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This is what I think should be done with Robin Blake after the end of the Dark Knight Rises I think Joseph Gordan-Levitt's character Robin John Blake.

I think they should start a team with this new Robin but instead have him be Nightwing. These are my two ideas.

My first idea is have a Teen Titans formed and the team would consist of Superboy, Kid Flash, Static Shock, Starfire, Beastboy, and Raven. The enemy should be Deathstroke and his motive in this movie is that he want to kill off all of the Metahumans and Levitt's character Nightwing finds out and starts a team together.

My other idea is that Levitt's character becomes Batman or Nightwing and he starts the Outsiders and they should take some stories from the comics and the team he sets up is Arsenal, Jade, and Wylde. The main enemy is Agent Orange a Neuro Scientist who's father was a Vietnam Vet and the scientest studies PTSD and fines a way of controlling people with this disease and makes them his foot soldiers. Katana plays Agent Orange own personal body controlled under his PTSD "cure".

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One can only dream.

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He's not Dick.

He's not Nightwing.

He's. Batman.

Say it with me now.

B A T M A N.