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It's time for another episode of the Invincibly Super Massive Comic Book Podcast of Stuff. Each week we we crank up the comic book conversation and many times get an actually comic book creator to join in on the fun.

This week's guest has a couple books going on right now with more on the way. Get ready for the delightful Joshua Hale Fialkov.


Josh is the writer for I, VAMPIRE (issue #17 on sale this week) as well as ALPHA: BIG TIME (who knew he could take a character we were meant to dislike and manage to make him interesting?). Last week it was also announced that Josh would be taking over GREEN LANTERN CORPS and RED LANTERNS in a few months.

You can ask questions on the "Ask G-Man' thread or you can at reply me on Twitter: @GManFromHeck using #AskGMan.

Check out the podcast here.

If you've missed any of the previous episodes, here's what you've missed.

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Really psyched to see how he'll handle GL and RL. This should be an awesome podcast! ^_^

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Josh is such a hilarious guy. Probably my favorite guest so far.

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