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It's time for another episode of the Invincibly Super Massive Comic Book Podcast of Stuff. Each week we get a super-cool comic book creator to join the show. This week the current writer of SUPERMAN BEYOND and SOULFIRE joins us. He's also the former writer on titles such as CAPTAIN ATOM, GREEN ARROW, TEEN TITANS and much much more. Get ready for two hours of the man known as J.T. Krul.


You're in for a treat this week. J.T. is one of the nicest guys in comic. And wait until you hear what his upcoming novel is about. It sounds like a great book for all ages.

You can ask questions on the "Ask G-Man' thread or you can at reply me on Twitter: @GManFromHeck using #AskGMan.

Check out the podcast here.

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I'm just getting into the Batman Beyond comics, but I haven't read the Justice League Beyond and Superman Beyond yet.

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Looks like Tony is about to be taken down HARD.

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Always awesome to listen to what Krul has to say!

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Go Grundy! Go Grundy! Go Grundy!

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Looks more like grey Hulk vs. Venom Superman

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Groovy, but could we get more Image and indie creators in general on here? Would be excellent

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Every time I think of JT I think of Blue Dog. As you can imagine, it makes me really hungry. I wish I was back home in LA right now. Could really go for one of their famous burgers and great beer.

I also really want to see Krul there one day -- watching a hockey game and drinking beer. At least that is what I imagine he would do because he seems to like hockey.

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I love the interviews you do G-Man but it always gets super awkward when you start asking your interviewee the questions from the forum that in no way pertain to the creators themselves.

I think the show would be much better if you could if you could give us a day's notice or something so the comicvine fans could ask the creators questions.

Or at least you could answer the questions by yourself after the interviews are over. It's always so weird when the creators have to answer questions that don't pertain to them.

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J.T. Kurl is the man ..... what a great writer, am enjoying Superman beyond.