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Hey guys, love the show and I have a couple of questions:

1. I know the majority of attention in the comic world gets applied to Marvel and DC and rightly so as they are the big players and the others are significantly smaller but I have noticed that Image has really been releasing some great stories over the last year or so with titles like Mind the Gap, Morning Glories, Clone, ThinkTank, Ten Grand, Five Weapons and Lost Vegas just to name a few. I find that DC and Marvel do not really offer much beyond the classic superhero paradigm. Do you guys think DC and Marvel deserve their giant share of the marketplace or do they rest on their laurels too much and refuse to take many risks which leads to stagnation of creativity? Scott Snyder's current run on Batman has been very well done and an excellent example of the classic superhero title, but is still the same old thing Batman using a combination of his training, wealth, and determination to fight the lunatic criminal element of Gotham. I find Image and other smaller publishers are producing more diverse offerings and I was surprised at how much of my pull list was not a DC or Marvel title. What do you think?

2. Have you all heard about The Hawkeye Initiative and the light it shines on the depiction of women in comics? What do you think about it?

Not sure when you would get to my questions but I just listened to 05-31-13 show and you guys could not come some good alternate reality comics. Some of my favorites are Ministry of Space (2001) from Warren Ellis, Pax Romana (2007) and the currently runninig East of West by Jonathan Hickman.

Anyway sorry for rambling and thanks for answering my questions.

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hey guys

the other week there was a question about moisture damage on comics, i do keep most of my books bagged and boarded but i have noticed this problem with my beloved tpb and hardcover collection, this bothers me because i have spent a lot but im not exactly going to bag my trades! what do?

also do you guys know if jubilee is still a vampire? seems it wasnt really touched on in x-men #1 i thought if she was still a vamp she may have wanted to eat the baby she was holding lol

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Hi there guys! Sorry to pile onto the im sure fairly large number of questions but, I have been trying my hardest to get into Green Arrow recently, and the only good stories outside of the Lemire run so far that ive heard of is the Green Lantern/Green Arrow collection. I was hoping to find something with green arrow as the main character. Any suggestions or is he just about as hopeless as aquaman in this category?

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Hello gang, just wanted to check in and announce to the world that on may 25th at 3:05 pm my wife gave birth to our first child a beautiful baby girl!! i already told tony and sara, thanks for the congrats guys meant alot. I found it funny that tony thought that naming the kid after him, G-Man, was a good idea, and it was if it wasn't a girl. I attached a picture of her because my question this week is in the picture. As you can see she has a supergirl and batgirl outfit. My question is...which should she be for her first Halloween this year: Supergirl or Batgirl? Mind you we really don't have to limit it to those two heroes...i did see a wonderwoman outfit at babys r us the other day(never thought I say that in my life) Please help a new dad out!! Shes going to be a future comic vine pod cast listener. I can say she'll be listening cause the stroller I bought... has built in speakers.

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Hey guys, and gal.

Question: Where the HECK is Songbird? I saw her and Luke Cage pull troll out of a big warp bubble thing back some issues ago in Dark Avengers, and that was it for her (i think). And before that she was only making little cameo appearances. I was just thinking about her neat pink hair and that horrible God forsaken metal neck/chin armor and thought I'd ask about her. Also I think she should join Cyclops and Magneto. Or at least be brought into the X-men world in some manner. Where do you all ( yall ) think she belongs?

Also Corey New York has less violent crime per capita than San Fran. Just thought I'd poke that fire before I left.

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Heyho! Greetings from Germany, to the future! I hope Man Of Steel was awesome and that no alien invasion has occured in downtown San Francisco yet, or the eastcoast!

