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Anyone played this game? if so grade this game out of 1 to 10.

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I play it and is Great

Its a much faster strategy game than something like Civilization since is divided in a lot of different missions.

the strategic part of the game is well done, the graphics are good but the character's personalization is very limited.

The story is nothing special, Aliens invade, you fight them, thats it.

If I have a complain that would be the UFO fights because there is little to no strategy behind them and as soon as you get the Stealth Satellites you can stop worring about them and when you get your own alien ships the entire sequences become completely pointless because you cant lose them even if you try.

I give it an 8 out of 10

This is the return of an old franchise that i heard a lot of good things about and this game has been a pretty good success on the genre. so I think in a couple of years we will see a sequel and fixes the few issues that it has and improve the game even more because there is a lot of room for improvement

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Excellent, though I haven't played enough to make a judgement yet, and I'm on Holidays, so I won't play any more until next week. I'd recommend it certainly.