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Argh! It's been a bad day. Technology is winning the battle against me. Sara was out today but Norm and I recorded an hour and twenty-something minute podcast but...it got messed up. There was a little hiccup in the recording program that caused 99% of it to disappear. I have no idea how it happened other than technology simply was against me today. We will definitely have one for next week even thought Thanksgiving is on Thursday. Perhaps I can get them to record with me on Wednesday and I'll post it early. My apologies but I cannot even begin to describe how irritated I am. It was a good one this week.

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shakes fist at technology

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How will I live without my comic vine podcast fix? :'(
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That's too bad! 
Around the podcast circuit this week has been a discussion topic "Comic Book Mount Rushmore" (and the podcasts are then collected on a website and cross promoted) which was left open for podcasters to interpret... for example, what 4: characters of most significance, characters most similar to the respective president, best combination of characters, top female characters, a theme, worst casting mistakes, most significant creators, comic books featuring the Rushmore presidents, etc. 
Anyways, just let you know if you want to join in on the podcast circuit phenomena. ;-)

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I guess 60 is an unlucky number.

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Stoopid technology >(