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i have benn rpging for a few week and these are all the RpG ive evr wriiten

 did you see progress ?

Lady Nightmare reviled a smirk as she watches the woman suffer from her sai attacks. The woman flew away trying to distance her self from her a little. The evil looked at her wounds had began smile. Lady’s mouths straighten and her smirk disappeared. She thought to herself. What is this dark creature planning?

The darkness once again bent her knees an extended her arms forward. The monster fired a series of dark energy at her. Lady prepared to cut through these as well. The woman’s finger tips began to generate a silver current, it flowed over her fingers and everything that had an ounce of metal began flowing towards the evil woman. Lady’s sai were ripped out of her hands. She looked at her palms then balled them into a fist. Lady Nightmare looked up and glared at her evil opponent. The woman bent all of the metal, including her sai and turned it into scrap metal.

Lady started at the energy coming at her and dared it to hurt her. The dark energy was coming closer and closer. With a big grin, Lady used her telekinesis and stopped it in its tracks. They exploded right in between her and the woman.

The figure raised her hands to the sky and a Sun ray shot down towards her she began glowing bright, every thing bright began to lose its glow and the area around them got dark. The wind picked up blew some her jet black hair across her face. It was colder on her skin. The woman became the only light in the city. Lady Nightmare’s pupils grew smaller.

The evil used her other hand to create a light chamber all around her except for in the space between her and the woman. The monster on the evil’s back did something similar only using darkness and fired that being the chamber. The darkness passed through.

Lady Nightmare was hit by the evil woman’s attacks. Shear heat pierced her body. . The pain from it ran through her. Cuts and bruises started to form all over her. She wiped the blood from them and tasted it. Lady Nightmare embraced the pain and let fuel the fire inside of her. Lady Nightmare was trained to take great pain by her deceased family. This Pain was not going to bring her to her end and neither was the evil woman who caused it.

I refuse to lose to Darkness!!!!!!!!! Yelled Lady Nightmare

Everything seemingly melted away when the woman used her dark powers. She glared at the woman with determination in her eyes. Lady noticed that the creature that was not using the darkness. The Darkness was using the woman. Lady Night was going to use this in her battle.

The darkness stood smiling at what she thought was the end of Lady Nightmare, but it was only the beginning. Lady started to create a world of her own in the woman’s mind. Lady Nightmare’s creation was the woman’s reflection. It floated between them the reflection started to be consumed with darkness. From the illusion’s head to her feet its skin started to be come midnight black. Even her eyes turned black. The fake evil woman started look at her hand at feet with amazement. The illusion started to shake combatively then it blew up in mid air. The fake woman’s body pieces flew everywhere. The head of it came toward the real woman.

Is that what you want the Darkness to make of you?!!!!!!! Yelled Lady Nightmare

She knew this would traumatize or to at least draw her attention. Lady stood there smiling at what she showed the corrupted woman. She started to plan her next attack

 The sun is the enemy at this moment. The wind blows as if it was doing it onpurpose. Like high tides the sand flew up and down. The cactus peered at mincing while its spikes dare her to touch. There were no desert animals out; they not dare to test the blazing sun.

Lady nightmare was very irritated. Even though she was a girl, it still felt like she was in a microwave. Lady had no problem with killing the mysterious woman. A job was a job. The fact Sha was up to no good was a bonus.

Her eyes finally set on the village. She let out a chuckle; it looked like something out of an old western movie. The thought soon left her mind as she realizes what she was sent to do. KILL SHA.

 Lady pushed open the door and walked into the nearest bar of the country village. All eyes were her. There were shady old men playing cards in the corner with their minds in the gutter, but Lady gave them a look that made sure that death was going to be upon them if they were to try any thing.

Her boots clunked down onto the wooden floor and she sat down on the nearest stool to the bartender. Give me a nice cold one.  Unlike everyone else the bar tender was not frighten of her presence. Before he could even set it on the table she drank it in one gulp. A nice cold sensation ran down by body and that just what she need.

