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Am I the only who who noticed that all the members of X-Force post-Messiah CompleX are missing from the "Too Much Time On My Hands" quest. They all went into the future in both Messiah War and Second Coming. Not a major thing but I can't be the only one who noticed.

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Here is a list of people that work


Too Much Time On My Hands
1. A soldier who was found frozen in ice through the ages...
2. A Jewish mutant who has a relationship with a Russian.
3. The future red head daughter of an iconic X-Men couple.
4. The future son of an iconic X-Men couple.
5. A fiery red head who keeps on dying...
6. A mutant with a tattoo of the letter "M" on his face.
7. A Super Hero from the future who came to the past to make a name for himself.



As for people missing it happens with all quests.