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This is my 1st blog to help me complete one of my quests.

I am an avid comic reader and have been for the more than 25 years. I started with Marvel titles like: G.I Joe (Larry Hama stories are the best), Uncanny X-men (started in the Chris Claremont/John Byrne years) and Fantatic Four (also when John Byrne was writing and drawing). I moved over to DC with books like: Batman, Detective Comics and Justice League Interational (by Keith Giffen and J. M. Dematteis and art by Kevin Maguire)

Over the years I have read most titles from Image like Wild Cats, Spawn, Savage Dragon but would later drop everyone. It seems the only image comics I read regularly are written by Robert Kirkman (Invisible and Walking Dead).

In my younger years, I would by a comic based on who was drawing it. Some of my favorite artists are: John Byrne, Jim Lee, Kevin Maguire and Adam Hughes. Now I buy books based on who is writing it. I like writers like: Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, Robert Kirkman, Brian Michael Bendis and Larry Hama.

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Welcome! And thanks for not making a lame first blog. I enjoyed it.