I have a few questions for you guys, so lets go:

1. Why does Geoff Johns hate Batman so much? Kidding... Well not really.

One of the main reasons I still don't love the main JL book is that Johns constantly makes fun about Batman in it (at least until the end of the second hardcover. I am a trade waiter). I think that his anti-Bats Green Lantern in the book behaves highly different from the Hal in Green lantern, which also bugs me, but aside from that I find it rather weird that Batman just takes the jokes and disrespect without saying anything. Pre new 52 Bruce would not take that and either knock Hal on his butt, or leave the team. I know he is the only guy without powers, but then making constantly fun of that and THEN having Bats not react to that at all, really ticks me off and undermines the character. What do you guys think and try to picture how Bats in the JLA run by Morrison would react to something like this! I think another one punch scenario could be in the cards, like back in the Bwahaha days.

2. originally I was almost a DC/Vertigo only guy, but since Marvel upped their game ALOT in the last few years I am collecting more Marvel stuff for the first time in my life. Do you guys think that this is because Marvel gives their writers more creative freedom and has a better editorial team in general? Looking at all the talent drop off at DC it kinda looks like it.

3. are you guys fans of those great absolute hardcovers from DC? I am currently a bit addicted to them and just bought Final Crisis Absolute and Batman& Robin Absolute this week. I also have all Sandman absolutes, Watchmen, Long Halloween, New Frontier and plan to get All Star Superman too in the future. The only headache I always have with these purchases is that they are almost always double dips for me, since I already had all of those things in hardcover before upgrading to absolutes. Which ones do you own?

4. how can Wolverine be an Avenger, when he goes around killing everybody?!? I remember in Aarons run, he chopped a guys hand of and then stabbed him who wanted to rob a lady on the subway. I mean... isn't that kinda harsh??? And he always does that! How come the police always wants to bring in Punisher, but doesn't care about the graveyards Logan fills every other week?

5. how do your partners/family put up with your nerdy comicbook fandom? For the first time in my life I have a girlfriend who not only accepts it, but really enjoys a lot of the books and characters herself! She also has no problem with me decorating our livingroom with statues, artwork and hardcover collections. She even bought me the lifesized Batman cowl from TDK for my birthday last year!

Oh and could you tell her that I love her, since I always make her listen to the podcasts in which I get a question answered? Maybe Corey can sing something :-) bodyguard theme by Whitney would be funny.

Thanks as always! You guys are a big part of my week and I cannot imagine to not listen to your voices on my way to work each day.

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Hello Tony ,Sara and Cory Long time no See . anyways I have a few Questions I would like to ask you guys . My First do you think that there is a market for Music themed comics [ ie example say if Crystal Castles put together a Four Issue Mini-Series ] and upon release they Polybag either An CD or an Digital Code to buy their Newly realeased Album . so Tony and Sara and Cory too do you think that this Idea would work in the current market. My Second Question is Have you guys played the New Harbingers eight bit ios Game they released a few months ago ? and if so do you think they could release an Fighting Game based on their Revamp Universe [ for example based around the Street Fighter Alpha Two Gameplay and Produced by Capcom ] tell me do you think Valiant right now has the fan base to support such an thing ? and my last question is ...and this one is for sara do you think a Crystal Castles Collaberation with Tegan and Sara would work for an Concept Album / One Shot Comic would work [ also complete with a CD filled to brim with Remixes by Uffie and others ] the reason why I am asking

Love the Podcast guys


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Hey guys and gal,

In last week's podcast, May 31/13, you all commented on the violent "end" of Catwoman in Justice League of America #4. Sara specifically commented on how writers seem to forget that there is a child/teen audience that is reading these books and such gratuitous violence is not necessary in these books. This kind of violence would be better suited for Vertigo books was Cory's comment.

And that leads me to my question,

What would make a good children's comic book? Is it the lack of violence? A lack of gritty, dark realism?

What do you as fans of Adventure Time, Tiny Titans and such books, and a parent, think?

Thanks for you time.

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Hello Podcast Crew!

