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Yes! thanks, g-man

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Ooooh with Calero huh? Planting myself down in my chair and listening on in!

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Dennis Calero seems like a cool guy.

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Great discussions on this one. Good stuff. :)

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I still have the Army of Darkness adaptation in hardcover. The John Bolton art is stunning. He also provided the art for an Evil Dead miniseries about 7 years ago. I don't remember much about it other than I bought it and read it. This was a pretty good podcast. I find all that creator rights stuff very interesting.

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Dennis is pretty cool I really enjoy when he's on the podcast because the conversation always turns to the politics behind the comics and I find that really interesting

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Yayy, a new podcast! Now I can skip the one with Josh what's his face. :D

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Looks like @g_man stumbled upon one of the picture pages of the Necronomicon.

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Let's do this!
...though I have to warn you, I DID wash my hair this morning.

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This was probably my favorite episode of the ISMCBPOS yet. The discussion was so engaging and interesting, I stayed up all night listening to this. Great podcast @g_man!

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This guy's a scream. Oh yeah and Tinkerbell is awesome!

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Engaging and thought provoking podcast. I would rate this as one of my favorite episodes also.

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I also wanted to throw in that this was one of my favorite podcast episodes. I know it might be hard to emulate the impassioned nature of this debate on creator rights and the business of comics, but getting a creator's perspective on the realities of the industry in a long-form discussion is something I would regularly tune-in for.

I've mentioned this elsewhere, but I think Jim Zub from Skullkickers would make a great guest for this sort of content. The industry tutorials on his site jimzub.com are insightful, thought-provoking reads. Also Skullkickers is hilarious so I would imagine he would be an fun guest too.

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This was one of the greatest Invincibly Super Massive Comic Book Podcast of Stuff I have listened. You should more like this kind off discussions. I love "Behind the business" talk. Good job on both of ya.
Dennis Calero sounds like a very intelligent guy...