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That's Dustin Nguyen art he did for wishful thinking. If only it could really happen.


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@g_man: Ah, I saw you upload that image over the activity feed and got super hyped.

Oh well, maybe we'll get that crossover one day...

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oh look its red batman

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I love that guy's art so much. I wish such a crossover would happen!

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@g_man hahaha that's exactly what I was referring to

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Batfleck podcast!!!

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GOD Batman discussions always Drag for me.

It's only been a day and it's annoying to see Batfangirls bcith about Affleck. Arrrrgo Fcuk yourself and get outta the town.

I want to see all them Batfangirls eat their words while I drink their tears, once the movie comes out.

Imma take a shower come back and EXPLAIN how Nolan's Verse could have totally worked.


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@g_man: When I saw that I thought the Daredevil one said "The Devil Went Down to Gotham"

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Talking of of your tuchas, @undeadpool.


"The success of The Dark Knight Returnsand The Killing Jokerekindled Warner Bros.' interest in a film adaptation."

"I was never a giant comic book fan, but I've always loved the image of Batman and the Joker. The reason I've never been a comic book fan — and I think it started when I was a child — is because I could never tell which box I was supposed to read. I don't know if it was dyslexia or whatever, but that's why I loved The Killing Joke, because for the first time I could tell which one to read. It's my favorite. It's the first comic I've ever loved. And the success of those graphic novels made our ideas more acceptable."

—Tim Burton[2]

Tim Burton, Burton on Burton: Revised Edition (London: Faber and Faber, 2006) 71.

That was such a non-discussion of the Affleck casting. OK he's been a good actor in the past and the Daredevil movie had script problems. But did he feel like a good Matt Murdock in a bad Daredevil film? if anything Damon is a better casting for DD. Affleck has the charisma to be the billionaire playboy but he lacks the damaged psyche quality to play The Batman. It's why Keaton and Bale were a good fit and Kilmer and Clooney were not. Corey's trying to mock fan outrage by comparing the casting of Bale & Ledger. When Bale was cast, there was no outrage because we'd seen his devotion to unhinged roles like Bateman in American Psycho. And Ledger? He was a complete unknown so I for one was optimistic. And that gets to the heart of it. We all know waaay to much about Ben Affleck to take him seriously as this type of character. From the K. Smith in jokes to the paparazzi nonsense, there's just too much to ignore.

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Damn, I wish this was real.

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I wouldn't mind a team up as long as Mark Waid stays for away from it

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Tony I think Ben Affleck should Play Uncle Charlie :

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and Daniel Day Lewis should Play the Batman [ because he will drink your Milkshake while He Beats Superman with a Bowling Pin ^_^ ] Daniel Day Lewis as Batman = Oscar Winner :D

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People don't become psychopathic monsters like the Joker after one bad day. Its just not what happens. It takes a life time of horrible days and abuse and maybe serious mental issues or drugs before becoming like the Joker.


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I don't know, his Daredevil was sort of the studio attempting a Batman type. BUT, this does mean that this version of Batman wont simply be the Christian Bale Batman transfered over. he will be a new creation, and probably more like the comic in order to measure up to Superman of Steel. Also, maybe he will have a different Batman voice than Bale's gravelly garbled Batman voice. Afleck needs to look at the Bruce Timm Batman for inspiration.

But like Corey said, DD had many problems the least of which was Afleck. Such as script, Colin Ferral, too many characters and too many plot ideas in one movie, Jennifer Garner, etc.

@missj@g_man@undeadpool I missed the Deathstroke Lobo stories. What was so terrible or different about them that DC has to do this Tick vrs. Tick type story where Lobo has to go after the guy who stole his name? How was Liefield's Lobo different?

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I don't know how much Bradly Cooper knows about comics, but he has said he showed up to audition for Green Lantern wearing a mask and did a Bale Batman grumbly voice for Hal/Green Lantern. So He doesn't seem to read Green Lantern. Maybe other comics, but doesn't sound like he reads that one.

