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I lol'd pretty hard.

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Lol foreshadowing

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The US had nothing to do with Ukraine. Or maybe I'm just a retard.

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Heh heh, I'm gonna hide...

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It's not England, so I'm safe *turns over to prime minister* BUT FOR HOW LONG?

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Ukraine ?

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ukraine had oil ?

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Ugh. Why is Israel the scythe?

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The picture speaks the truth

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So... the US is going to use Israel to kill people in Venezuela? Ukraine? Makes no sense.

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US is a death merchant?

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I assume it was made by someone in the middle east or who just doesn't like America very much. Only reason I can think of for the additions of Syria and Ukraine... and adding Israel as the scythe.

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The U.S. (international powerhouse)

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Takes me back to my political science days.

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LOL, at first i was like what ever and didn't have a problem with it and then when i saw the scythe as Israel and Ukraine was in there i realize it was just made by some stupid idiot.

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No it represents liberation and civil rights. Right? Like a revolution.

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Not my country.

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hmmmmm lol