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He runs from the gangsters that are shooting towards him, he turn in an alley but the saw where he turned, he tried to hide behind a dumpster but it was too small, he tried to open one door but it was unlocked so he open the door and runs in and closes the door quickly. He steps few steps back he heard something beneath him,he looked down, it was a way to the sewers, he open it and climbed down "I hope that there is nothing scary here." He took his cellphone up and turned on the flashlight, he walked few steps forward when he saw a door he tried to open it but it was locked, including the others two but the third was unlocked he walked into the door, but the lights were turned on he tunred off the flashlight in his cellphone. He stood in the middle of the room but there were hundreds of doors he was gonna turn back but whats the points which door to go.