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In Ancient Sparta tales of an Ancient ring were told, The ring was said to posses great power and restore Fallen Angels to their former glory...It is also said to grant the user an Energy, this Energy would be stored in the ring because of its unique properties. It is able to absorb nearly any energy based attack and store it, Ancient Legend is said that the user once defended a lighting bolt from Zeus, granting one Fallen Angel the power to tap into its hidden energy within and restore their power, If they can find the ring. It's current location is unknown, Lost and Hidden in the Great Mount Olympus.

In Angel Alliance Headquarters

Zaniel sat in his brothers room, admiring the paintings and Ancient scrolls he had collected. His brother had summed him, saying he had a plan to get his powers back. This would involve finding the ring. But first they would need to get into the Heavens, and locate it.

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@pyrogram: @zaniel: Kafziel sat opposite his brother, looking with distaste at the rags he dares to call "clothes". But there were more pressing issues currently.

"Listen brother, I have heard rumour of an ancient artifact, a ring that can store energy from the heavens. I think that if we acquire this ring, you will be able to regain your former power. However, there is a catch. It is located in Mount Olympus, and due to your banishment from the heavens, it will remain an unlikely, if not impossible, task to complete. Do you have any ideas as to how we can acquire this ring?"

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Zaniel listened intently, It was time to tell him he had broken into Heaven once with a member of the Alliance if they were to do this mission, It seemed like a good idea, If they broke in and got the Ring he would get powers, if they broke in and it did not grant him powers, he would still visit Heaven again, He spoke as he rubbed his chin.

"Erm bro...I think I should tell you...I broke into Heaven about a month ago.." He coughed nervously "So It's not impossible.." He grinned "But...That is a very good idea, I can get us into Heaven again, but how are we going to find this Ring?"

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@zaniel: "You did WHAT? Why the hell did you do that? Honestly, how am I going to deal with you?"

Kafziel was astounded. How on earth did Zaniel manage to do that? Still, it meant that getting into Heaven wasn't an impossible task.

"So brother, how did you get into heaven? Tell me everything."

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Zaniel felt he took it better than expected..so far anyways, "Well..It was a witch, I don't know her anymore" He lied, if he found out it was Alex he would never trust her, probably "And we needed to find the Great Libranrian, So she teleported us in" He grinned "You know..In Heaven we get our powers back? Even if we are banished, So if we DO go, I will gain my powers temporarily" He nodded. "I have another way though...But...It involves - dark magic" He said in a sinister tone.

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@zaniel: Kafziel was unconvinved. "Dark magic? The only dark magic you know is called Whiskey!"

The full effect of Zaniel's first sentence hit him. "A WITCH? Oh for goodness sake, do you have absolutely no integrity at all? It's almost as if you don't want your powers back at all!"

Kafziel wanted to throttle his brother. He leant back in his chair and held his head in his hands, trying to calm himself down.

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Zaniel expected such a reaction, "Well, Dark magic yes, we could easily use it...I have contacts" He thought for a second "We did not get caught, so no fret, So...Do you agree? Dark Magic it is?" He clapped his hands together.

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@zaniel: Kafziel weighed up the desicion in his mind. At least Zaniel would not be communicating with demons. Or was he?

"Brother, i'll agree to do this, but on one condition. You do not communicate with any demon or inferior species while we are travelling together. Deal?" Kafziel held out his hand.

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"Define inferior" He laid back in his chair, rubbing his chin.

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@zaniel: "Inferior. Someone worse than us. By my standards, that means almost everyone, including you in your current state. We have no time for filth like those, Zaniel. We have bigger fish to fry."

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He nodded "Well no, I have met people , Mortals who make us look weak..." He shook his brothers hand then stood up "Follow me"

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@zaniel: "Nonsense. No mortal is as powerful as we are." Kafziel followed his brother.

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@kafziel: Zaniel chuckled "Sure, Let's hope nobody disputes that" He nodded as he walked towards the doorway, they passed through the corridor going to the magic room, while walking he decided to reveal his idea "Well brother, You are aware of the magic room we have? It grants you any magic you need, in reason...if we simply walk in..we should be granted access to the Heavens...maybe" He was not sure it would work, worth a try. However, this type of magic would probably take the form of Dark magic, because it would be bypassing the Heavens standard travelling channels.

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@zaniel: "Ah yes, the magic room. You must tell me one day how that room is enchanted. However, I'm not sure that it will be able to get us there."

