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It's halfway through the week. This is usually the day the "Ask, and Ye Shall Receive…Answers" video goes up. For those that haven't watched any of the previous twenty-five episodes, it was basically a Q & A video where questions were taken from all of you in the Comic Vine community. There has been plenty of questions and I've done my best to answer as many as possible, with the videos running 30 - 50 minutes. I've had plenty of people come up to me at New York Comic Con and Long Beach Comic Con telling me they're enjoying the videos.

So how come there isn't one this week?

The main reason is time. It's not the 50 minutes or so of recording. It's the editing, spending too much time looking for silly comic book images, processing the video and then sending it off electronically to be uploaded onto our video player. The way I see it, maybe video isn't absolutely essential. Recording it as a podcast allows for a quicker editing time. This marks the first episode which I'm planning on calling "The Invincibly Super Massive Comic Book Podcast of Stuff." That actually just came to me Monday night. When I recorded the first episode, I hadn't really given the name too much thought.


Where can you find this new fancy (not really) podcast? For now, you can find it on the regular podcast page. You can CLICK HERE to get there.

This is not meant to replace the existing podcast. We will still have the regular Friday podcast. Before the new one can have it's own sub-page, a little design work needs to be done and I sort of sprung it on the Top Men at the last minute.

It won't just be a straight hour or so of me just answering your questions. I do plan to mix things up a little from time to time. I have to keep some things so there'll be some surprises.

Most of the pre-feedback I received seemed to be positive for this new direction. But here's a little spoiler, I've actually filmed another mini-"Ask" episode for next week. I basically just took one question and spent time discussing it. It'll be a mixture of the old video "Off My Mind" mixed with a question from you guys.

Please let me know what you think of the new format either here or on the podcast page. Next week (hopefully) we'll have a new page for it with a new RSS feed and all that jazz. I did record this after the two hour and fifteen minute podcast last week. And I could've used a glass of water.

Now you have the option of listening on the go. You can download it and listen on your way to work or school, while you're mowing the lawn or even during those special times with your significant other. Enjoy the show.

Ask your questions here:


Or on Twitter: @GManFromHeck hash tag: #AskGMan

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I can never have enough podcasts. I always need more to run or workout with. So, excitement!

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"Significant other." Where can I get one of those? *sigh* Anyhoo, sounds awesome G-Man and looking forward to it.

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instead of editing podcast, I think you so should do it naturally unless you spend a lot of time just saying nothing while looking at the questions

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i loved it i liked more than videos

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the into soundtrack was cool as well

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Thanks tony! Thats just what i am going to do. We are going to be lunch buddies the next 3 days :)
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aw it used to crack me up everytime you said Taskmaster and it came up "the master of tasks" under his picture lol. I actually welcome another podcast though, stopped listening to the i sell comics one due to it not being very good, so i had a time slot on a thursday when i had no podcasts to listen to. Will download when i get home tonight ^_^

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@geoff2005: There's no editing during. It's continuous. You'll hear the occasional cough and slight pause as I take a drink of water. I'm keeping it real, yo.

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Great idea, Tony. Podcasts=convenience. I listen to them on my phone in car, and now I can add this one to my mid-week listening!

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Thanks G-man! You are one "Heck" of a crazy cat! Will indeed be listening to this on my commute tonight! At least some of it. I may save some while I mow my lawn one last time too! Thanks. This is great stuff.

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Thanks Tony. I love the podcasts and I look forward to this new one. I listen to podcasts while I'm commuting and I always look forward to the Friday podcast. Now just more podcast goodness! Thanks for all the hard work. Comic Vine is the BEST!

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Love the podcast version a lot more. I listen to them at work and cant really sit and watch a video.

Also, wheres the Superman Earth One vol 2 review!!!?? :)

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I like that Intro, Remix!

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@xAnimosity: Uhm...it's coming. Short version. It was okay.

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Really enjoyed the podcast. I was surprised that I wound up preferring it to the vids. Keep up the excellent work.

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So...was G-Man going for more of a Galaxy look or a Bond-style look with that graphic?

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I definitely like the new format. Like others, I've got more time that I can spend listening than watching, so this works out really well for me. I had actually started missing the videos each week because they seemed to be getting longer and I didn't have the time to watch them all.

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Great idea! :) Though I will miss the videos!

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@G-Man said:

@xAnimosity: Uhm...it's coming. Short version. It was okay.

Dang, sucks to hear. But every site that has posted a review has said the samething, so maybe Ill save a few bucks and skip it for now.

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I actually think I prefer the podcast format. With a video, I have to sit at my computer for the entirety of it, whereas a podcast, I can listen while I'm driving, or doing housework, or whatever. That's a thumbs up from me :)

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Podcast is better I can listen on my way to work

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Great name.

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Loved it. I got to listen to it on my vita. Love the podcast.

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Hey Tony, (I will repost this on the podcast forum)

GREAT first episode for this new podcast. I listened to it on my day off as I ran around Austin looking for cheap comic finds (shout out to the awesome "Austin Books & Comics" and it's "Side-kick Store".

Personally I think this solo show is almost BETTER than the flagship podcast. Lately, I've felt that Sarah hasn't been holding her own (having not read issues, fading out and not commenting for long stretches, and in general not adding to the discussion). So with this solo podcast I feel that you're on point and it's non-stop information, opinions, and question answering.

Format: I like the questions, but I don't think the show needs to solely be focused on questions from readers. I think this would be a good platform for you to cover bigger topics such as a more in-depth look at comic events and certain story archs. I think you could do a 3-minute expert section every now and then on a character you're really into. 3-minute expert wouldn't have to be as well-produced, as long as it's fun. Maybe you can have a crowd-sourced 3-minute expert where you ask the audience a week in advance to write in with comments/questions/favorite parts concerning a certain character.

Videos on the site: I don't think they're important. I honestly never watch them. I read the reviews/previews. I listen to the podcasts. I loved your 3-minute expert videos but I understand that it's a pain in the butt. If you won't have help with the production aspects then there is no reason to kill yourself doing it. But I LOVED them.

Also please make a separate podcast page to keep the two shows separated please.

Keep it up Gman!