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Big Sur, California. 

The hunched innkeeper waddled up the stairs, guiding Bill to the door just on the left of the top stairway, unlocking it and showing him in."Now I know it ain't much, but it's all we have at the moment" The keeper said with a rather humble Italian accent. Bill tossed his large black duffel bag on the bed and whipped out a solid thousand dollars, sliding it in the gentleman's coat pocket. "As far as you know? Ain't nobody rentin' this room, in fact it's under heavy repair.."The ex cape killer said with a glare that could be on par with that of the clown faced killer Arrow. The keeper shook his head like a chatter box, stuffed the bribe further in his pocket and shuffled off back down the stairs.  
Bill slowly unzipped the bag that he tossed on the bed, pulling it open to reveal a short stock of his old supplies, his favorite skull shirt and a real skull as well. Smirking, he grabbed the skull out of the bag and set it down on the night table, in black paint on the side of the skull was "DALTON". Next thing he pulled out was a custom M1911 that he had since his first year of service, starting with disassembling it on the bed, occasionally glancing at the phone.  
Forty minutes pass, night has arrived in full bloom, the air was thick with the stink of poor housekeeping. Bill already tended to his ten weapons he swiped off the ship, cleaned and ready to go. Finally however, the phone started to ring, Bill picking it up in a flash. "...Minus..."He said with his smooth and low tone. The other end was silent for a bit, before he squeaky coward of a voice spoke on the other end. "L-Lancer is that you? I heard you died on that tanker..Im guessing you-"Bill smirked while Minus talked."Sunk it? What can I say, accidents happen.."He retorted while sitting down at the end of the bed. Minus chuckled nervously and continued."I was there the other day, the dossier should be under the foot rest at the end of the bed". To Bill's avail, his rough fingers grasped onto a taped blue folder under the foot rest, ripping it out and opening it"Bingo, useful as always Minus, catch you around.."Bill smirked while dropping the phone on the hook, he could always trust his data guy, Minus.  
First page, Quintus Knightfall. Photos of him in and out of his suit ever since his public reveal. Possible ties to the other assumed Knightfall clan and a laundry list of gadgets he has used in the field for specific types of situations. Pages taken out of the dossier and pinned to the wall along with a map of the Knightfall museum. He wasn't a target, he was a potential use. 
Second page, Michael Caldwell. Military details and some scrap notes from the M.H.A days, sightings and some blurry shots, on the wall. 
Third page, Charlemagne LeBeau. Campaign history and every local and even some hacked details on the registration and the U-men experiment, walled. 
These were power players in the skull hunter's game, he had to focus on these individuals if he wanted to start his quest for redemption, some needed to be helped, some needed to be killed. Bill took a sip from a water bottle as he sat on the bed and glared at the information pinned up on the wall, learning it like it was going to be his first language.  
But first things first, the Knightfall...
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Setting up nicely, good stuff having intel folders its a nice touch

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@EdwardWindsor: Much appreciated.