My dad said he read comics as a kid. I tried introducing him to some newer series, like Thief of Thieves (TPB) because he likes the Ocean's Eleven movies and the Castle hardcovers because he likes the show. He said "they just weren't doing it" for him. He really enjoys the Marvel movies, so I suggested reading Extremis after we saw Iron Man 3, but he hasn't checked it out yet (I have the digital version on his iPad). I know comics aren't for everyone, but it seems like he would/should enjoy them. Any thoughts or recommendations? P.S.-Do not feel bad if you read this after Father's Day, I already got him a present not related to comics, lol.

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((I sent this as an Email as well but will also post the question here!:))

Hey G-Man, Babs, and crew! Name's Maurdakar, Long time listener, first time 'caller', long time - first time.

In the aftermath of the new Superman MAN OF STEEL movie I have had a few questions I would like to ask of you, oh wise sages;Is it appropriate to allow meta (outside/external/foreign) influences to affect a professional review. Undeniably meta-influences can affect our enjoyment of art, but how much, if any, is appropriate to allow into an opinion of art. Positive or negative, should external factors brighten or shadow your view of art, or is it more appropriate for a piece of art to stand by itself; on its own internal merits and flaws?

Yes the public should (and is) aware critics opinions are influenced, but is an art piece standing alone an ideal you reach for in your reviews?Also consider the value of a comic standing on its own, as opposed to fitting into a series, but please focus on the fact that someones opinion of art, ie; the supes movie can be influenced by how much they like or dislike the character.

Should meta influence reviews?

P.S. Stay classy, and stop worrying about people accusing your reviews as being paid off, there's such things as internet trolls and as internet media content providers you just need to ignore them.

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why does Rocket Raccoon look like a cartoon raccoon if it's supposed to be half human and half real raccoon!? He's bothering me! Should not be in the main marvel universe lookin like a saturday morning cartoon! Okay I'm good.

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What is your favorite quote from a villain from either a comic or a comic book movie?

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Hey guys First Time/Long Time, I've been marathoning most of your podcast and can't wait for more, I love it when you guys go for up to three hours, you are my Trinity in comics (Tony, Sarah and Corey, James is Aquaman) I've only recently started reading comics (Around New 52) because I finally moved somewhere in my country with a Comic Shop (Don't really like digital as I like the feeling of having it in my hands, turning the pages etc). I love the recommended reading page of your character pages on the site but I wish all of them were as extensive as Batmans. I was also wondering if you got around to playing Marvel Heroes which recently released free to play.


1: My Current 'pull list' (If I'm using that term right) is as follows: New 52 Batman, Thor: God of Thunder, Wolverine and the X Men and SHAZAM. I'm interested in picking up three more titles could each of you recommend one?

2: A Friend of mine likes comics but doesn't really buy cape stuff, although he does love the idea of the character Penance (formerly Speedball) Are there any great stories with this character in it you could recommend?

3: If you could move one character from DC to Marvel or vice versa who would It be and why? I feel a lot of people would say Batman because then they could just read marvel but I don't think he would actually work that well outside of DC. Personally I would choose Captain Marvel (SHAZAM).

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Hi Tony, Sarah, Corey and whoever else may be joining you. First time, long time and only a few posts on the site but I love to listen to the podcast. I love the tangents and the music and just you guys just being hilarious. A few questions for you all:

1. I love time travel stories everything from Doctor Who to Booster Gold. Can you recommend any time travel comics or story arcs that you think are great, so I can check them out? I picked up the Stephen King novel about JFK that Tony always raves about and it's super good.

2. Have you ever found yourself buying a title for the art rather than the story? If so which titles? I found myself doing this with the Flash at the moment. The story isn't the greatest but the layouts and art more than make up for it.

3. With creative team re-shuffles and big shake ups like Marvel Now do you find yourself following your favorite characters or your favorite creators onto their new titles? Money is an issue so I don't feel like I can sample everything. I found myself picking up characters I know and love only to be let down by the creative team and then tried books I wouldn't normally have tried and found myself hooked. Did you feel similarly let down or surprised?

Thanks and keep up the great work!

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Hello all.

