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Holy CRAP that was embarrassing! Talk about chasing your tail, I was so sure I knew the answer to the quest Leave us out of it the question was what team remained neutral during the Marvel Civil War. To start with let me say I have not read Civil War yet, I want to, and I have it, but I haven't gotten around to it, its just so many issues its a little intimidating. Anyway, All my research lead me to "The Runaways" some team I had never heard of but all the sites I went to said they were the only team that didn't take a side. It didn't unlock the achievement though so I was pretty sure the quest was just bugged which drove me nuts cause it was the only thing keeping me from the Brothers in Harm set.

The I found a post from emperorvulcan432 with the clue;

This team of men and women has walked their way out of some tough sh*t before, at least most of them besides their leader who cant eXactly walk.

And boom goes the dynamite. First off I couldn't believe that in all my time on Conic Vine I had not visited that page already and got the achievement by default.

Anyway, much thanks goes out to emperorvulcan432.