Talking about the visual features of the character, the artist John Romita, Jr. noted that originally the character was intended to look like Pam Grier but

...I just took some reference on Pam Grier, because I always loved her, and at the last moment somebody said that, "Well, we need to use this woman, here," because they thought maybe Pam Grier wasn't as good-looking as the model they found.

About the reviews, sometimes when I am limited I see something that got like 4/5 stars and go straight to the bad to find out why. Maybe that is what some people are doing, just reading what you didn't like and focusing on that instead of the good. Maybe, I don't know.

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God I missed Undeadpool. He's AWEsome on here.

I'm too lazy to post anything else.

For me the 3 hours are always a mission to listen to. Forgive me, but it is. I would love for 3 podcasts. One hour each or something.

( + )

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Love Undeadpools laugh! [×]√

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About Hickman's white pages. He recently explained in the "This Week in Marvel" podcast that the white pages are taken from ad space. Not comics. You might want to correct that misconception in the next podcast.

For example, pages of ads in Avengers 18 are just four pages. 2 inside cover, 1 digital redeem page, and back cover.

Avengers Assemble 18 had 8 pages worth of adds.


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My local comic shop is telling people to order individual issues for Villain's Month.

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@knighthood: That's why I mentioned page count at least twice.

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If there are continually concerns from the audience that all the rated books consist of fours and fives, maybe it isn't the audience that's the problem. You've stated that Comic vine can only review a fraction of the comics put out every week and so you pick the comics you like. That's fine, but you at least have to indicate that this isn't a fair sampling of the product. What if I went to Stan and Jack's apple orchard and picked through 10 bushels to produce a bushel full of the best Apples I could find. Then I presented these as a representation of what Stan and Jack's apple orchard has to offer on my site and went on my apple podcast and proclaimed that "Stan and Jack's apples have never been better!" Is that a fair representation? So the easiest solution is to do away with the rating system (something that has been discussed before) and present the 20 or so books as Comicvine's picks of the week, akin to what retailers do at shops. Less complaining, less insinuations of bribery, it would be a welcome change.

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@fastestblender: No. It's the same old "internet" thing. It's a small minority with the problem. But they're the ones that tend to complain. When I've brought this up on Twitter or whatever specifically address the issue, there are loads that are in favor of what we do. The problem is people tend to glance over things. Some don't read the full reviews and explanations. There's been times when they'll raise certain topics or items that are clearly stated and addressed in the review, which shows they haven't read it all. No website reviews every single comic. Some people just have certain expectations. The times that I have pointed things out, it's like their eyes have opened for the first time. It's more sad than annoying. We're actually reviewing more comics each week now than we have before yet now, those few are complaining more.

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@g_man: John Stewart will be in Gotham in the GLC Zero Year issue protecting the citizens with the Marine Corps

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The thing about reviews, is whether a person views it as an official "I personally like opinion piece" or a formal assessment or examination of something. For many fans who see reviews as a way to tell them what to buy if they have a limited budget, a way to distinguish between a lot of books, good and bad can really help. Some type of consistency based on relatively objective criteria thus helps. Other people may prefer more entertaining subjective reviews that are the reviewers opinions and personal preferences expressed. That can be fun albeit can be hard to use as far as purchases, unless the person reading the review is almost aligned perfectly preference wise with the reviewer which naturally isn't often.

There is a difference between negativity and being critical too, I personally think there is too much negativity online but not enough good critical analysis. Critical analysis and opinion can sound overly negative, depends on the person, otherwise done well its a really healthy thing to do that helps improve products and life over other peoples complacency. Unfortunately it can be done poorly though and end up sounding like just another more pretentious form of negativity.

Superman doesn't sell as well now because of competition mainly. Superman comics faces more competition now, not from pulp comics, but characters who are actually closer to him as characters. The powers, the support cast, the fun, the themes, and settings, also characters in the same universe, so he is a gateway drug of sorts. He also faces competition as does comics industry from the internet, video games, and other things that exist now but didn't pre 80's (and the internet and video games improve with technology, leaps in printing less so) but comics have bee adapting, albeit slowly. We can look at things like TPB collections and webcomics, and online comics reading as ways it trying to gain back readers.

Blink was a great Dr Who episode, so psychologically intense.

