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Felix thumbed through the (rather long) shortlist of opponents he should face for the upcoming hunt for the Knightfalls. He stopped on one that caught his eye. He paused for a moment, and flipped to powers and abilities. He'd gathered a good deal of information, and now he smiled. She was a little more powerful than his expected foes. Like hunting a bear to prepare to attack a pride of wolves.


Felix slowly strolled down the street. His collar was pulled up high, obscuring his face. The sun beat down on his platinum blond hair, and his chocolate brown eyes focused on his opponent, a dozen feet ahead. He was under-armed, carrying only his knife and chain, his surfboard-sized blade nowhere in sight. As he slipped through the crowd, he recalled his hand to hand techniques. As far as he could tell, his opponent was superhumanly durable. As he approached, he recalled a move he'd been taught to train with Iron Arms. He aimed a "bear claw" at the back of the woman's head.

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@sideslash: It was one of those extremely rare occasions when Georgie Dee AKA Hooligan wasn't out and about causing the usual trouble and chaos instead she was casually making her way down the street wearing her much favoured and slightly tattered black leather jacket and chain smoking though her 2nd or 3rd packet of cigarettes for the day. However, all of a sudden a great force struck her on the back of the head seemingly out of nowhere, hitting her with enough force to knock her off her feet and to the ground.

"What the f**k was that?!," Georgie exclaimed as she quickly picked herself up from the ground and turned in the direction from which she was hit.

"Did you just f**king hit me you c**nt, you must either have no idea who the f**k I am or you have a serious f**king death-wish mate," Georgie angrily said in her trademark rough British accent as she locked her intense gaze onto her unknown attacker.

"Who the f**k you are and what is your beef with me? I'm still gonna kick seven shades of sh*t of you anyhow just on the principle that ya blind-sided me you f**king wanker, but maybe if your nice enough to answer me I won't leave your corpse bleeding in an alley somewhere," Georgie remarked with a somewhat sinister grin appearing across her face as she relished the mere notion of inflicting a vicious beating on her assailant.

"And I thought today was gonna be a quiet day," Georgie thought to herself as she went into her typical aggressive stance and prepared herself for yet another fight.

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@thirteen13: Felix smirked cockily at her. "Look, honey, this ain't nothing personal. Just business." He listened to her threats and smiled wider. My kinda girl, he thought as he began to daydream. After a few moments he realised she'd stopped speaking. Has anyone ever told you you're really cute when you get angry?" He asked with an amused look on his face.

He cleared his throat. "Listen baby, I'm serious when I say I'm sorry. I have to train with someone. You drew the short straw, that's all." He looked her up and down. "You ever considered squeezing into a sexy little leather outfit? It'd suit someone like you. Fantastic figure, and an amazing pair of tits, if you don't mind my saying so." He winked and raised his hands into a defensive position. "Once again, I am so sorry this has to happen."

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@sideslash: "You're funny, but let's see just how funny you are when I rip your head off and spit down your neck," Georgie quipped, even though it didn't take much at all to send her into a murderous rage she was nonetheless slightly amused at the nonchalant and humorous attitude of the talkative stranger.

"Anyhow I'm bored of talking, now I tear your f**king head off," Georgie said before she utilized a short, but extreme burst of her super speed to close the distance between herself and her quarry. To the normal human eye she seemingly disappeared as she went from her stationary to attacking with almost supernatural speed to throw a powerful punch at her opponent's head.

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@thirteen13: Felix smiled widely. As she moved, he reacted, slower than her, but still faster than any normal human. He ducked under the punch, which made the air whistle as it whipped a couple of inches above his head. He then slid to the right, anticipating a strike that was never thrown.

"Nice move." He complimented her, aiming an uppercut at her chin with incredible speed and strength, a look of pure animalistic ferocity passing over his face.

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@sideslash: Despite her extreme speed Georgie's punch missed its target as her opponent had manoeuvred himself with impressive speed to avoid the devastating blow. Before she could react the stranger delivered a mean uppercut straight to her chin which connected with great force. It was now becoming abundantly clear her attacker was more than human and perhaps even a worthwhile adversary for her.

