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No James Robinson :(

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@bob808 said:

No James Robinson :(


now we are two.

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No James darn it!

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If your Illyana Rasputin you could scry before you teleports and then your not going to materialize into that pesky toilet paper. Illyana for the win.

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Ewwwww...... Does this means Corey's going to spanks James?

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@g_man@babs: I think there was selfishness on both Batman and Jason's part. Selfishness on Bruce's part for the reasons you guys stated: that he wasn't considerate of the Jason's feelings about that spot. And there was a bit of selfishness on Jason's front because he didn't even consider what Bruce is going through. He's mostly just concerned about his feelings while he's talking to a guy whose son just died.

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I think Bats for Brains allowed Jason to use the guns just to keep him happy like if he was thinking "sure whatever... just tell me something useful for Damian."



"I lost both my parents and now my only son who shared my bloodline... $#!% am I destined to lose everyone in my family? I'm going CRAZY!"


Dark Tripleganger... really... really? Darkfantomex ehhhh I wish he had a better name.

Ithink it's crazy how you guys just talked about comics for an hour straight.

and I listened


Dan Slott told the fans

"I'm only signing one so I can sign everyones ok."

Oh and I think you should only bring one for each artist. I enjoy the interaction with the Author/Artist than the actual signing. Like I didn't even have my Irredeemable book for Waid to sign but it was still sweet to chat with him.

( + )

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Sad that there was no James. I even remembered to re-sumbit the question from last month. Rorie is a nice replacement. I've found him to be very helpful with the Bug Report Thread, becasue I keep finding a lot of them with all my editing.

I was more sided with Sara on Batman Inc. It was just Batman forcing his will on other nations. Telling leaders of other governments what to do.

The idea of Bruce finally using a gun was the premise of Batman's retirement in BATMAN BEYOND. That seems plausible. While I agree with much of the discussion around the issue. I don't find the idea appealing of Jason reliving those events of his death without remembering. You'd be removing the sense of drama from the story. Jason became less interesting of a character when he started shooting hands.

The KATANA series sounds as if it's a prime example of how not every supporting character needs their own solo series. CATWOMAN wont have my attention until they get rid of the Tim Burton rip off origin.

I was a fan of the original TEEN TITANS series, but I've yet to watch the new series. I'm normally not a big fan of random craziness in shows. Kind of what turned me off of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN.

I am pretty well aware of the differences between Japanese and Chinese culture. Though, I'm studying the language. Cherry blossoms are the icon of Japan. They are so big, in the spring, they have news broadcasts dedicated to the regions that should have the best blooming trees.

I've been astounded at the price of some older digital comics. I wanted to buy X-MEN SUPERNOVAS on Comixology, but the price they wanted was about the same as the physical. That came out several years ago. I'm not going to pay physical media prices for digital.


We had similar thoughts about the "talking out of the butt" line.

Wasn't one of the X-Men schools in Connecticut?

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animal man rotworld had flash back scenes with a different a artist

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Sara is wrong about the Star Trek transporter, that's exactly how it works and exactly how Thomas RIker was created.

I would never teleport/transport unless I was about to die. It kills you and sends forth a copy that thinks it's you. D:

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@yung_ancient_one: His name,from what I know is

Jean-phillipe..although he is often referred to as Evil Fantomex.

I like it..

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@cameron83: if Darkfantomex aka Evil Fantomex is Jean-Phillipe then what's Fantomex'-(Prime) name?


What about Cluster?

( + )

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Ewwwww...... Does this means Corey's going to spanks James?

Time for that premium content to flesh itself out.

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Batman letting Jason use guns is all part of showing that he going though the stage of rage.

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@babs@g_man Batman didn't give Jason the okay to kill, he says "Legs and arms only" or something like that

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Some of my fav trades are: I kill giants and habibi, anyone read them?

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Ah well, no Robinson but still a great show.

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I think superman and batman should swap Villains. Brainiac taking over the bat-cave would be epic and Toy-man makes more sense as a creepy gadget based villain. Superman however should fight poison Ivy because he is susceptible to her mind control and he doesn't have many feme-fatales.Superman should also fight Scarecrow because it would be interesting to see what the man of steel is afraid of.

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Has there been a really good Clayface story yet? I feel like if written properly he could be a great espionage or spy character with his ability to shape shift.

