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Everyone loves crossovers right? Remember when Superman and Spider-Man were in that comic together? Heck, what about when Superman and Muhammad Ali were in the same comic? Crossovers are great.

What about when websites crossover? We do that often here in the Whiskey Media offices. Norm is primarily working on but he's become a pretty permanent part of our weekly podcast.

This week we did something different and it was pretty cool. Check out this little preview (from our Facebook page) first:

Comic Vine and iFanboy have finally had a crossover. As you can imagine, we had a bit of talk about the DC revamp comics. The podcast is a little bit longer so be sure to download, listen and comment to let us know how much you enjoyed this.

Head on over to the PODCAST page to give yourself a treat.

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Crossovers Rock.

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i like this. but you should definitely invest in more mics.

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So cool to see where ye do the podcasts.
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i cant wait to listen to this podcats. I already love Ifanboy. Im excited to see how you guys connect to Ron. 
 We need a full fledged video crossover. The Whole IFanboy crew meets The Whole Comicvine podcast crew (including Cory and Norm and maybe Matt).

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@MOG0_089: We do have more mics. Giant Bomb took some to E3 this week.

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@G-Man: I tough CV wasn't doing video podcasting anymore?
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@NightFang: That was just a behind-the-scenes bit for the Facebook page. Videos and images get posted there as an extra treat to those that *like* us on Facebook.

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41:38 Blatant Anti-Vampire rant. "I Hate Vampires"  
Do you know any personally? 
Nice generalizations.
Should have known.