She asked bravely Where can I find Sha. If there were music it would have stopped. Now this time she had to laugh even louder than before this was too much like western movie.  I looked at the mincing woman. She was an attractive target. Hey if I was a dude I would date her.

Lady Nightmare was coming home from briefing with her clan. We all agreed that  must be stopped. Her heels click down on the streets. People are everywhere going everywhere .Even though there are noises coming from every direction. Lady’s mind is fixated on Sha.

Sha was the number one target and Lady Nightmare liked being number one. With every moment she thought of new ways to bring her down. Planning her every move she picture the fight over and over again.

Lady finally comes from the thought and as she looks up she see her target. She says to her self Sha is so brave as to walk down these cities streets with no one to protect her. How foolish she thought. Lady does not know weather she has spotted her or not but Sha will know that she is soon enough .Lady Nightmare teleports behind her and whispers in her ear. Expecting Someone

Lady Nightmare was seated on a bar stool in front in front of the bartender. The thought of others crowded her mind until she was able to clear her head of all of the voices.

She was charmed. The feeling soon passed as this was expected of a vampire. She did not the power of this creature before her but planned to find out..

The pleasure is mine. Lady nightmare notices the change in his posture. She looked at Orian with suppositious eyes. My name is Lady Nightmare. She could tell that he was curious about the names she had givenhimHe wasn’t a bad looking vampire so she accepted the offer despite her suppositions.  She did not now the intent of the creature standing before her. In Lady’s mind everyone is a possible suspect.

His eyes were cold and yet possessed wisdom. She was not over taken with his poetry for she had met many charming creatures in her past. Yet a still there was something different about Orian. Maybe it was that he vampire or maybe she knew that now she was not going to be his next meal.                                                                                                                                                

Lady Nightmare and Psysis stand across the Japanese temple with only air and tension in between them. Though the both of them were good friend both of them wonder who was truly the best. The temple it and ancient wooden fight ground. Lady chooses this place because it was her former home and created a fighting sprit. Great warriors have fought in this very place and now it was there turn.

Lady was over whelmed with anticipation; much like a couple waiting on a pregnancy test. She was finally going to fight her true equal. Psysis was not as powerful as her but still possessed great inter strength. She gazed at her opponent that stood across from her. Lady studied his features then peered at his face. Her mind wondering if he was reading her mind  She dare not plan her attack for he would know before she did. This fight was going to be based on total instinct.

Now she and Psysis would discuss the terms of the fight.

No telepathic attacks said Lady Nightmare

Lady smirked at her friend’s remark. Her hands loosen as she took a defensive posture. She flashed behind him as quickly as she could. Lady tapped her tattooed opponent on the shoulder.

Don’t worry I wont hurt you… badly.

A soon as those words came from her lips; she was ready to fight her adversary.

Lady Nightmare teleported in front of Psysis and quickly gripped his shoulders and pulled him down to her knee. There were no cheap shots in her book. Soon after she punched him in his jaw law line on the side his tattoo was.

This was a joke to her. Lady had been meaning to make fun of this tattoo. She lunged back to released a kick his face.

Hiy! She yelled

Lady Nightmare was using the KAS data base to research on past, present and potential enemies of the KAS. Images of enemies popped up the screen. She pictured how she was going to take them out if the situation occurred. Lady was not used to working with other people or even having a family. She has always been on her own struggling and surviving to maintain stability.

However, the KAS welcome made it easy to adjust .Everyone welcomed her with open arms; this was something that she was going to have to learn to get used to. Lady liked it here and was going to let anyone ruin it, again.

Her mind traveled back to the tainted memories of her past, Lady visualized the murdering of her family. This mental picture sent a shocking pain through her chest. She discarded the picture. Lady dealt with the pains of her yesterday long ago, but every now and then they would come from the ruins of her mind and taunt her. Her eyes focused on to the state of the art computer. After she was finish her research, Lady decided to walk around headquarters to check up on things.

She passed the training room. Lady eyes glanced at Kiesha. The slayer performed a spin kick that sent the heavy bag flying .It hit the wall and sand poured onto the carpet. Her eyes look at the sand filled carpet.