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I like how joker got bored of batman and decided to go for superman and really messed him up in injustice, that was a good example of a villian changing heroes.

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Thor: God of Thunder 8, iFanboy pick of the week

And if @babs read the comments on her review, she'd know:

"The Godbomb doesn't just kill all the gods. Gorr realized earlier in the series (when he saw how willing the vikings were to die for Thor) that even if he killed all the gods, the mortals wouldn't be free. From what I understand the Godbomb will not just kill the gods but wipe them from existence."

"The god bomb eradicates the gods from all of existence, from all time. It's not just about killing the gods. It's about killing the very notion of a god."

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Wow I didn't know wolverine had kids....but thinking about it, do u think that his sperm has got healing factor too, if so everytime he has unprotected sex he would get them pregnant because his sperm would not give up and die..

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Fun podcast as ever, hello Rorie!

@babs@g_man Did you chaps read Avengers Assemble AU #15 this week, I just loved it to little itty bits.

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Batman & Robin was all about Bruce being out of character. Here, he's dealing with the loss of his 10 year-old son and, like pointed out, one of the 5 stages of grief: anger. Batman wanted a chance to let his frustration out against a group of skilled professionals who were willing to put a 10 year-old in their sights for cash. But ultimately, it was just a bonding experience in hopes Jason would ease up for what he hit him with next. Batman doesn't care how difficult it is for Jason to recall the time he was horrifically beaten to death and he expressed that pretty clearly during that chat at the site. No matter how tough it is for Jason to recall it, it has the potential to give Damian his life back. How? No idea, but it's Batman being desperate. Last issue, he tried science. This issue, he's hoping Jason can give him anything to bring his son back to life. Was it selfish of Bruce? Absolutely. But, given the circumstances, I view it as completely understandable action. I've been fortunate enough to never lose someone very close to me, but if I did, I imagine it would devastate me. And if I lived in a world like that, I'd absolutely do anything and everything possible to see about bringing them back.

As for Jason/guns, Todd also fought along side him in that Terminus story and he was shooting everyone in the foot/other non-lethal areas. He's accurate and Bruce knows he can use his pistols in a non-lethal fashion. Considering his mindset in this issue and his overall agenda, I had no problem with Bruce letting Jason use his weapon of choice against people he viewed as scum and wanted to suffer. I mean, Bruce paralyzed one of the guy's hands, after all. That alone should help show he's being driven by anger here. All that said, the "seeing red" line was a bit cheesy for my taste.

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In response to one of the questions asked: "What existing power set would be useful in day to day life?"

Jean Grey level Telekinesis.

@g_man: At least 6 of Wolverine's children were featured and killed by him in the Wolverine goes to Hell story. They were employed by the Red Right Hand as assassins. What's worse is that Daken was the one who helped find and recruit them.

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so......he'd stab you from behind and most of the time you didn't even know it was coming? hm...........interesting.

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Batman may be Batman, but that doesn't mean he isn't human too. He's at one of the lowest points in his life, he's not going to be upholding his strict rule all of the time. I love what Tomasi has been doing so far with Bruce's coping with Damien's death. Even though he has the no guns rule, it doesn't mean he's actively going out to stop heroes who kill or use guns. He's seen Jason in action before and he trusts him to act accordingly to how Bruce does. He was jerkish to bring Jason to where he died, but that's just the state that Bruce is in. He is willing to disect Frankenstein to try and bring Damian back and also willing to hurt the ones he cares for to as well. I'm hoping at then of he stages of grief issues that Bruce will go back and fix what he does wrong to each of his "family" members.

I like the issue and would have given it a solid 4. It's not as amazing as the silent issue, but it was pretty great and I've read it 3 or 4 times already. By far better than the any of Snyder's post Death of the Family issues thus far. I've added Batman and Robin to my pull list as Snyder's going to have only Bruce for the next year. I'm interested in Zero Year, but I gotta have some goddamn Batman in my Batman books....goddamn!

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I found Uncanny Avengers the worst issue yet. There wasn't enough of the team members, with only Sunfire and Thor getting good, entertaining play, and far too much of the Apocalypse Twins. Am I the only Marvel reader who finds anything to do with his Horsemen utterly snoresome?

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The prankster was an underused villain that is now being used really well in nightwing.