This is my first post but I've been listening to your podcast and subsequently visiting the site for about a year now. In fact, your podcast is what helped me get back into comics after a ten year hiatus (minus picking up the odd trade here and there). I think you guys should be proud of how well suited you are to newcomers in informing and welcoming them into/back into the comic world. I have even been able to bug Tony on twitter from time to time which he promptly replied, despite not being a signed up member of the community (rectified today). Thanks for all the hard work and allowing me to listen in on great comic conversations... or sound clips of YouTube videos.

Now on to my question:

With the vast histories that exist in the comic world, the hardest part for new readers could very well be the fact that it is hard to jump in. Although Tony often makes the good point to just start reading and fill in the blanks as you go, it seems as though even long time comic readers have a hard time jumping into other series if they feel they are too far behind (part of the reason why I feel Red She Hulk was cancelled). Recaps, Point Ones and even Relaunches have been done with success, however, after a while; they end up with the same issues as they began. Even trades can be an expensive alternative if the series is far enough ahead. Or in DC's case, i feel the trades negate to catch a reader up to current issues.

My Question for you all is: how do you feel books with established histories should tackle new points of entry on their book? Do you believe the onus should solely be on the reader or do you feel a publisher should do a better job at reaching out to hesitant starters?

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Hello Everyone,

I have been reading comics for over a year now, and trying to delve deeper into Marvel. I read New Avengers TPB 1&2 by Bendis (Vol.2, 2010-2013). Spider-man did not receive a SHIELD paycheck because he did not reveal his identity to the group. I just read issue 1 of Hickman's FF and Johnny Storm said he would like Peter to fill in for him if something happened. When Peter showed up at the Baxter Building, Sue Storm knew him as Peter. My question is why does the Fantastic Four know his identity and its no big deal, while SHIELD and the Avengers do not know his identity? Is there a storyline you recommend I check out to help clarify this?

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I found your podcast yesterday and subscribed! You guys are flippin' awesome! I've been back tracking and listening to them!

I do have a couple of questions:

1) I think I heard you say that artists do commissions at comic con...? Did I hear you right? What artist usually do that? How does that usually work? Sorry, that's more than one question.

2)What issue does Dr Zuel take over the strong woman's body? What issue does she inhabit the ape? I think her back story is really hard to follow. Do you know of any key issues or a single book that would explain her origin?

3)I was reading crisis on infinite earths, some side stories to it, and also the audio book by marv wolfman. In the audio book, the flash is in the speed force(because he's dead from destroying the cannon), sees himself destroy the cannon and die, then sees everything happen in the book (from the beginning prior to his death) multiple times and in different orders, then he isn't dead anymore and is in the flesh. He then destroys the cannon, dies and finishes out the book back in the speed force leaping all around time and space. Can someone tell me how he was in the speed force at the begging of the story? Because if he was dead... he wouldn't just shoot into the past and be alive again to destroy the cannon and if he was alive, how would he have entered the speed force?

Thanks you guys! -Your new avid listener and member!

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...and! Question 2.1) Will there be a wonder woman 23.1 that could address giganta's origin? Thanks again!

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If DC decided to have a supporting character die(never to come back, ever) and they wanted you to choose between Lois Lane and Alfred Pennyworth who would you choose? Also how would you have them die, a natural death or violently by villain while the hero watches? And if violently would you have the hero cross the line?

Thanks, make mine comic vine.

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Hey guys, just a little update from the question I had about loved ones reading comics and what not. My gf and I saw Man of Steel and asked if there was a Superman series that was starting. Low and behold there was, Superman Unchained. She loved it. She also reread that Valentines Day issue and loved the Aquaman/Mera story (honestly the best one in there, so she does have good taste) and is interested in picking up the first trade of Aquaman since Mera is by his side.

