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The towering Halo Corporation headquarters overlooked the whole of Los Angles and even past the sinning city,inside was heavily fortified paradise of technologies beyond those that the normal person could only dream of,and Akira Overdrive now known as Max Cash sat at the helm of the empire.His power was immense and his wealth was just as big as his ego.As the Corporate Juggernaut sat behind his desk in a pearly white room he toyed a chrome desert eagle,twirling it in his hands and aiming at random items in the room,and soon thoughts of his old days came to him as he gripped the steel tighter and drifted off to flashbacks for about a minute.

Soon the elevator made a "ding" as it came to a stop at Cash's office and out came one of Akira's many underlings.The man seemed sweaty and scared for his life,he fumbled as he stumbled up to Max,interrupting the mogul's daydream and let Akira know what had happened.Sirens could be heard from in front of the building and he turned around to the window looking down and noticing a man in a red trench coat and and a massive sword being surrounded by police men and swat.He smiled and cut off his assistant before he could tell him what was going on.AO grabbed his two desert eagles and held them up to the window nonchalantly firing at the glass and watching it shatter.Massive wind blew in and the white versaci suit blew in the air as Max Cash peeked over the edge to get a better look.He smirked as he noticed the man in a trench coat was none other then Sparda.

Without hesitation Akira leaned forward until he fell from the window,free falling in the air and smiling as the crowd that  had gathered around gasped,wondering what he was doing and why he showed no fear.In mere seconds he planted into the hard concrete,creating a crater in the ground.The police backed aay as he flicked his collar up revealing a badge and showing it to them,then taking it off and handing it to a man who stood by waiting for Akira's orders.Akira then slipped on his famous blue mask and spoke to his old friend.

"Welcome to my city.Looks like a nice night to.....fight."

With that said Akira pulled both his pistols from thier holsters and aimed at Sparda.

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Sparda was used to having attention be focused on him. While he had anticipated the police presence as he approached the headquarters, he underestimated it-Akira had gone a long way from his mercenary days. Now, only feet away from the giant monolith that was the Halo Corporation, he had been totally surrounded.

Surveying his surroundings and the odds against him, he planted a hand on his sword. As he was just getting ready to attack, someone yelled and pointed to the sky. A white blur crashed into the ground, and Sparda noted with satisfaction that it was none other than Akira Overdrive.

He hardly noticed the police backing away, or the guns being pointed at him. He could do nothing but smile, though slightly.

"Akira! How long's it been? Las Vegas, wasn't it?", Sparda put a hand to his chin and appeared to be deep in thought, a purposely humorous gesture. Then, as if suddenly remembering something, he snapped his fingers and refocused on Akira. "That's right....I hit the jackpot!"

On the last word, he reached behind his back and drew both pistols out of their holders in a liquid motion. He held them sideways, and fired off numerous rounds straight towards the man in the white. Before the first volley reached their target, he lowered one and took aim with the other, squinting one eye. The gun began to smoke in dense streams, before firing off a supercharged round with a kick that knocked Sparda hand up into the air. The bullet followed behind the first half dozen, staying in the middle of the pack.

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Death Dealers and Mercenaries.These two men go way back,and now they were aiming to kill.Akira loved it and as soon as Sparda brought his guns out,Akira was ready firing his own bullets to meet Sparda's in the air then quickly dashing backwards towards the lobby,bursting through the glass doors into the now empty marble and green lit lobby after he noticed the amped up shot Sparda had fired towards him.With quick thinking Akira ran towards the elevator as the bullet raced towards him,he quickly slid out of the way before the bullet could hit and instead it lodged into the metal elevator and causing a quick explosion that blew shrapnel out into the open.Max Cash hid behind marble pillars,observing the scene and turned to look at his opponent.

The Ghost took action as he unhooked two grenades and rolled them to the front door of the lobby,letting off another explosion in the midst of the crowd.The tactica assassin ran trhough the thick smoke and flames with guns on the draw ready to shoot at his target,but instead noticing the half-demon slayer in the air he crouched down and holstered his guns,activating his abillity to turn on his adrenaline and enhance his strength.In a single bound the Merc with a Mouth was in the air speeding towards Sparda with extreme torque,and as he got closer,using th momentum Akira quickly spun around with his signature round house to the neck of Sparda hoping to bring him to the ground as he pushed his leg forward and doble-jumped into the air creating another oppurtunity with a hammer kick from above,then stepping off of Sparda's shoulder to fly into the air once again,making space as he landed with a roll and stopped on one knee.

"All bets on me brother."

Akira spun around drawing his pistols once again,firing round after round,coordinating the shots with Sparda's fall.He dumped the clip then quickly reloaded.

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The explosions blew smoke over the area, and due to his experience working with Akira, Sparda figured what would occur next. He didn't have much time to prepare for it, though.

Akira burst through the smoke and sent a flying roundhouse at his head. Using his superhuman agility to it's extent, he manuevered himself, flipping backwards in the air so that the kick would fly just above his chin. He righted himself in time to bring his arms up to block Akira's hammerkick, which sent him hurtling down towards the ground. He saw, just in time, Akira bringing his pistols up to fire. Straightening out his arms, Sparda countered the bullets by firing his own at them-the rounds collided in mid-air, sending sparks flying and flattened slugs falling to the pavement.

Flipping forwards, Sparda landed gracefully onto the road. In a quick motion, he holstered both pistols behind his back. In the same movement, his reached up and drew his large sword. Bringing it down, he slashed in the air three times-for each, a thin, wide wave shot out, razor sharp. The first was vertical, the second horizontal, and the third diagonal.

With no time wasted, he dashed forward towards Akira, and jumped, bringing his legs in and slashing downwards with all his power and speed, using the momentum of the jump to add to his power.