, Reef ducks under the sharp long-edged blade and using his three-pronged trident, swings in the opposite motion which Angel maneuvered to take out his legs. Reef with a fast response while trying to dodge his brute attack says in a nonchalant tone,

"Not me. But I always wondered, if angels have wings then what's the point of them having legs!"

Questioning the Amazing Angel as he tries to throw in a counter strike to decapitate his legs.

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kicks both of their asses, then has a pizza

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@pyrogram said:

@armistice: ( Shoo! vile demon! )

fear my genius and armored might !!!!!!!!!!!! not really.

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@pyrogram:[can I sell snacks to the audience, and you should be commentating]

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@armistice: I was going too, then you told me not too. So okay ^__^

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@nerx: ( yes, and I will once it picks up :P )

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@reefermadness: Angel flips out of the way of the trident shot to the legs, he lands in position on one knee and draws his guns, "What's the point of you having eyes when you can't see, I ain't got no wings.", Angel fires from both his guns, at machine gun speeds, aiming at the atlantans eyes.

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@amazingangel: Reef stands his ground as Angel dodges his swift attack. He looks up and reaches eye contact with a startled, yet overconfident Angel. Seeing through the barrels of Angel's guns as he fast draws the firearms from his holster, Reef throws up his force-field which he generates in a weaker state than the ones that would tank high-caliber bullets. Although the force-field deflects most of the bullets, it begins cracking the shield and eventually some start to pierce through. However, with Reef's tough skin durability, he's able to withstand the ones that pass through, especially with the help of his force field to create less of an impact from the bullet penetration. As the force field begins to shatter, he starts to think of an offensive attack. Diving to the back corner of the battle field, he tries to generate a hard-water construct to hammer down the nail which is Angel. Reef then realizes that he can't manipulate water if water isn't present and instead casts three energy blasts targeting Angel. As he releases the wave of blasts, he utters with a little smurk,

"Huhh, it's so that I could be able to see that demon lingering inside you, I'm here to release you from that inner being and send it straight back to hell!"

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@reefermadness: The sea master, takes the bullets to the face, Angel can say that at the very least he is impressed, at the most he underestimated him, Angel had only prepared regular bullets from his gun, he decided not to fire, energy blasts or rockets intended to destroy, instead he wanted to test his adversary. He looked all around him, trying to feel out his environment, make sure his opponent wasn't calling any back up, one on one, man to man, warriors.

His opponent through a series of energy blasts at him, so Angel spun his staff at incredible speeds, absorbing the blasts, something about the man's words got to him, his talk of demons.

"I don't have a demon...........I have a lot of demons though, more than one man should ever have to carry with him."

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@amazingangel: Really impressed on how skilled Angel is with hi staff, Reef thinks of an alternative plan to attack Angel. He then goes on to say,

"Well, if you got lots of em, let's see if you're mentally strong enough to face em all!"

As he telepathically manipulates Angel's mind to summon the sought out demons that he carries on his back in an illusion. He then binds the mind of Angel to restrict his movement as he faces his inner demons.

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@amazingangel: @reefermadness: Zaniel cheered them on "What is this talk of demons!!!" He hit the balcony he was watching from "Angels, snap out of any illusion and smack the guy, Reef! Take this chance to stab the annoyingAngel!"

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@pyrogram: @amazingangel: Overhearing the advice that Zaniel has shouted, Reef stares through the terrorized face of a frozen Angel as he firmly grips onto his trident with the three sharpened edges pointed directly at Angel. He thinks about goring through Angel's flesh, but instead decides to stay at range not knowing of Angel's full powers. Seeing Angel is still caught in an illusion, Reef resets and recomposes. He becomes very focused,with one eye shut as he tries aiming the middle spear of his three-pronged trident steadily at the head of Angel. Reef gives off a little smurk,

'Well, I guess you weren't so much of a challenge after all."

He then takes couple strong steps forward and with all his force, lunges the trident in a straightforward motion accelerating in high speeds targeting Angel with the intentions of taking off his head.

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@reef: Hi there this is the Amazing Angel, I'm taking over this narration for just a moment to the you the story of when I stood in front of the devil himself........... and he tried to fu** with my head, since then I've been very weary of anyone who can stick his hand in your brain and rustle it around a little. It tends not to phase me anymore.

Anywaaaay, This guys still buying that I'm in some kinda trance or whatever and the oscar goes to...... I know right me, I wait for the guy to make a move, it seems like he's about to stab me with his big fork but then he doesn't, then though he decides to throw it, big mistake, now if you've been paying attention in Amazing Angel 101, you'll have heard about a little thing called magic moment, A.K.A time manipulation, A.K.A game changer.

"Well, I guess you weren't paying attention after all." Yep I froze time and walk behind the guy, his trident missed and is now lodged in a wall and I turned my staff into a kinda louisville slugger type thing and I've aimed it at the back of his head, y'know with the force of one of those roid raging MLB players.

Back to you big guy.

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(Did someone say freeze time? :D )

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@pyrogram: Yeah............. It's in my bio, I think you've been there when I used it before.

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@azad: Get yo sand O time outa here.

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@pyrogram@amazingangel: Angel, exerting as much force as possible with his lunging prowess into the transforming staff, darts it directly towards his target. The staff spirals in high speeds straight to the body of Reef. However, the staff meant to kill Reef goes right through him. Angel is in disbelief and confused. A split second after expressing his emotion, he is touched by a strong being, eventually getting wrapped up into an unshakable choke hold. Knowing that Angel, without his main weaponry from under his hand, is more vulnerable to attacks, Reef devised a plan to take that advantage away from him. While Angel was caught up in the demonic hallucination, Reef created another one but of himself to distract Angel when he awakens. And while all his attention was on the illusion, Reef caught him off balance from behind. Almost a few more seconds before Angel passes out, Reef breaks the news to Angel saying,

"HA! You see, when you broke out of the illusion of your foretold demons, it gave you an extra boost of confidence and seemingly cockiness, enough for you to think that you've merely defeated me. However, that's what I wanted you to believe! Here's something you should know before you drop unconscious, while you were fighting off your demons I made another illusion construct resembling myself so that when you wake up you will be where we left off but instead facing a practical illusion. And when you had disarmed your staff by throwing it, with the intentions of tearing off my head, I thought it was a good idea to catch you by surprise and go in for my initial strike. NOW, TAPPP OUTT OR DIEEE!"

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@reef: ( Edited out, nevermind.. )