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I Can Handle the Booch!

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how about spending more time on your craft booch? it need all the time it can get.

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Humorous comments to day including that one by 'theTimeStreamer' that is msrked as deleted but for some reson still shows up on the thread.

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@lifeboy: I wasn't sure if it was meant to be funny or douchey.

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Every episode with Brian on should just be called "The Mighty Booch." He's still my favorite guest on these things. I like hearing him act like a big jerk on purpose. Sorry about not asking more questions G-Man. I don't like to just fart out some inane inquiry about continuity and journalistic integrity. I'll try to think of something if you're as caught up on your questions as you say you are. Keep up the great work.

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Awesome :)

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For some reason this doesn't work for firefox

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I know I heard about it before. But to actually find it, really breaks my heart Tony(@g_man). Because I really like them as a couple. Avengers EMH cartoon really portrayed the relationship really well. But since he's Yellow Jacket I guess he can be forgiven. Because apparently in Avengers: EMH cartoon when he was Yellow Jacket his personality somehow changed and went psycho, which caused Janet to break up with him. I honestly hated him as Yellow Jacket because he lost his charm.

You know I honestly think this podcast should have been rated M for sexual mature content. It had zippers, boobies, gymnastics, and wifebeaters! lol It sure was funny. Also I think the website has the name with "J" because people tend to say "How you say?" with a slang or very quickly and it sounds like How "J" say. I think that's why it's like that. I like this site by the way. Thanks for telling about it. Now I'm having with it. lol

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Wow apparently Marvel has a bad reputation with wife beaters. lol I didn't really aspect these two to hit their wives too. I know Spider-Man's was a mistake but it was pretty brutal. It's worst than Hank Pym's "Whak" to Janet. lol

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@iceslick: If you re-read that story it's totally Captain America's fault that Hank went crazy.

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@iceslick: In a world were Susan and Janet get punched through a wall by the HULK, accidentally slapping your wife once shouldn't be such a big deal.

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@trevel8182: LOL, that is so true! I actually seen Hulk punching Janet in Avengers: EMH. I really don't think it's a big deal to me anyway. It's comics and in the real world that are flawed human beings. So Marvel is allowed to have them too. I just wanted to mention them. I have no hard feelings against. lol

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Green Lantern contact lenses Make it happen

and Flash should have another Title.

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@g_man: i dont remember this site being a critique-free zone. that book is running on fumes. but nice show of maturity.

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@ectoborge: Another Flash title would be pretty awesome especialy since those speed force guys are around

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Best original character since 1980: