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If you're anything like me, if you have too much time on your hands, you end up doing something dumb for entertainment. Example, just yesterday, I switched my msn font over to kryptonian for S&Gs. Still haven't changed it back, even though i can't tell if i'm spelling things right.

Post some of the dumb thing you end up doing when you suffer from too much time on your hands.

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Dumb things I do when I am bored.... Everything I do is dumb..bored or not.. But the dumbest was a couple of night ago my friend and I were bored and we went walking...down the dirt road, at night. Strangely enough a guy with a gun showed up...we gave him a lift home x_X Such a nice boy, even if he was waving a gun for the first five mintues that we knew him.

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Hmmm...maybe changing the sig on my MSN to something weird that my friend said.

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Not doing the things I should be doing. I'm such a procrastinator.

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me too.

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Submissions to comicvine.

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Play backgammon against myself.

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Ummm once i was walking around in my house and i was bored. Then i realize I have to go to the bathroom so i (not knowing what i was doing) was walking into the kitchen, pull down my pants and I'm about to pee but then i realize I'm getting cold so i snapped out of it and realize I'm in front of the refrigerator with my pants down.

true story.

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i pretend like i'm hunting vampires by shooting things in my closet with a bb gun. actually, pretty fun