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@kafziel: "Well, You know how I am always friends with Ares...he got it sorted for me, Well Heron did" He pondered if it would work as they walked upto the room, he was just about to open the door. "Brother..Stand back, let's do this one person at a time...Too many thoughts may confuse the room, Just...Just think of the Heavens as you step in once I have" He waited for his brother to agree before walking in.

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@zaniel: "Of course, brother. You first." He grinned.

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@kafziel: Zaniel smiled as he nodded to his brother. He pushed open the door, Closed his eyes and stepped in as the door closed behind him. Keeping his eyes closed he wished to be transported to the Heavens, He suddenly felt a burning sensation around his whole body as he suddenly took a breath in, the air was not like the air in the Base, it was even more fresh. He opened his eyes as....He had done it, Looking down a massive circle of fire was around him, Well, It worked at-least, he had destroyed a little of the surroundings though. Not as smooth as when Alex had done it, but he had arrived. He stretched his arms out as his powered had returned once again, He suddenly realized he needed to cover his face, He tore off his top and made a face-mask, Before 5 Arch-Angels surrounded him.

They spoke "YOU ANGEL! Why did you use Dark Magic to get transported here from Earth?" The raised their swords. The use of magic had alerted them...Zaniel did not dare to speak, he could not be found out.

He waited for Kafziel to talk them out of this...He did not feel like fighting 5 arch-angels, they for a start had access to Angelic Energy.

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@zaniel: After his brother had gone through to heaven, Kafziel stepped into the room. He had done this hundreds of times. He closed his eyes and thought of his home, Heaven. It had been a while since he had done this. A burning pain shot across his chest. This must be an effect of the Dark Magic. After a few seconds he breathed in. The air was cool and fresh. He was home. He opened his eyes and saw 5 Archangels surrounding and accosting his brother.

"Peace, my friends! We are not here to cause you any trouble. As you know, on Earth, it can be tricky to find a way to heaven through a legitimate means, and time is of the essence, so we could not wait for an opportunity." Kafziel stepped in front of his brother, shielding his face. "If you would make way for us, please."

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The Arch-Angels of Heavens were the most formidable force minus the Gods, If they wished they would have totally annihilated the two brothers, They were in control of their Standard Angel powers, but with over 1000 years of training each, The however, had access to the Angelic Energy that normal Angels could not access, this energy would grant even a de-powered Angel enough power to fight a Powered Angel, this energy could be described as Chi in some cultures, but it was the Angels version of it. All Five Arch-Angels had access too this.

The leader looked at Kafziel and spoke, with high authority "Very well..Pass" He beckoned his men to open a gap and let the two angels though.

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@zaniel: Kafziel walked through the newly opened gap and beckoned his brother through. "That was close. I've no idea how I managed to talk those 5 into letting us through. We'd best be more careful from here on in. I'm unfamiliar with this place, how do we get to Mount Olympus from here?"

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Zaniel levitated a little as he spoke "Let's fly" He levitated higher into the air as he spun a little, He had not flown for a while, "Follow me!" He shot into the air, flying into the distance.

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@zaniel: Flying. Wow. Kafziel didn't often get the chance to fly on earth. Now he is back home he is going to fly everywhere. Kafziel jumped into the air, levitated, and cannoned after his brother, keeping a streamlined body shape to reduce air resistance and keep up.

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Zaniel flew over the great Mountains as he looked for his location, the Great Library, he was once again going to find Pleto, the Librarian and seek assistance, He would probably take this bad however...he had told Zaniel to not break in again. He crashed onto the ground outside the library, getting up and dusting himself off he waited for his brother to land.

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@zaniel: As his brother crashed into the ground, Kafziel couldn't help but laugh. "Watch how I do it, brother!" Kafziel attempted to smoothly touch down on the ground, but misjudged and fell face first into the ground.

Kafziel looked at this brother.

"Don't say a word."

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Zaniel bit his lip as a tear came down his cheek, he nearly died laughing, He croaked "I have not flown in 6 months, you are just a fail" He laughed out loud as he spoke "So, We are meeting Pleto that Librarian, Follow me in, Let me do the talking" He nodded as he patted himself down and began to walk up the stairs, through the giant doors once again for the second time in 6 months, He walked into the room that Alex had read about the Six Virgin Angels, then through the giant staircase leading upto Pleto.

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@zaniel: Kafziel made a mental note to prank his brother as soon as they got back to the island. He got up and patted himself down. "Pleto the librarian? I had no idea he was still alive. How old is he now?"