This question is a little weird so bare with me on this, I am looking forward to being a dad some day. I would love to have a child but the thing is I want to give my child a unique name. Nothing to embarrass them, but something they can be proud of. I was thinking of all these different types of names, and then I thought what if I named my child after a comic book character. Nothing crazy but also not so simple. I know some people have done that, Kevin Smith for example named his child Harley Quinn. I was thinking if I had a girl, she would be named Illyana, after Illyana Rasputin aka Magik. Cashel from American Vampire has a nice ring to it, but i think that might be a little too much. So my question is, if you could name your child after a comic book character, what would that name be?

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I started reading around the new 52, and Snyder became a quick favorite. I had always heard of American Vampire and how good it was, but I never felt drawn to it until just recently when I picked up "A Long Road to Hell". I picked up the first trade, and now I have been bitten. Within 3 weeks I have ordered all the volumes, and look forward to reading the last few volumes. My question is, how do you think the series has been progressing (I would have been caught up by the time you read this so don't worry for spoilers) and what do you think about how this series being only half way through, meaning there would be a definite end to the series?

Also, I have found that reading the series trade by trade is really effective and draws you in, but you have to account for prices of hardcovers, paper back, etc, as well as the delay if you wanted to only buy it in trade. Basically, is it better to read it by the trades than the individual issues, especially since I heard it will end?

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Hey G-Man and pals! I started reading Superman recently and I'm pretty confused. You couldn't tell me what was happening with Hector Hammond and Superman in issues #19 and #20 could you ? Because I really don't get it.

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why does Shazam take backseat all the time.

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Raven has become my favorite character in the comics i was wondering, does she have any special stories?

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I have some questions to ask, I have been reading some forums lately and I noticed a very strong dislike for Mark Waid on Daredevil, and I want to ask all of you what your opinion is on the book and why you dislike/like it.

2) Do you think DC will release a Shazam and Martian Manhunter book sometime soon? They both have a very strong fanbase and I am curious about what you think of the idea.

3) About Villains Month, if you are subscribed to a title will you get all of the villains books or no?

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Hey guys, this is my first time doing something like this. I just started listening to the podcasts and I'm loving it so much, I listen to it at work. You guys are great.

Anyway, I was wondering about two things:

1) About Superior Spider Man, how do you think Aunt May will factor into the series? Do you think that she'll show up anytime soon? And, if she does, what effect will she have on Otto?

2) In Superior Spider Man #14, I think Otto is going to take on Fisk? I'm not sure if I have that right. Please correct me if I'm wrong. But if he does, do you think they'll acknowledge when Peter beat the snot out of Fisk in prison? That seems like something Fisk wouldn't forget and something Otto might respect about Peter.

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Hey guys,

Do you guys have any rationalization for the sweeping changes made during Flashpoint?

My problem is that it is not exactly an elseworlds tale, otherwise this would workout easier. I'm familiar with the butterfly effect, but Barry's mother living or dying should not influence anything before her being born, nor should it influence what happens in other galaxies.

There were changes to abin sur, there were changes to Atlantis and Themascyra, all that took place before Barry's mother was born so her living or dieing should not affect it. Maybe they tried to explain it with the timeboom nonsense...but it didn't make sense. Where did Thomas Wayne get the inspiration to be a bat from?Why was reverse flash unaffected?

Why would Superman's rocket crash somewhere different? That's a change in space, not time!

The whole thing just seems very poorly thought out...

What do you think?

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Good day to you all!

Some months ago DC hired actively outspoken anti-gay writer Orson Scott Card best know for his book series "Ender's Game" to write an up coming book called "Adventures of Superman" When it was announced that Card was writing the book blogs across the web went ablaze with fury. The press around it became so bad that artist Chris Sprouse left the book because the attention it was getting overshadowed the book itself. Some comic book stores took part and said they would either refused to sell it or donate some/all profits to LGBT organizations as protest to DC hiring Card. Ultimately DC took Card off the book and replaced him with Jeff Parker and Chris Samnee so the book could be released at a later date.