“I wonder whose going to get that up” Lady Nightmare thought to herself.

She passed the room and continued to survey the safety of the head quarters. Lady was al ways preparing her self for a potential fight. She hated being vulnerable and took every moment preparing not to be. Credit was on duty that night. Lady Nightmare wondered weather she should tell him to take the night off and let her be on night watch. The fact that her safety was in the hands of someone else made her uneasy, though she trusted her fellow members to a certain extent she was never going to get used to depending on someone else.

After deciding not to free Credit of night duty, she turned around and headed to her room. Lady’s room was pretty far away from were Credit was. She decided to be lazy tonight. She pictured her room in her room in her head and teleported there. Her feet hit the soft carpet.

Her room wall was filled with the faces and files of criminals. Lady Nightmare walked to her bed and sat down on the confider. She folded her long legs Indian style. Her eyelids closed. She placed her palms on her knees and started to meditate.

Lady Nightmare roamed the mind of everyone in the building. To her surprise she discovered that headquarters was under attack. Her mind viewed Sha, their leader, recently recovering from a nightmare and telekinetic attack. She felt around the in the minds of everyone in Sha’s room.

Lady learned that Credit was the source of the recent attacks. Kiesha, Izabella and Nevann were already aware of the recently discovered danger. Lady searched for Feral Nova’s mind. She was still being tormented by her dreams. Lady smiled a little.

“She would have a nightmare about killer cheerleaders”, She thought to herself

Lady opened her eyes. They revealed one of the men send to destroy members of the KAS .His attack was expected. Lady Night could hear his mind coming all the way down the hall. The man lunged forward at her. Lady Nightmare quickly reached underneath her pillow and gripped her sai. She put the sai in to the man’s torso.

He never knew it was coming. The sai end in the man’s back. He grunted in pain, and then fell onto his face. She unfolded her legs and place her feet on to her carpet. She stood over the soon to be dead man. She crouched down and whispred in his ear.

“You can keep it”, she whispered

Lady Nightmare got up from the now dead man. She walked to her closet and grasped two of her short swords. She imaged nova’s room a with that she teleported there. Her first order of business was to get the entire KAS active and ready to retaliate.




Lady was determined to bring this team together. She had to bring nova out of her current state of mind if she was going to get anything accomplished tonight. When Lady appeared in the room, she could see that nova’s condition was getting even worst. On Nova’s face was a mask of terror. Nova eyes shifting around as she was look at something only she could see. Her scared leader eyes set on Lady when she appeared in the hallway.

“HOLY SH!T ITS BRITNEY!” Nova yelled in terror

“She must not see me” Lady Nightmare said to herself

Nova began to back away from Lady. Nova turned away from and started speeding down the hallway. Lady Nightmare paid no attention to the historical Nova for she could not go after her physically at this point. She closed her eyes and began seeking for Nova’s mind. Suddenly a shocking pain for fear and terror ran across her body, she was now where she had been seeking. Lady could see Nova hugging her self in the bathtub hoping for some safety.

“Do not be scared Nova. That was only an illusion. Credit put it over you. You have to snap out of it! The KAS is being under attacked.” She said to Nova telepathically

Lady Nightmare was still wrapping her mind around the turn earth has taken. Sha she thought. Sha. Sha. Sha. How that name has changed over the years. Lady’s mind traveled back in time. Her psyche began retelling the story as if she did not already know the tale. Sha had become the evil dictator of earth. She was on a rampage truly believing that she was superior to humans and mutants alike. Lady always knew that her former leader was a powerful. All leaders have to be, but what she has become of her all but disgust Lady Nightmare now.

It all began and was over when the Ninjeta Planet was destroyed. An N.A.S.A space shuttle crashed landed in the Ninjetan sun thus destroying their world. Hundreds of Ninjetan warriors fled their demolished home land and headed towards Earth for their vengeance .All of them carrying hate in their eyes and revenge in their hearts. During the attack, Lady was in , her place of origin, ready to protect her home from the hateful Ninjetan army. Though the well being of the world was at stake, the villains stood idly by and were going to watch the destruction of earth.

