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ive read that sabretooth was supposed to be wolverines dad and was supposed to beat him senseless within an inch of his life on his birthday just to prove he could do it. so im curios to know why this concept hasnt been explored and turned into a badass movie or comic series it would awesome or am i just stupid to think this would be some really good gritty comics storytelling drama and plot someone let me know what you think. because all my friends are wolverine fans because hes popular and arent feeling the theory.

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I think Sabretooth was originally supposed to be Wolverines father. Claremont had planned it.

If Claremont would have continued working on the X-Men into the 90's we would have met the "real" Sabretooth as the Victor Creed we had seen at that point was supposed to be Mr. Sinisters lack lust clone.