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Now, here's a thread dedicated to the specific purpose of helping people with their grammar and clarifying some things up a bit.  For example:

There, Their, They're

  • There - certain point of context.  (Example:  The object landed over there.)
  • Their - possessive form.  (Example:  Their weapons were disabled.)
  • They're - "They are."  (Example:  They're going to the base.)

To, Too, Two
  • To - infinitive.  (Example:  I want to help you.)
  • Too - in addition/in excess.  (Example:  Logan was injured.  Sabretooth was injured too. / You are going too fast.)
  • Two - the number.  (Example:  Two members were selected.)

Your, You're
  • Your - possessive form.  (Example:  Your shoe is untied.)
  • You're - "You are."  (Example:  You're going to do this.)

His, He's
  • His - possessive form.  (Example:  His food was ready.)
  • He's - "He is."  (Example:  He's going to be late.)

This is a start.  If you have any further questions, please let me know.
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falls out from confusion

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ug.... flashback of work on my national holiday... that's right my name is Rich Labor... enjoy my holiday

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