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Whos up for Wally West coming back? He was the Flash I grew up on and grew to love. Bring back Wally!

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If DC brings him back I'll read whatever book he's in.

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Well it is confirmed that he still exists in the New 52 Universe, just that he hasn't surfaced as a hero/Flash yet.

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Wally was a good character. I hope they do him justice in the New 52.

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I don't care what'll need to be done to bring him back. Just bring him back so he and Kyle Rayner can have kick-ass adventures together again.

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@Gambit1024: Hells yeah! Wally and Kyle made a great team!

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I wouldn't want him to replace Barry, I think he's pretty awesome at the moment.

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I want them to bring him back, but I don't want it if they're just going to screw him up. I love his rich history and the family that he's developed over the years, and I'd rather he stay in limbo than have him mutilated into some unrecognizable character (see Tim Drake.).

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You could say the same about Jason Todd. I hated the way he turned out. He became too complicated. Id rather he had stayed dead.