Great podcast guys too.

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@g_man: Can you guys not rate half stars? like 4.5?

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Doctor Who is a family show, I've been watching it since I was two and a half (Tom Baker [my favourite Doctor] in The Invasion of Time back in 1978) and my favourite era is the New Adventures [seventh Doctor 1991-7 which introduced my favourite companion Bernice 'Benny' Summerfield (the original time travelling archaeologist)] and the Eighth Doctor Adventures [1997-2005] which were way darker than the TV show.

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@g_man Back then during the earliest days of comics there was also no TV, no video games, no Internet, no real tech stuff that today's youth use. So back then it was sort of their only outlet. Now the comic companies have to compete with youtube, facebook, all the internet, TV, DVDs, CDs, radio, movies, video games of all shapes and sizes, iphones, etc. So much more for kids to distract themselves with rather than comics. Also back then comics were put into care packages for soldiers during WWII along with chocolate and cigarettes. It was a huge, and helpful, distraction back then.

But I'd love to see

how many comics readers there are in the world/how many people there are in the world.

I get the feeling it would be depressing.


I want to see Cyborg get his own series, and be about him trying to reclaim his humanity. Moving out of the satellite watchtower, and into an apartment in San Fransisco or some place. Him wearing normal clothes over his robot body. Him going by the name Vic. Him trying to find a life outside of superheroics and the Justice League. And him disconnecting from all the electronic Internet type systems and taking breaks. And it could also involve tons of other characters like Dr. T.O. Morrow. His father, Dr. Magnus and his Metal Men, and I want AMAZO to be his sort of half brother type character. His Magneto/Black Adam type who isn't exactly always bad and who he can sit and talk with before or after a fight.



I was thinking the other day, simple ways to improve the Man of Steel would have been to show Superman more worried aboout protecting the innocent people of Earth in both Smallville and Metropolis rather than fighting Zod (so while Zod and crew are attacking Superman he trying to stop innocent people in their path of destruction.)

and at the end, like it was said before, Superman is shown helping clean up the city and find lost and possibly injured people in the rubble. Instead of the desert scene.

That wasy he seems more like the Superman we want.

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the bat in hells kitchen is def the better title

both covers look awesome

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Hehe loooooooooooove the Bats/Devil crossover art. Sweet!

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My manager told me that he knew someone who was a big comic fan and named his kid Norrin Radd.

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Feedback- I love the opening countdown voice:)

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@jonny_anonymous: uh huh. That's why I brought it up...It's brilliant. I'm assuming you thought I had no idea? Also, you'll want to listen to Wednesday's Super Massive podcast (which was recorded Thursday).

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My manager told me that he knew someone who was a big comic fan and named his kid Norrin Radd.

That kid probably hates his father...

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@g_man yay my question got answered ^.^ btw I actually started reading Daredevil after that question a few months back.

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I just finished listening to this. I like the show. I didn't like that Corey put down Ann Nocenti's writing. There is some of us (me at least) that like what she does and consider her as top talent. Corey is the one who is out of whack and not Ann.

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Got to love when Corey's about to make a point and Tony brings the music up. That's real considerate and professional.

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First time listener!

Loved it! You can feel the love in the room.

Some of the things said were like a wander around my head, which was quite refreshing and even when there were things I felt the opposite to I didn't feel like I was wrong for doing so.

Now I have to go and listen to the some more, thanks for the show!

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@dreamfall31: Please let your manager be kidding. Poor kid. And that goes for the Kal-Els, too. If a person wants to give something a weird comic book name, they should get a pet.

Anyway, fun podcast, all, and I especially liked the fair-minded comments as regards Ben Affleck. And I loved Jersey Girl, lots of charm and a bit of Sondheim.

@g_man Have you come across Dr Who spin-off The Sarah-Jane Adventures with the late, wonderful Lis Sladen? That was specifically made for children, and would likely give her that Who vibe.

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On batman everyone hated the cast for joker and so many more. Have to wait and see

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Also just heard you guys answer my question on podcast, thanks . Next question Trinity Wars I need a order, where do I start and how many am I going to have to by. Or wait for trade thanks