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@whitesgplayer: "Hmm...Somewhere between 3000-4000, Not exactly sure, Old bugger" He inhaled heavily as he pushed open the door. Pleto was once again, making out with a female Angel, Too indulged once AGAIN with his "fun" he had not realized Zaniel walked in, Zaniel as before, slammed down on the table. Alerting the Old man.

Pleto pushed the female Angel off him, His eyes widened as he told the woman to leave, putting on some cloths covering his body, he walked behind his desk and laid back..He spoke, Not that enthusiastic "AGAIN ZANIEL? YOU DISTRACTED ME AGAIN?" He sighed as he took a green thing and ate it.

Zaniel spoke... "We need...Help...Again..." Pleto looked at Kafziel and spoke as he slammed on the desk "YOU!" He pointed "ANY-BODY BUT YOU! I CANNOT START TO THINK WHY YOU WOULD SNEAK YOUR BROTHER HERE, YOU ARE THE MOST SENSIBLE AND ABOVE BOARD ANGEL OF THEM ALL!"

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@zaniel: Kafziel looked disapprovingly at the ancient librarian. "It is easy to talk about being sensible and above board when you are consorting with another angel, while at your workplace. My motive for taking Zaniel here does not concern you, but we need some information before we go. Do you have any information on the Ring of Gyges?"

Kafziel turned to his brother and rolled his eyes. Pleto may have gotten older, but it seems senility might have kicked in.

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@whitesgplayer: Pleto folded his arms not amused, He spoke in a dry tone. "What I do in my private quarters, Is my own business, I have more than earned the right to have as many dalliances with as many Angels who are upto it" He gave a deep laugh, then heard the request. His eyes instantly looked at a book in the far corner, He stood up and levitated towards the book, taking it, then blowing off the dust and reading frantically, His eyes shot up as he spoke "Ohh boy."

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@zaniel: Kafziel muttered under his breath, within earshot of Zaniel "I doubt many Angels are up to it with you, you silly old fool". After noticing the aged librarian's reaction, Kafziel asked "Well then, what do you have for us?"

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Pleto grinned, "I have had more Angels bend over on that desk over there than your whole blood-line put together He smirked as he got back to the matter in hand "Well...The Ring, It...It had been stolen, By a group named the Angel Hunters...the ones that nearly Killed Zaniel.." He shot Zaniel a stare, Zaniel spoke to his brother.

"Yeahh..I forgot to mention that" Zaniel went silent.

Pleto spoke "Do you still wish to continue?"

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@zaniel: "Aye, it was a pity most of them were unconscious at the time though. Some expert charm you have there Pleto, sending people to sleep."

The Angel hunters? Kafziel had never heard of them before. Kafziel turned to his brother. "Who are the angel hunters, brother?"

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@whitesgplayer: "They were unconscious after 20 minutes of staying here indeed, After 3000 years I have become...too good" He looked down glum.

Zaniel spoke "Well...You are aware of the Angel Energy we all posses, They simply feed off it, Before I was teleported to a different dimension with this Witch, we had to fight them, and they nearly killed me. They are...low Tier Arch-Angels"

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Kafziel thought to himself. If they were Archangels this could be a bit of a fight. And the pair were now even further away from finding the ring. Or perhaps....

"Brother. I've got an idea. We need to capture us an Angel Hunter! The pair of us should be able to take one on without too much trouble." He winked at his brother.

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Zaniel could not help but burst out laughing, Pleto simply jumped out of the window in laughter, going to the Great hall. Zaniel spoke "I barely survived last time...Are you sure...Do you even have weapons anymore?"

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@zaniel: "For an old bugger he sure can jump." Kafziel picked up the book that Pleto left open on the desk. "This will be useful"

He turned to his brother "You were attacked by more than one Angel Hunter. Surely the both of us can take on one. And as for the weapons..." Kafziel shrugged "Let's just say that a LOT of people have underestimated me."

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"Good, I still have my trusty sword..And dagger..And powers...and Ares training..yeah, Let's capture some Hunter...I will call one the same way as before with Alex, and then you ambush it and capture it?" He nodded.

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@zaniel: "Sounds like a plan. You distract him, and I'll see what I can do. You've done this before, you take the lead."

It had been at least two centuries since Kafziel had got into a fight. Hopefully he is still at his best.

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@whitesgplayer: Zaniel nodded as he phased through the window and tore through the air, landing once again where he and Alex had went, on the outskirts of Heaven. He felt a little nostalgic because of the past quarrels here, This was the place they had lost their 3rd brother. He closed his eyes, waiting for Kafziel.

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@zaniel: Kafziel phased through the window. He nodded at his brother, prepared.