1) Do you think it's right for DC to pull a book based on the views of the writer/artist of said book?

2) If you were the owner of a comic book store what would you do? Refuse to sell or donate some/all profits?

3) Do you believe that a writer's personal opinions influence his/her writing to a point where it would "bleed" into the characters he/she wrote either in a negative or positive way?

Thank you all for your answers.

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Hey guys, me again. Just wondering what you might think of my alternate ending for man of steel?

A lot of people were saying there were not alternatives to him killing zod, which I don't think is true.

What about as a reaction to all the devastation, he charges at zod and flies him into space(similar to when he charged zod after his mother was threatened), going further and further into space, just trying to get as far away from earth as possible. He doesn't expect to survive, but want's to save the people of earth. As he is going fast, he comes across somewhere he can strand zod...perhaps somewhere that blocks the yellow sun, or a planet with a red sun. There could be enough vegetation that zod could survive similar to khan in star trek.

Superman then learns that he still has power while zod does not....his soaking up our sun for 33 years made him stronger than zod, and stronger than he realized...enough to fly back to earth.

Or for a more realistic take, he could fly Zod to Europa, based on how fast he could fly (which peopel have calculated) it could take him a day to get there. The thicker atmosphere would block the sun but not kill him and Superman could have enough reserve energy to come home... It may sound odd, but I think something like that really could have worked.

No killing, a hero willing to sacrifice himself to save everyone (he could have done this before they threw each other through buildings), and show us he is the hero he is famous for being.

What do you guys think?

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Hey guys! First off I just want to say that I listen to both shows religiously. I'm a soldier in the army and I teach at one of the career training schools. That said, my students all get told from the jump that I'm a comic fan and since they're all in the communications field I make sure to tell them to accept and embrace their nerdiness. That includes suggesting comicvine to anyone who will listen.

My question this time is do you think there is room fora cross over between the Invincible universe and the new 52? Omni-Man meeting Superman could be interesting since it would give Clark a bit of insight into what he could have become if Kryptonians hadn't become extinct.

Thanks for listening

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Sziasztok! (Hello Everyday!)

I have a few questions...

First off, I've never been a huge fan of Superman or the Hulk. I thought those legendary characters were boring, and their powers never really grabbed my attention. After seeing The Avengers, and The Man of Steel, I kinda have newfound respect for their powers, because the movies displayed them so well. Obviously, the CGI and all the other technologies are leaps and bounds better that make the powers look realistic and believable. With that said, what comic book characters do you think play better on-screen (Animated, live-action movies) than the comic panels? Or, what characters do you think will play better on the screen when they are given a shot?


Why isn't there more solo books at Marvel?! I know you guys touched on this, but it seems like Marvel could be missing out on some money by not addressing this market. Bring back Doctor Strange, Darkhawk (Which I loved from the 90's) , Taskmaster and less mainstream characters. I am getting Avengers/X-Men/Superior Spider-Man/Friggin' Brian Michael Bendis overload and what some titles off the beaten path to explore. This would be a great time for James to step-in and write a Doctor Strange book!

Next to last,

What are your Comic Con pet peeves? The person is who looking over your shoulder thinking they're missing out on a great find/deal, or the peson that won't move an inch, and hordes everything? Fun times at Ohio Cons!



This exists?!

Great podcast and love the new website design!

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Hi guys and gal, I have a question that came to me after reading the last issue of Age of Ultron. The ominous ending of "Time is now broken" which will no doubt just fizzle out into nothing and never get addressed like so many big endings.

Can anyone remember if the end of House of M event, when Beast said something about wondering where all of the energy from the de-powered mutants had gone? There was a splash page of the Earth and then another with a huge red explosion from one corner of the globe. I kinda feel that it was never addressed?

There was another one in either Fantastic Four or an Illuminati/ Avengers issue in the last few years when Reed Richards and, I think, Tony Stark decided to "Solve everything" and it was a total DUNDUNDUUUN! moment and Sue Richards got all annoyed and then that was it it just never got addressed again, and I'm pretty sure they didn't solve everything?

