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You've just destroyed and robbed a bank.

Think of a plan and tell me how long you could last. And also how you would stay away from them and stay incognito.

Then let's assume you have to enter H2H with one of the cops. Could you beat him/her?

Last, the NYPD is outside of your house with guns, cars, and bazookas. What do you do?

Could you win? How long would you last?

Second round


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NYPD always wins bro

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Unlocked and moved to Off-Topic.

Also, this seems like an odd time to make the thread considering what's going on, but whatevs.

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I know I made it yesterday, I had no idea this was going to happen

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Why put yourself out there and rob a bank when you could hack it for more?

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I'm too lazy to go on the run from the cops. I do think I could beat the average cop in a H2H fight though if that means anything.

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oceans 12 wins

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Here's what I would do. I would copy the NYPD's uniforms and everything, I would even copy their cars. I would then proceed to lock them up, and take over their jobs. I would basically make it as if I was them, and that they never existed. I would also not give them any credit.


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I would do what hitman does... attack, hide, take disguise escape. Or have a plan laid out so that if I do something bad I will have the resources to escape such as the a boat plane, underwater ship. I'd use as much disguises as I can to escape.

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Uhhhh...maaaaaaaaybe I could sneak away...

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Man, if the was the LAPD I'd have a joke for this.

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Well for the second round I'd yell "I'M WHITE!" point to some random non white person around and yell "It was them." In the ensuing chaos I'd get away.