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Plot-She gets abducted from Earth and gets superpowers because it turns out aliens like superheroes but have the ability to make them to.

Powers include flight-ONLY at 25 mph, no slower. Can stop on a dime.

Bullet Time Mode: She can slow down objects around her while she moves normal, for 15 seconds. Has a a 30 ft radius around her effect.

Universal Magnetism: She can stick to any surface if she wants. She can also fire an invisible beam from her hand that has a max range of 30 ft; targets are made universally magnetic. She can use this to make objects stick to the ground, but it's limited to certain sizes. A car is the biggest she could do. It only lasts for 15 seconds though.

Enhanced Durability: Resistant to cuts, burns, and puncture wounds. Bullets leave a mark but nothing more. She is not invulnerable, just more durable than ordinary humans.

Frost Beam-She can fire a beam of vapor from her fingers that turns to ice once it hits a surface. It has a max range of 70 ft. It is not hard to encase stuff in ice, as the ice spreads rapidly with continued application.

Strength-Lifts 10 tons max.

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The first seems best.

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1or 3, probably 1. I hate 2 though.

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the first

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I like the second one but she should lose the cape.

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The third one is my favorite! A cape would go good with it to.

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I like #1

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Yeah I like the first one too, although I am strangely partial to the 3rd. Don't ask me why...I guess cause she looks like a vague rip off of spiderman and superman.