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I say spoil. The books come out on Wednesday, the podcast comes out on Friday, and it is a podcast. I say spoil so the discussion will not be cut short, and we can get the gang's full thoughts. I know I need to read my books before listening.


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I don't mind having it spoiled. Due to money trouble, I've had to stop getting comics altogether, so I would like to know what all happens in books I used to pick up.

Plus, depending on how great a spoiler is, it can actually cause people to pick up a book. (I know it goes both ways, but I'm going to ignore the other way because I want spoilers :P )

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I say spoil! I know not to listen to the podcast till I have all my read. Mostly because I want to know what everybody is talking about, when they are being vague. But also because I know better and I avoid the chance of getting things spoiled for me.

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No spoil. At least not completely. I order my comics online and don't get them for a few weeks after they come out. Even when I did get my books weekly, I didn't always get to them right away because I work all day, have a kid, and life doesn't always allow for books to be read by Friday of each week. I think talking about story lines and plot points as long as big reveals aren't spoiled.

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i think it should be spoiled too,i mean we dont listen to the podcast to see which comic was good this week and which we should read,but to basically see what they thought of it..and because of the restrictions of not spoiling,they cant discuss freely as well...