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NORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES YES YES! :D

I will give this a listen as soon as I've seen the movie.

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Good stuff! Norm knows his stuff! :)

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Aunt May being Peter's mother was revealed in Mark Millar's Trouble on Marvel's Epic imprint. I'm pretty sure it was never meant to be cannon in the first place. That was one weeeiiirrrd limited series man.

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@g_man: Does this podcast have any movie spoilers for Iron Man 3? I still haven't seen it yet. I'm planning to see it on Thursday.

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@iceslick: It does. We actually veer off on other movie topics but there are some contained.

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Will Tested Dot Com's Will Smith ever appear on the podcast?

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@g_man Great show, the both of you. I'm with Norm in terms of accepting that the cinematic Marvel U gets to be as fantastical as the comics - I've no problem with a personality-filled Jarvis or fire.

Heck, I'd have loved magical rings to light up Iron Man 3.

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5 Things That Bothered Me About ‘Iron Man 3′
Why does Tony Stark spend 70% of the movie trying to repair/power up his suit, when he has a remote controlled suit army at his disposal?

Product placement up the wazoo

Let’s let a killing machine on board with the President of the United States

WTF is Killian’s plan anyway?

That disaster of an ending

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Why China? This is why:

China is adding new movie screens at the rate of four per day.

"The Chinese love movies and are hitting movie theaters in droves. In 2010, the dollar take for movies grew by an awesome 64% to $1.5 billion. And that is on top of the 40% growth in 2009.

China now has more than 6,200 movie screens after adding about 1,500 last year. There is no sign of that growth slowing down as a number of Chinese players are racing to add theaters.

Hollywood experts expect China’s box office receipts, currently the fourth largest in the world, to overtake Japan and India by the end of 2012. That will make China the No. 2 movie market in the world."

And the reason IM3 is an ending rather than a beginning is because Downey's contract is done

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With respect to DC continuity taking more flack than Marvel's, I agree, especially the point made that DC has had several reboots and Marvel has never done anything like that. I lean slightly towards DC's characters compared to Marvel's and it is frustrating that DC does these reboots as a way to untangle the continuity and make everything more reader friendly but all the New 52 has done in that regard is make everything more complicated by half-a**ing it and keeping certain character's histories intact and then completely changing others (sometimes changing character histories that are directly related to another who's history has supposedly stayed the same which is obviously impossible). There. End rant. lol

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They were stuck under the rubble of his home.

I didn't notice any, but there may have been some.

What, like machine-guns, pistols, ect... are not killing machines?

Control the supply and demand of the military-industrial complex.

That's just like, your opinion, bro.

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I loved the podcast. Please bring Norm back for Man of Steel and Star Trek.

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And the reason IM3 is an ending rather than a beginning is because Downey's contract is done

His contract may be up, but he's been talking like he wants Marvel to sweat so he can have something going into negotiations.

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I thought that was very ignorant to say "only real comic book fans go see the Iron Man 3 movie early". The only reason why I didn't see the movie (this is coming from a real comic book fan!) early, is because I live in New York City and you deal with being packed with people everyday and to go through that on the first day of seeing a really good movie gets really frustrating. That's why I decided to see the movie today, because I didn't want to deal with the "pack-ness" of the movie theater. I like see movies when it empty. It's more relaxing and quiet that way. And also, "real comic book fans" shouldn't try to logic everything into comic book movies. Logic should really go out the window when you have Thor, Loki, and not just them a suit of armor or extremis inside of people's bodies and becoming a human bomb. (By the way, you can talk during sky diving, you just can't hear properly and the reason why no one was able to fall or let go off each other during the skydiving scene was because like Tony Stark said, the electrical current he sent doesn't allow them to do that and he can also slowdown their descend) Also, it was never Marvel's aim to go for realism. That was always DC's aim. That's why I love Marvel because they don't care about logic, they realize this is a comic book world so let's just aim for fantasy. So I think comic book should really get over the logic stuff.

Come on Tony (@g_man) you're getting old there, drawing a blank on Cyborg. lol I'm pretty sure you meant Nightwing or any silver age Teen Titan member. I'm surprise it didn't pop up in head. lol

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@iceslick said:

I thought that was very ignorant to say "only real comic book fans go see the Iron Man 3 movie early".

That was a joke.

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@g_man: Oh okay I thought you guys were being serious. Sorry about that.

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I hated the twist in ironman 3