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Should I give up watching TV? It takes me so much time.

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Yes, TV is overrated. Besides it is only good for relieving stress and there are several other untapped outlets humans have to their disposal.

The only thing I can think of as well are learning shows but... you can rent/own/go online/ or netflix documentaries/shows that teach you things.

PLUS... don't get me started on the media.

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YES, if you -can- do it you probably should, doing useful real life stuff is always better but thats not saying TV in moderation is bad. Perhaps you could schedule yourself and allow a set amount of time each day or just your favorite show/s.

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If you find yourself watching TV for the sake of it, and have no interest in what you're watching, then yes maybe you should give it up. Take up video games!!

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No! There's tons of good stuff on, especially if you have HBO