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No Red L.A.M.P. this week.  Last I heard, he was held up by customs officials at Vancouver.  Why is he in Vancouver?  Probably doing something...eeeeevil.  
This week we're joined by Gia (from AnimeVice), Kane and Riezner.  Check out all our comic talk and find out what that image to the left means.
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New Avengers 50 had a page by each of the artist from each of the characters own books.

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Riezner. We wont hear anything about him......with the exception of his voice.
I think the Lil' G-Girl reviews work well as a guide for parents. Best to hear what an actual child enjoys. Rather then an adult telling what they think a child seems to enjoy. Sort of the way some parents think their kids like clowns at birthday parties.
It's not tough for all males to read a story about a strong woman. I think what partly hurts Wonder Woman is a lack of iconic enemies. One of her own that just stands out. Batman has the Joker. Superman has Lex Luthor.
My Comic Book Crushes: Psylocke/Emma Frost
Gia, the cartoon is from the a Warner Bros. cartoon "I Love to Singa" where all this owl music teacher's children were classical singers, but one came out as a Jazz/Swing singer. Right out of the egg even. He ends up leaving home and goes on the radio and becomes a huge success.

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@FoxxFireArt:  Good call.  Now I remember that one!  It would have bothered me endlessly 'til someone provided the answer.  Now I've got that blasted song stuck in my head.  
Thanks, Gia. 
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Fun! :) 
  2 Things I would like to touch on:

Wonder Woman

I'm feeling for Bab's  on the Topic of Wonder Woman.  She's had a string of bad luck and some really poor editorial choices to bring her down over the last decade. I tried to follow the character as closely as I could in the 90's but fell off as the book wasn't interesting to me at a certain point. There is an appeal factor that the chracter has to over come eventually. I think that everyone has an expectation of what she's supposed to be about , from either the TV show  or the Superfriends Cartoon. You can leave characters like Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman to these expectations because of their Iconic, Pop Culture, stature as well, knowing that they will always be around. 
It's because of this expectation that I fell out of love with the character when she killed Maxwell Lord. Wonder Woman just didn't do that sort of thing which is why she was such a central figure to the DC Universe, a character that held up values and positive sensibilities, someone to look up to, admire and emulate, the ultimate Girl Scout to Superman's ultimate Boy Scout, believing in the nature and potential of the people that she's protecting and supporting. She's not a murderer, or a Judge or an Executioner. That action is a blemish on the character that I will never forgive.  How many other long time Wonder Woman fans felt the same way about her gross mischaracterization and abandoned the character? 
It was after watching the Wonder Woman animated movie that I was able to reignight that interest in her because she is exactly that character to me, full of hope and wonder, with a genuine desire to do good. Even though she beheads Aries in this movie, she was fighting for her life and the well being of the world and everyone on it there was justification in this action. The death of Maxwell Lord was the action of a character that had given up on her purpose, lost hope and betrayed her self appointed responsibility, destroying everything that she ever stood for.  
With the launch of her latest series I thought that I would give her another try. Plagued by lateness  and lackluster direction, I stopped buying the book again.  I've settled for getting my Wonder Woman fix in JLA and leaving everything else on the shelf. She's not taken seriously, until recently, and is a character that deserves more. DC has to stop and think about what would make her more salable without compromising the nature/and expectations of the character. Getting All Star Wonder Woman off of Adam Hughes' drafting table and to the printer would be a step in the right direction. 

Mark Millar: Nemesis & Other Crap

I often feel like I'm the only guy on the comic book planet who is not in love with everything he writes. I'm glad his Nemesis project is going to be out of continuity and away from characters that I enjoy because he's got a knack for creating "OH WHAT THE F..K" moments that screw up characters and character relationships that cannot be undone without a freakin' reboot or an amazing "and then I woke up" scenario! 
Old Man Logan:  was a treat to look at, and was interesting at best but it was anything but good.  I don't care what anyone says, Wolverine cannot take all of the X-Men down by himself. He is not strong enough. He is not fast enough. He's not smart enough. There are characters in that roster that he cannot even get close to before he's stopped DEAD in his tracks. I love Wolverine but not so much that I can't say the he's overrated. This story is the pinnacle of just how overrated Wolverine is. Millar's characterization of Banner was just disrespectful to the character of the Hulk, with the poor excuse "The Gamma Radiation drove the Hulk Mad". Then to insert the incestuous relationship between he and Jen Walters (which was touched on in a stupid annual, brilliantly illustrated by Mark Texiera)  was just low and perverted. 
Fantastic 4: The man has little to no respect for the character of Doom in this series. First the World's most dangerous villain (One who has taken the power of the Beyonder) is abducted and used as a battery, then imprisoned, then has to bow to a master? Let's not forget that Sue had to go to her own funeral  . . . . horrible.  Doom bows to no one, is captured by no one and serves no one. He has a contingency plan for everything and was just made to look cheap and petty in this title. There are other issues that I had with his run on this book but  . . . . meh.
Civil War: Great to look at but was not a title that read well from one issue to the next. As much as MARVEL insisted that you didn't need to read the peripheral titles to understand what was going on, you did. Characters were popping out of nowhere for convenience and not for purpose and there were incredible mischaracterizations of well established heroes, like Reed & Sue Richards, The Punisher and others . . . that I can't remember because it's been so long.  
Now it sounds like he wants to write DC characters but is woefully under contract to Marvel for the rest of his natural life. But this is where he can excel, writing characters of his own design where there are no expectations or preexisting characterizations that are going to go against the grain of what's been established. Here he can do what ever he wants without disturbing the flow of every character and title around him. I will buy Nemesis . . . 99% for McNiven's work, and the other 1% to see if he can tell me a story that I'm going to like.
Jeez, how's that for a rant?
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We'll miss you Red L.A.M.P. , Lol.   

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You know that event though re-numbering is something that is wrong (cause I agree with G-Man they were dropped!)... 
Re-numbering titles bring people to want to have a starting point... 
The X-Men moved to San Fran on issue #500
Daredevil took over the Hand on issue #500
Captain America's "Reborn" started on #600
Amazing Spider-Man's new status quo (The return of MJ) Started on #600
Thor got kicked out of Asgard on issue #600 
Hulk lost hist ability to become Hulk on issue #600
The re-numbering gives an opportunity to have people jump in! 
So Wonder Woman #600 could bring an opportunity to have people start reading!

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Mandarin from the Iron Man series!

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keep the anime people away unless it's comic related animation. 
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what the heck

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@goldenkey said:

"keep the anime people away unless it's comic related animation.  "

Don't be a hater.
Nice to hear new people. 
The whole Earth One line just sounds pointless. Don't they still need to finish All Star Batman and Robin? 
I mean really wasn't that the whole concept of the All Star line?   
I really don't dig this whole "for a new reader" jazz .My first comic wasn't designed for a "new reader". Pretty much all of the comics I read when I started out were established titles, but I learned to love them, and learned to love the history, and the characters. 

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I love Wonder Woman, I do. 
I read Wonder Woman I like it personally, and I'm I straight guy.

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shocked and appalled
I do not read Power Girl! I flipped through the first issue but seeing the lack of boob splash pages, I lost interest, she is hardly an interesting character and well, when I want boobs...I go to the "Adult Box" :D
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