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I know that several of these quests were made with specific goals in mind. Some of them are worded in a specific way to lead you to certain pages but others ask for general pages like find movies that Stan Lee has cameo'd in. As time goes on and more pages fit under the description, it seems the quests aren't updated with them. So for whoever updates the quests, I thought I'd start a running list of quests that need updating and why they need updating. Please post below if you think of more, the quests are updated, or if something is posted in error. WARNING: Possible Quest Spoilers. If you don't want to know the answers to the riddles, maybe don't check here.

  • Cameo King - More movies with Stan Lee cameos have come out (Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man)
  • Arachnophobia - The Amazing Spider-Man features The Lizard
  • Box Office Bliss - X-Men: First Class isn't included
  • Bring in the Clones - Ben Reilly, a clone of Peter Parker, doesn't trigger this quest. Gwen Stacy-Miles also doesn't trigger this.
  • Animal Control - Neither Scorpion nor Jackal nor Puma register for this quest
  • Say It Ain't So, Bucky! - Unless I'm missing the point, this quest would only have worked for a week, so...
  • Light My Fire - Firestorm doesn't trigger this despite wording suggesting he should

As mentioned above, please help me keep this list running.

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@Katosepe: Interesting stuff, with quests it is worth also checking when they were published, that way later stuff doesnt come out as a problem as much.

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I'm not sure I'm aware of any way that we can check when quests were created or are you talking about when the comics were published? It's definitely a safe assumption to avoid brand new things for the quests but some people, myself included, are drawn into this website because of the quests. If it's their first one and they try and solve the Box Office Bliss quest and see that X-Men: First Class doesn't count, they may just write the whole thing off as a buggy system and not come back to comic vine. It's an extreme example, certainly, but one that's possible if someone doesn't really get how the system works. So, just based on that, if it is possible to update the quests (maybe it's not, in which case, bummer) it could be a good idea. If someone decides to do that, I hope this list will make it easier for them so they don't have to go through every individual quest themselves. Instead the community can help out.

Thank you for anchoring the thread too, btw!

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@Katosepe: Sure if you want to direct things to me you should reply to me (there is a an option to do so in ever post). The techs are working on the new site, so it might be a while but hopefully they get around to updating the quests.

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- Ah ha! Thanks for the tip. Yeah, what would be ideal would be to make a system so that they can be easily and quickly updated without needing a full website update.

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@Katosepe: The update is separate and making everything is slow to get changed. They are not otherwise related though

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- I'm sorry, I wasn't clear. I realize that this is a separate site update. I meant as part of that update, it would be ideal to make it so that quests can be updated in the future without whole updates. It was more just thinking aloud.

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@Katosepe: Ok sure, I don't know much on the tech side, just the general announcements. I don't think it is generally very hard to make new quests though.