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Wow, Jen was a fantastic addition to the latest podcast. I hope she becomes a regular.

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I really don't get the MoS hate, especially if you are a big Superman fan. Don't know which movie everyone has seen. I was smiling throughout the whole movie, felt it inspiring and completely positive. I also don't think Superman made a single bad decision in the movie. If the Avengers would've faced Zod and his crew, they wouldn't have had time to look after civilians. Every single second Clark would've given Zod, while rescuing people, Zod would've killed many more. It was his only option to attack head on!

And about the damage Superman causes in Metropolis... He doesn't. Everyone who says that hasn't paid attention while watching. The only damage Clark does, is to buildings that are already destroyed, when he takes down the scoutship and later he damages a building facade when he pushes Zods face into it, while flying. The rest of the destruction ONLY COMES FROM ZOD. He knocks down buildings, by throwing Clark through them, by heat vision and by throwing stuff. Sure, Clark doesn't try to catch a falling building, but that wouldn't work anyway in a more or less realistic portrayed world, like the one in MoS. The same thing happened when he tried to lift that giant crane thingy on the tanker. He is strong enough, but it doesn't work physically.

He has no chance of saving those buildings and he is not fast enough to superspeed through them to save people. His only option is to attack Zod and to keep him from causing more damage.

For me, MoS is in the top 3 of the best superhero movies of all time, but then again I dislike the Reeve movies a lot (he was great in the role, but for me the movies are way to cheesy and old school) and think that Dark Knight Rises is the best comicbook movie ever, so what do I know, right?

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Definitely enjoying @missj on the podcast. She should definitely be back again.

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It's amazing, we haven't had Comicbook for ever. Now the past 7 -10 years we have them and everyone kills every movie. I'm talking about in our community , comic book lovers. Superman sucks ,Avengers should have done this ,Ironman needs this,,

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Great podcast.

I took what Rick Remender wrote in Uncanny Avengers versus what Bendis said in All New X-Men as just showing that they have differing points of view, the characters that is. May not represent what the writers think at all regarding these types of issues. Having Alex Summers say I'd rather be called human than mutant and then having some X-Men say they are mutant and proud just introduces the idea for both sides. Both are good guys, but they have different points of view. Neither are right or wrong. It just takes the idea of mutant to a different area, making it more of a political issue.

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@missj Welcome to Jen, hi there, you sounded delightfully engaged.

@undeadpool So Corey, you're an am dram man? That explains so much!

And thanks to Corey for explaining the appeal of Cassie Cain Batgirl. she never clicked with me - I was put off by the costume and killer background, and the artwork in the early issues of her comic.

@g_man Nice one, Tony, on being quoted on the back of a Marvel trade. I had a nice surprise recently when I spotted a couple of letters I wrote in the Nextwave collection.

And is it indeed so that few people in the US buy DVDs? Blueray never seemed to take off here in the UK, we're happy to save cash and squint.

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Really enjoying @missj on the podcast. Sad to see Sara go but @missj brings an awesome enthusiasm to the podcast. I really hope we can get her on a podcast with James Robinson.