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You can now listen, comment on and download this week's podcast. Me and Babs talked to John Layman, writer and creator of CHEW. Take a listen here.
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Great podcast again.
Audio gain is still way way low.   Will donate 10 dolla to you, if you turn it up some.  :)

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I totally loved this podcast.  I agree with reading what you like and how you go about reviews.  There are series that every now and then have an issue that misses the mark and should not get a high review rating.  Blind loyalty is one thing but if a story falls short and you can give a well constructed reason why you give it a lower rating then there should not be an issue.  I am having issues with all the Deadpool books other than Merc with a mouth and I totally agree with Batman and Robin.  I struggled with that book and after the first 6 issues I decided it wasn't for me.  That is not saying that the book is bad it is just that it does not hit that certain note with me the way it may with another reader.