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This week Sara, Tony and Norm discuss the comics that came out this week. There were so many good comics that came out. Topics include poorly executed stories, Batman with a magic lasso, Chris Evans' Captain America picture, alternate titles for the next Batman movie and...Tyra Banks.     
Listen, download and comment today. 
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Isn't having a forum about the podcast a bit redundant? Especially an anchored forum? On the main forums page? There's already a special place for the podcasts and their discussions. 

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@stakes: For some reason, there's some that aren't used to the actual PODCAST page. Also, the forum isn't just for OUR podcast. I've mentioned when I've been on other podcasts and people can discuss their own if they'd like.
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 @G-Man: The forum has a very specific title, your latest podcast. Its not a "Podcast" forum, its a "This week's CV podcast" forum. You mentioning other podcasts would make sense, but you are not doing that here. You COULD have a "Comic Book Podcast roundup" forum, which would involve discussion on other podcasts.  But you are simply linking to the PODCAST page, people who are not used to that page are still being directed to that page. You aren't providing an embedded stream, or a direct download.