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Hi Tony, Sara, and Corey, I saw a photo of Sara; Snap, crackle, and pop! She is the next Olivia Mum ( compliment). It would be nice to see more photos of you all because I still don't know what Corey looks like? Did you have a booth at the NYC con? I didn't se you all. Comment from a few weeks ago... I was at a Boston con 2 years ago and the convention center was sharing the place with Obama. At first they were going to make my pregnant wife of 8 1/2 months walk upstairs instead of an elevator for security reasons. Tony ... Can you go slower with answering questions? Pick less questions and spend more time answering if possible. A question that I was interested that was asked was last week was " how does NYC con compare to San Diego." You said NYC was crowded. I would have like to hear more specifics. I know you try to get to each one but it sometime shortchanges answers. Question... Do you think that in the future paper comics will be replaced by electronic comics? And if so what effect will that have on comic cons and value of paper comics? You guys are great, Thx! Speckins