There is also the "what's in Scarlet Witch's cupboard thing" which you've joked about on the show.

Did I miss something or do comics just do a lot of massive premises that act as shock moments, that just fade out into nothingness?


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Hi again guys! So for the purpose of a wide scope of the Dc Universe what books might I need to drop or add. In Dc I'm following JL (sorta picking and choosing issues and not sub.), JLA, Red Hood, All Star Western, Demon Knights, Threshold, GLC, New Guardians, Flash, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Phantom Stranger, Superboy, and Nightwing (but only till booth leaves) I know some of these are ending soon and new books came out, but I want to know what going on and have a variety of characters. What do you suggest I add or drop to "see it all" without going over the 13 books limit I have.

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Hello everyone ! I was just reading Daredevil "Dark Nights" and found the series very refreshing; as more often then not hero's are fighting villain's to save the day, which is great, but in this series the Hero is on a more personal mission to save a life. (sorry I am trying to dance around the plot as not to spoil) My Question is, what do you think about stories such as this one , and would you like to see more ?

Love the show, but I feel a real lack of music on this episode .... I'm just saying ...

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First off I would just like to thank you guys for the amazing podcast, I stopped reading comics for awhile and then I started to listen to one of your podcasts and it got me back into comics, so thank you. My question is this: Do you think that vertigo comics should just release graphic novels, because it seems that most people don't buy single issues of their comics they just go out and buy the trades. I just think it would make more sense if they focused more on that.

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Hey, I had a few random questions...

1. You said in the podcast 2 weeks ago that Batman would go to the extent of breaking bones without killing someone, (which I know is true) , but do you think that Bruce would ever be pushed so hard or go to the extent of hurting someone even more without killing them? For instance, would he ever go to the extent of removing body parts for torture to get answers? Like lets say Alfred gets killed, and Bruce is looking for answers through torturing someone, would he go to the extent of cutting off a toe or finger or even permanently blinding someone? I think it would take a lot for Bruce to be brought to that situation, but idk if he would actually do.

2. This randomly jumped into my head, but I realized that when Jude Law gets older in age, he would make the perfect Alfred. What do you think?

I listen to you guys all the time and I only read Superman:Unchained, Batman, and Hawkeye, but I still enjoy hearing about all these other comics that have gotten me interested in some other series. So thanks!!

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Hey Comicvine, at the rate you guys are answering the forum questions this might take a couple months, but its all good I appreciate everything you guys do haha. After seeing man of steel I am I am more interested in reading more superman stories especially new krypton. what trades should I try and find in order to get the whole understanding of this story. Also what other superman stories do you suggest to someone not to familiar with the character. I read h'el on earth but it was just alright.

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Hi Guys,

Jason here from London,

Great Podcasts!! Never listened to any until yours, so good job on getting me hooked.. going backwards a month or so on them at the moment

Anyway couple of questions...

1 - I have been reading comics for years, but not been an avid collector as I moved to England from South Africa so had to give up a large portion of my collection.. but with digital and and 52 I have been hooked again. I am currently only reading DC.. and am loving large aspects of the DC universe. However why does DC not use the Sale options on the electronic format to try and help good titles with poor readership boost sales, before cancelling the title out right.. for example Demon Knights.

2 - I love the Hawk and Dove characters, why do they just seem no to work (last series which was not very good was written by sterling gates who is great, and artist who shall not be named as I find him to be a disappointment)

3 - Why is there a need to find out what happened to Wally West, Donna Troy etc.. (who are not in London btw). Would it not be more shameful to their memories if they were brought back to satisfy readership and ended up with crap story lines, back grounds etc..

4 - Lastly, as a gay guy.. I am not adverse to them bring in new characters whose gender, sexuality, ethnicity are varied or maybe changing some.. but between Nick Fury on marvel movies and animation, DC the atom, element woman and Perry White (in man of steel), Lighting Lass.. it seems that this is the latest fade.. to try and satisfy a demographic requirement.. which I find very odd. Why not try and use some of the ICON character more etc..