The fate of the world did not seem luminous in Lady Nightmare’s eyes. Nevertheless she was prepared to pay the ultimate price for Earth.

Lady destiny was thwarted by BatgirlBabs. Bat had convinced the Ninjetan not to take vengeance on Earth but instead embrace Earth as their new home planet. She used her manipulation to and the advancement of Oracle technology to win over the heart of the people of Earth and made her self supreme ruler. All except Lady was accepting of BatgirlBabs as supreme ruler. Lady Nightmare did not think that not one person should have that much control over the free world. However, to her surprise many were embracing the new way of life.

Sha finally came out from exile to find the world under BatgirlBabs. Lady was expecting her to lead L.OV.E and remove BatgirlBabs from power. Conversely, she opted to take BatgirlBabs offer and became the ambassador of the Ninjetan army. Therefore L.O.V.E was disbanded. Before everyone left the L.O.V.E Headquarters, Feral Nova had given her WAL communicator just in case she needed help. The rest of the member had gone their separate ways. Lady did not think she was going to need it. She had been on her won most of her life and found it distasteful asking for help. Lady pulled the communicator out of her pocket. She rolled it over her soft finger tips gazing upon it with sentimental eyes. She grasps it in her palms and returns to her thoughts.

Lady Nightmare was infuriated with Sha. She could not believe she had chosen supremacy over justice. Lady mind flared at this thought. Her fists tighten when remembering this part of her flashback. Sha, her former leader, now stood for everything she spent her life fighting against.

In 2018 the Earth was beneath Sha and BatgirlBabs jurisdiction. By this time Lady Nightmare was in hiding. Under this new rule those who chose not acknowledge them as rulers of Earth were put in high security jails. Her own daughter, Night Fire, now rot in prison for rebelling against their ruler. Earth was now in the hands of these two disgusting women. Ninjetan warriors now ruled the street in perambulation.

Her mind returned to present. Lady Nightmare was born into ancient Japanese race of people that never age passed the age of twenty. Since her mother was born in , Lady still aged but much slower than a regular human. Her thirty year old body stood over her dear Feral Nova’s grave. A cold wind hit her face blowing her straight black hair across her face. A small tear managed to make its way to her cheek .Lady Nightmare reached in to her pocket and pulled out a white rose. She bent down and placed on her grave .It had been more than ten years since her beloved friend passed away.

Lady Night had been in hiding for years. She did nothing to rebel against Sha and BatgirlBabs. Lady Nightmare warrior’s heart had grew smaller and smaller over the years. Until one day she had came across the communicator, she started thinking about Nova and the entire L.O.V.E. Lady had lost the fight in her. She had forgot what she once stood for and what she had dedicating her life doing. And that is protecting the world from evil’s reign; Killing those who stand in the way Earth’s radiance and becoming her evil’s nightmare.  Now standing on her friend, hero and mother grave she had come to realization. Lady Nightmare was reborn.

She reached into her pocket and pulled out communicator. She pushed its button and put it to her mouth.

How can I help?


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We can finish if you want

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finish what ?

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Your Tranining

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yeah i'm still waitin on you girl with your post in the fight. (Still waitin on that Stygian guy too)

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Psysis said:
"yeah i'm still waitin on you girl with your post in the fight. (Still waitin on that Stygian guy too)"

ok ok ill train with you both a litte right now and alot whe i get home
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Lady Nightmare said:
"Psysis said:
"yeah i'm still waitin on you girl with your post in the fight. (Still waitin on that Stygian guy too)"

ok ok ill train with you both a litte right now and alot whe i get home"

Fine with me (a little hint, dont rush ur post, take ur time and try to feel as if your actually in the battle, use your imaginative senses to describe what is happening all around you, to you, with you. It's sort of a spiritual writing thing, yeah.....)
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ok im writing now

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Vlad Tepes Dracula said:

ur laughing my piece on spiritual rpg writing? lol
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great job LN

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