"You're good, but I'm willing to bet I am better," Georgie remarked, somewhat impressed with her attacker's strength and speed that seemingly rivalled her own. "Alright enough with the foreplay, I am finishing this," Georgie cracked as what little patience she had was now gone and she reached inside her leather jacket to retrieve her Bowie knife and put down her opponent. In a swift and almost graceful movement Georgie drew her large knife and swung it for her intended victim's neck, looking to decapitate him and put an end to the confrontation.

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@thirteen13: He began to shake his hand, and flexed his fingers a few times. "Damn. Woman, what's your chin made of? Granite?" He stepped back and prepared for another attack, his eyes growing slightly wider when she pulled a knife on him. "Knives? Knives I can do." As she lunged, he drew his own knife, bringing it up in time to block the intended killing blow.

He slid back a few inches, but then found some traction. "Come on, baby, don't be like that. The foreplay's half the fun." He snapped back with a winning smile. It was hard for him to hold the clash for too long. Sparks flew as the blades slid up and down each other. He pulled his head back and then aimed a headbutt at her face. Sorry to mess up your pretty little face. He thought. He felt bad, a little.

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@sideslash: Quickly the fist fight between the two adversaries had escalated into a knife fight with each of them wielding their own blades. The two knives collided with each other as her quarry parried her knife attack with one of his own and followed through by a snappy comeback and a headbutt to her face. Typically in a brawl Georgie relied on her great physical toughness to soak up damage against her and simply keep on fighting until she emerged victorious. Even though the headbutt landed a direct hit against her face resulting in a bloody lip for her she was otherwise unfazed.

"That's the best you got you f**king pr*ck," Georgie taunted as she flashed a grin and prepared a particularly unhanded and quite disgusting tactic to order to gain the advantage. Using a mixture of her own blood and saliva she brewed a nasty concoction in her mouth and spewed itat her opponent's eyes in the hope of temporarily blinding him and threw a brutal elbow strike towards his face. Although an untrained and undisciplined fighter what she lacked in skill she more than made up for in sheer ferocity.

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@thirteen13: He was dazed, his ears still ringing from the hit, But he regained his composure just as the foul glob of blood and spit struck him full in the face. This deprived him completely of his sight, but his other senses were more than acute enough to take up the slack. And then there was his mysterious ability to 'sense' incoming attacks. When deprived of all his senses, he could still dodge most strikes. Being deprived of only one sense wasn't enough to render him vulnerable, and he proved this as he ducked and backed up, wiping the muck from his eyes.

"Well," he said, "that certainly wasn't lady-like, at all." He'd lost none of his confidence. "But if we're playing the 'see who can fight with the least senses' game, I think I'll win. First..." He aimed a powerful punch at her nose, and, dropping the knife, another blow for her stomach. Hopefully, this would deprive her of her sense of smell, by breaking the nose and thus causing her to smell only the blood that would pour from it, and also disorient her by making her lose her lunch. He was a methodical fighter, who specialised in picking apart his opponent.

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@sideslash: Finally Georgie had managed to land a blow against her opponent, striking him in the face with her elbow with enough force to snap a normal person's neck. However, he seemed much tougher than the norm. Her vile attack of blood and spit in her quarry's face had done little more than momentarily forced him to back off to promptly remove the disgusting mixture.

"Trust me mate, I'm like no lady you've ever come across," Georgie remarked with a sadistic look in her eyes and an unnerving grin on her face. Her assailant decided to drop his knife and continue his attack with a punch to her nose and another to her stomach. Although she succeeded in moving herself fast enough to avoid the blow to her nose she didn't expect the low-blow to her stomach which landed with sufficient force to briefly wind her, but she remained un-discouraged from the increasingly savage brawl. In fact, she was in her element in this no holds barred fight.

"Fighting dirty huh? Now you're speaking my language," Georgie said as she quickly regained her composure from the previous low-blow to her stomach and launched her own attack. Still holding her Bowie knife she used it to make a bluff attack by threw it towards her opponent with great speed, but she anticipated it would take more than that to bring him down and followed through with a full-on charge as she went to hit him with the force of a truck.