Thanks for a great service! keep on trucking

Major Jay

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Hey guys. Love the podcast.

I had a question for corey, who I think is a kingdom hearts fan. Now that it's been announced that KH 3 is in development (we're probably three to four years away from getting it), I've been wondering about what levels are being introduced.

Now that Disney owns marvel and pixar, do you think Square Enix is considering any of these movies for Kingdom hearts worlds? If so, which would you want to see?

My next question is about DC. Do you think that the characters of the new 52 will ever address the continuity errors? What I mean is do you think these characters will have a discussion about what's happened in their universe and find out that not a lot of it matches up? You could have batman and green lantern talking about all the stuff they've done and superman and wonder woman scratching their heads because they don't remember any of it.

You could even have green lantern talking to flash about wally west and blackest night and barry probably doesn't know what he's talking about. I think it would be hilarious. In the end, the rest of the justice league would send batman and green lantern to arkham asylum because they think they've gone crazy.

Anyway, what do you think? You think DC would address the continuity errors or keep pretending that everything makes sense? I personally think addressing it would be in their favor, as it makes it look like all of this was by design.

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Hey Tony and gang,

A lot of people seem to consider the Jor El program in Man of Steel destroyed,, but I ask, is this true? Jor-El on Zod's ship says he uploaded himself to the ship..meaning the program came from the command key Superman had. Would this not mean there is still an uploaded copy of Jor El on the ship Superman first found int he Artic, that he flew away in? Whatever happened to that ship by the way?

Also, in an earlier question you guys weren't familiar with the term PIS, which I picked up from the forums. It stands for plot induced stupidity, and refers to bad writing that is hard to reconcile with the rest of continuity. Batman kicking Wonder Woman and disabling her without any special help would be an example. (this happened in an issue of Batman Confidential from 2004 or so).

Have a good weekend, and thankyou.

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So X-Factor is ending - bummer. On the upside, I now have a new spot in my subs to fill! I'm currently on Fatale, Hawkeye, Invincible, Saga, The Sixth Gun, and The Unwritten (plus Locke & Key and Chew in hardcovers), so you can tell I don't read many "normal" superhero books. It would be awesome if I could get one quick recommendation from each person.

PS - I don't mind getting trades to get caught up. I'm thinking about The Manhattan Projects, and Satellite Sam looks pretty cool, too.

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Hello everyone, hope you're all doing well.

I've been reading comics regularly for about a year now, and in that time have grown to really love Daredevil. I've been loving Mark Waid's current run on the title. Other stories that I've read include: Born Again, The Man Without Fear, End of Days, and Guardian Devil. I recently finished Bendis' run, and am about to jump on to Brubaker's run.

My question is, are there any other Daredevil stories/runs that you would recommend?

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Hey guys, another quick question.

Something Snyder has done with his run on Batman is change the Red Hood persona from being a patsy, to being a formidable gang with many members and a leader.

I really liked the origin in Killing Joke..I know it wasn't certain but it seemed that it was more or less the origin, even if some details were sketchy. I think it makes the character extremely interesting to have that level of pathos and desperation before his transformation. With the red hood no longer being a patsy, that element of Joker's origin seems to be removed. What do you guys think about this?

Stay thirsty my friends.

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I am bringing up the most awkward podcast ever again...but for a good point I promise. I just finished "Hush" (after finally listening to your advice to pick up the trade) and I think that what I wanted Snyder to write during Death of the Family had already been written in the form of Jim Gordon's speech to Batman when he almost killed Joker. Maybe Scott chose not to write it all out again to explain to newer readers where he was coming from, but I think a further explanation was needed and Loeb did a great job of covering the Batman code better than anything I've read to date. What do you think? Is there another arc that explains Batman's code better?