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comicvine endorses cheetos now?

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this podcast is dangerously cheesy

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Don't act like I don't see those Pringles, G-Man!!

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@citizenjp: I was gonna share them but I was all alone.

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I like the Podcast whether you have a guest or not. Some of the questions people have are interesting and lead to some interesting answers or discussions. I like it when the podcast has a guest that writes or draws comics for a living because they usually gives us a better understanding on how the industry works, I think. Plus they usually tease what they have coming up in their books or help us clarify somethings like Matt Fraction clarifying the relationship between Clint and Kate in Hawkeye. & they usually give us an idea on what their personal life is like. I also like it when someone from comicvine or another website is on because it leads to some interesting discussions about comics, some movies or whatever is coming out that is related to comics. I rarely listen to a podcast more than once. The only time I've listen to a podcast twice was because I fell asleep half way through it the first time and I play it again so I can hear the whole thing. I do keep the episodes on my ipod just in case I want to listen to a certain episode again.

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I keep the show on my music player for about a month, and do re listen if I find myself without new material to listen to. I sometimes will keep specific episodes that contain juicy info given by the guests of books I am looking forward to but that's about it.

Love the show with or without a guest Tony, keep up the good work.

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@g_man: Man, if it was possible I would so do a podcast with you. I honestly think podcasts can be so fun. I've done a few radio shows for my school. So, I know how it feel to be there all alone and I know how fun it usually is to have conversations with people.

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Loading Video...

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@g_man said:

@trevel8182: Thanks! Now I know.

And knowing is half the battle!

Sorry, I'm a child of the 80s. I really didn't have a choice.

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I keep the most recent podcast on my iPod. The other week i bought Punk Rock Jesus (loved it) and then after reading i listened to the Sean Murphy podcast. So going back to find out what creators say about their work is when i usually go back to listen to old podcasts.

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What happened to all the comic book guests? There hasn't been a writer or artist (I don't think there has ever been an artist) in a month.

Have you ever thought about getting people higher up on the podcast? Like Quesada?

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Thanks Tony for getting a podcast out. A truncated one is better than none at all.

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@doordoor123: There have been artists on before. The post above you mentions Sean Murphy. Ryan Stegman was also on. And Dennis Calero was on early on.

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I like the podcast fine with no guest but I love when Brian is on there, even if it's for a fill in. Jen did a great job last week. She should be a fill in too sometimes. I think as long as you have a podcast out people will listen, I know I will.

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Hey, cool that you did the podcast anyway.

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@trevel8182: I don't think that boxing glove arrow is effective in real life! XD It barely even reach the glass cups. lol

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@comradecold: Thanks for getting me the number. I have to say that's a lot higher than I thought.

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@g_man said:

@citizenjp: I was gonna share them but I was all alone.

Hmmm a likely story lol. :P

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@g_man said:

@citizenjp: I was gonna share them but I was all alone.

You could have shared with us digitally. :(

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@nightwingnerd: but they dont count threshold, demon knights, dail H and legion as gone yet, cause they got something like four issues left, but they are cancelled

@hellstrom0204: yeah i know if they did it all at once it would have been over half the line, if you look at the young justice line it went done from like 6 at the start to just one, they might give it another book as a replacement though, or just basically relaunch legion as justice legion or something

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Yes, the podcast was shorter than usual today, but it was as enjoyable as ever. With or without a guest, I love this podcast. To answer your question, I listen to both the Comic Vine podcasts and the Invincibly Super podcasts more than once, sometimes several times, usually at work. I've also listened to previous podcasts, because even though you're talking about comics that came out months ago, it's still interesting to hear what you guys think about them. Keep up the great work!

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hey @g_man, you seem to be wondering what we think of the solo podcasts. They're great. Love hearing your answers to the questions. And I download the podcasts, but I do not relisten. I usually delete a large amount at a time whenever I get around to it. Although sometimes I don't write down what you all suggest for reading material, but I don't go back because the I'd have to look through the podcast to try and find it. It actually happened to me on your last podcast.

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Thanks for answering my question Tony. The reason I ask about the well being of comic book fists is because of something I saw in the Injustice comics. At one point Bruce gets so mad at Superman that he sucker punches him and winds up breaking his hand. Seems like a lot of street level heroes have awful temperaments. I get that they all probably have specialized gloves but I can see them getting angry at super durable bad guys and trying to push their physical limits out of frustration.

As to your question of the amount of times I listen to the podcasts: I usually listen to them on my commute to work and during my manual labor job. I will typically just listen to SIMCBPS once or maybe twice and I definitely end up listening to the regular one more than twice within my normal podcast rotation. I work at a place where intelligent conversation is lacking so it helps me concentrate to hear smart(ish) people talking about stuff I like. Keep doing the podcasts. They really help me through the boredom.

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Considering Disney owns ABC, there might be more Continuity then you might think. As long as it's ABC studios doing the show, then it's in house at Marvel/Disney and unlike X-Men and Spider-Man etc. they're is more of a chance of stuff happening between the movies and tv.

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Tony - I would prefer a shorter show if you do not have a guest. You could just give the listeners a heads up on what is going on, maybe answer a few questions, and call it a day.

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This is the first podcast I listened till the end. I usually listen to only the guest parts and then download it so I can finish it later but I never got to finish any of those yet. Anyways nice one.