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It's time for your second dose of Comic Vine podcasting fun and excitement. Last week was the debut of the first episode of The Invincibly Super Massive Comic Book Podcast of Stuff. Instead of the 40-50 minute "Ask, and Ye Shall Receive...Answers" videos, the decision was made to answer those questions in podcast form. Basically it was taking a long time to edit, produce and export those long HD videos. This is the faster approach that allows you take the fun with you as you do the dishes, walk to school or sit at your desk at work.

To mix it up a little bit, this week, Brian Buccellato called in to chat and answer the questions.

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Brian, as you know, is the co-writer of THE FLASH as well as the colorist with Francis Manapul. He's also the writer and creator of FOSTER. He's also responsible (co-responsible?) for Doctor Guerrero getting shot and killed in the pages of THE FLASH.

To check out the podcast CLICK HERE.

As mentioned last week, this podcast will soon have it's own subpage on the PODCAST page. It'll have a separate RSS feed and set up on iTunes. That'll be coming SOON.

Also, Brian doesn't think anyone cares about Doctor Guerrero. As we discussed, if enough people show interest, he'll agree to bring the character back from the dead (no one really dies in comics, right?). To make it easier, we discussed an image on Facebook getting at least 100 likes.

YOU CAN CLICK AND LIKE THIS IMAGE if you want to see Doctor Guerrero return.

Be sure to ask questions on the ASK VIDEO THREAD or on Twitter: @GManFromHeck and use the hash tag #AskGMan.


There will be a super short "Ask..." video tomorrow as well!

And the picture got over 100 likes in 25 minutes. Let's get more to really show him!

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What's the difference betwwen this podcast and the other one?

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This is Invincibly Super Massive, and it has stuff! Duh!

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@MadeinBangladesh: This takes place of the "Ask G-Man" videos. It's usually just me (even though this is only the second podcast). The others are the normal ones. Two podcasts each week at no extra charge.

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Awesome stuff :)

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I miss ask and ye shall receive answers :(

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Enjoyed the podcast. You mentioned Frank Miller Daredevil vol.1, I'm just finishing that up now. Really dig the new format. Keep it up.

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pretty good stuff! the audio works well!

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Sorry about the extra post, it had been the first for the next section but then someone deleted a post and it ibumped up

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@krspaceT: Not a problem.

@JayMar89: There will be a way shorter Ask video later today.

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Great podcast overall and a great new guest! I have heard about Foster through Comicvine so now after hearing this guy I might pick up an issue. Austin Books and Comics actually has had the issues so I may give it a shot. I wish you could've taken some time to talk to him about the series...seems like a hugely wasted opportunity.

My major complaint about the show is one I stated from last show: can we get some content besides just reader questions?

Reader questions tend to be so limited in scope and unoriginal that it becomes pretty repetitive. Who'd win in this fight? Who should swap to the Marvel Universe from DC? What's the best series? What's the worst series? etc etc.

And since G-Man is in such a hurry to answer EVERY SINGLE QUESTION there really isn't any time to devote to any of the interesting topics. A little pre-screening of the questions would be awesome.

4 pizza turkey sandwiches out of 5.