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So, I like this site and have lurked for a while before I got an account. I have a webcomic and I would like everybody to check it out and let me know what you think. The site is http://424comics.com/ and the strip is called Thunda Mack. I started posting back in January and I post a new one every Thursday.

If this goes against posting rules, sorry, I don't really post on here just read.

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@e_smitty: This would be considered spam. Welcome to the vine and I'll check out your comic soon.

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Nothing like some good old fashioned racial stereotypes to brighten up the day. Not saying your comic is bad. But it is one dimensional.

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@thespideyguy: Well, I wasn't trying to spam but thank you for the welcome.

@swagger462: Could you please elaborate on said stereotypes. Is it that he speaks on "The Man" taking away his superhero career? That he's working towards getting a new job? That he lives at home with his mother? That he doesn't live in the best neighborhood? That he has Mack in his name? That he uses improper English? That we haven't heard about his father yet? I don't know, I guess I'm too close to it to see.

Thunda Mack is supposed to parallel a person that wants/needs to be in the arts but in his case it's being a superhero. In that, mean in the sense, he has the skill and will to do what he's always dreamed of doing for a living, something better with his life BUT he has responsibilities vs taking time to pursue his dream. His 29, a man needs to work, so while he tries to get back into being a hero and make a living doing it, he needs to get a job. With that, he gains new responsibilities that take his time from cleaning up the streets, something S.H.A.D.E., The SuperHeros of American Discipline and Ethics, doesn't seem to care about and tries to keep him from doing.

They say "Write what you know." and I talk about "the man" I'm joking but people do. I have two jobs that I hate, I'm in my 20s living with my parents and have a friend that had to move back with his dew to life's circumstance and I have lived in unsavory neighborhoods. Thunda Mack came out of an expression of the above frustration that I, like others might be able to identify with. I started to go to school for script writing at 18, my dad wanted me to get a job, that job took all my time away from school, haven't been back. I have characters and stories about a kid who grows up to be a scientist, a superhero who owns his own company and more, my artist, keeps disappearing, so I started drawing and I can draw Thunda Mack.

No drugs, no cussing, no baby mamas cause I don't no about that life. I know set-backs, frustration and when I tell people about them, they laugh. So please let me know what you see (I'm not being sarcastic, I really want to know what you think). And thanks for not saying it's bad.