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2 Days Ago

The wind blew briefly as the man known as Akira Overdrive stood at the balcony of the Martial Society headquarters,it was atop a mountain plateau that looked over the Agean sea from the shores of Sparta.The scenery was beautiful and could take in any man,and put them under its trance.Akira was hunched over the gold pillars that held the massive structure up and he continued to peer out to the sea,he had many things on his mind.

The Martial Society was finally a place he could rest and settle down with brothers who would look out for him,but it all seemed surreal,and that was the problem.This wasn't Akira's destiny,he wasn't meant to be at peace,he would never be at peace,until he died,and even death had been so far from his grasp.

"Things aren't balanced."

The Ghost whispered to himself,then stood up straight and walked back to his quarters,and threw the few items he had brought with him into his flat-space wrist gauntlets.His Jorunal,a pen,and a amulet.He then threw his two Hanzo swords onto his back and ran straight for the deck which he leaned over a few minutes back,he lept over the balcony and began to fly down to the rocky shore of waves,but within a blink of an eye he was gone,leaving behind a puff of smoke.His amulet seemed to drop and it hung over the balcony.


"Thats right.I've made contacts with several potential members."

There he was,on the roof of a city skyscraper,a venue he appreciated much more then that of Greece.Now that was beautiful,Akira decided.He flipped the moto razor down and entered it into his pocket-dimension wrist bands,he was crouched down in a squatting position and his gray camouflage ninja attire kept him hidden in the city.

He reached for his amulet that was supposed to be on his chest and notice that it was missing,he hesitated and thought of what he would have to do to gain it back,he would have to face the men he turned his back on,but for some sick reason,it made him smile.He vanished once again,leaving behind white mist and a Ghost like sound.

Hopefully,Spartan had not found out the true meaning of the amulet,for it was ancient and tied the two men together,a feud over one woman.