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Love the image, and Tynion rocks!

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the 'you know' meter is going crazy. it can't take much more. abort! abort!

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Yes James!

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Ahaaaa. That image is too cool!

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RHATO and Talon have both been great so far, the back-ups too. Lets get a redesign for Jason though, the black bodysuit's kinda bland.

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So, here's the deal with the 90s animated Spider-man. Season 3 (possibly four) deals heavily with a vortex device derived from The Spot. During this season, Osborn/Green Goblin discovers Spider-man's true identity and proceeds to torment Peter with this teleportation device, most notably by capturing Mary Jane.

The infamous Goblin bridge battle takes place, but with MJ instead of Gwen and her falling into an errant portal created by the machine unbeknownst to Peter. I guess having MJ's neck snap from web-lash would have been too jarring for most Saturday morning viewers.

Anyway, the next season, MJ mysteriously reappears, stuff happens, and MJ and Pete get married, only for Peter to discover that she's a water based clone (via Hydro-man...don't ask) created by Miles Warren because plot device. Hydro-Jane dies (sort-of) and MJ proper is left at large, albeit transdimensionally located.

At the end of the show's final arc, Madame Web and Spidey end the series heading off to the dimension that Mary Jane is in to reunite our hero with his lady-love. So, the resolution is largely left open to viewer-imagination.

Sorry for the potentially TL/DR post. Any thanks goes out to my daughter's love of the series and Netflix for putting it up. And maybe me for indoctrinating my kid on comics.

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Honestly, Tuesday has to be one of my favorite days because this podcast and the giantbomb podcast come up. :)

Edit: Btw I love James! He's so informative all the time lol. Great listening right here.

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@g_man I listen to the podcasts on Stitcher, but for some reason they do not have the Super Massive podcast on there, only the weekly comic podcast ... doubt you have any control over that, but may be something to look into

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@webjaker: I never submitted it there the first time. I've looked at their page online and have no idea how to contact or search. I had requests for this to be on a separate RSS feed which is why it doesn't show up with the regular. No idea how to get it on.

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@thefool: Yeah iremember the spot. Honestly I loved the 90s Spiderman show. I loved the secret wars episode and all the sinister 6 episodes.

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Is that Sarah Lawrence in Bronxville,NY where he teaches

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I've heard this a few times from creators, but it didn't really strike me until listening to James here. (preface, James rocks, this is an observation not a criticism) All say they are fans at heart. But then when asked about their reactions to the things that make fans nutty (like G-man's question about film characters being changed from the comics), the response is not "yeah that makes me nutty," instead it is "as long as it delivers me a good story." Interesting.

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If Tynion wants to do a crossover with Nightwing, Talon would be so much better than RHATO. Calvin and Dick growing in the same place and kinda sharing a destiny open so much more posibilities that whatever drama with the outlaws they have in mind.

Never mind, that actually would be something new and fresh, instead of a new version of a story told a dozen of times before.