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When most people think of deserts they'd assume lots of sand and skin scorching heat. Few would believe how distractingly cold it got when the sun was out of the picture.

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Hudson could hardly believe the temperature himself as the cold gusts of wind danced around him and blew through the fresh cuts all through out his body. The shear un-comfort almost made him wish he'd just died along with the others on the plane.

The plane that was suppose to be private. Protected... More than secret, even.

But there was a fox among the sheep and that fox was no where to be found in the wreckage of the plane. Hudson only caught a quick glimpse of the man before he pulled out the EMP that shut down the Boeing, but the image of that face was etched into his memory crystal clear. August searched but found nothing but, eventually, the circular rim of a glock to the back of his neck which was almost warm and relaxing compared to the desert's freezing air.

"Not Bad huh Mr. Hudson? I learned it from watching ya..."

"Oh, how interesting son! " Hudson replied with a false tone of interest

"Yeah mate. See you haven't been as good with covering your tracks as you'd though' and now the cat's out of the bag. You're in charge of Winter Tech and you have some dirt on your shoulders... By the weh, How do ya like the location August? Perfect for killing and not getting caught-"

Hudson then immediately spun around and confiscates the glock only seconds before throwing a kick strong enough to knock the mercenary off his feet. As the man fell, Hudson caught one of his legs and held it up in the air. The more experienced killer then placed his shoe on the mercenary's face and pulled the merc's leg up while also forcing the his head down snapping his brittle neck and soon killing him.

"Yeah son... I guess this is a good place for killing."

Now with the mercenary out of the way, August just had to focus on surviving out in this random massive sand pit, or at least live long enough to be found by his company's search crew.

"So the cat's out of bag... *sigh*... Bet that Keijijo fellow doesn't have to deal with sort of bloody bullsh*t!"

After the complaint Hudson takes the mercenary's cloths for an attempt at warmth and wanders of into the desert.

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Felt a bit rushed but a good read nonetheless :)

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@closure said:

Felt a bit rushed but a good read nonetheless :)

Gotcha. I'll work on that then.

Thanks :)

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swear I thought this was a location.

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@cara_hunter: Well it kind of is... If your interested in visiting a desert :P